Inktober Day 21 - Sketch

October 21, 2014

#inktober #inktober2014 - Day 21 - After some tight and careful inking on a comic splash image tonight I thought it'd be fun to cool down with some pen sketching in Sketchbook Pro tonight. Well here it is. Must say came out far more realistic in the face and such than I meant to. Sketching in Sketchbook Pro is really something, comes out awesome in most cases. The interface is like nothing Ive ever seen in any other art program. Very cool. 
This is my OC 'Sketch' - a hiphop/ artist character in the universe of JumpingBoy, my weekly webcomic (now on hiatus). He has a pen that will bring to life anything he draws once he signs it. It allows him to draw in 3d before his eyes and whatever his intention was while drawing it comes to life when its signed. The pen is also the only thing that can remove his signature/ make it break down again. 
Look forward very much to getting to use him in some stories soon!
But for now, daz all - goodnight!


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