Jumping Boy Copics While Coping With Malware

September 5, 2014

#copics #pentel #brushpen #micron #sketch
Photoshop was freezing up on me late this morning so I ran some CCleaner, some Spybot which is very thorough so it took at least 10-15 minutes or so and did some defrag and reg fix. Also doing some windows updates right now. Like to think that'll take care of it for at least rest of the day, but who knows.

Had to wait on it so while it did its thing I turned over to my traditional drawin board and practiced some pencils, then inked with Pentel Brushpen and .08 Micron pen and then colored with copics. The only thing that wasn't a copic was the red - it was a roseart marker, which yes its more cheapie but i actualy kinda liked the dry texture it gave. Fun stuff! Also was thinking whats the interest in purchasing an original sketch like this? I'd do it up on acid free cardstock of some sort with pens/ markers ship it. Is it worth the time? Should I take it request style or do a piece and sell it as original art that I wanted to draw.

Alright, looks like the updates are wrapping up, back to work.


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