Inktober Day 8 - Bia

October 8, 2014

#inktober #sketch #characterart - today's Inktober installment is a quick digital inks sketch in Inkscape of my OC Bia - the frustrated warrior always overcompensating for her loss of her own arms with weaponized mech arms of mass destruction. But no matter how aggressive she is or powerful she gets she always manages to fall short of her goals. One might think perhaps shes not really doing something right or should be focusing herself down a different path since this one keeps not working out. 
It doesn't help that everytime she faces Jumping Boy she gets punted like a soccer ball. 
She has cybernetic prosthethics which can attach/ detach from mounted interfaces on her shoulders and with those cybernetic arms can attach the relic of force/power or the latest and greatest battle knuckles that Dr Baddman has built. The ultimate culmination is when she can manifest the oversized battle knuckles she knows and loves but via the near-invulnerable power of the relic bestowed to her. 
This will be a Bia jumping boy will have a hard time punting. 
This is a character design I created before I was ever aware of league of legends and Vi, the idea behind this was the proportion of a lean thin woman with huge arms/ hands that are the base for her attacks and fighting. The material is sturdy polymer with a kevlar-like casing that makes the battle knuckles incredibly durable but lighter than you might expect. They are also digitaly controlled and support themselves and counter balance eachother constantly so all she basicaly has to do is think about what she wants them to do and they act with her movement and thoughts. They are truely part of her and are wirelessly tapped into her nervous system. 
When Bia version 3 shows up, Jumping Boy will surely have his hands full!


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