The Journey of EWG - Day 3 of 5

December 13, 2014

The Journey of EWG - Day 3 of 5
By Eryck Webb and Kristina Webb

2011-2012: Expansion
EWG Logo from
this period
By late 2011, the Eryck Webb Graphics brand was fully realized. It embraced its strengths and tossed out its weaknesses, and thereby solidified itself in the commission art industry. This third year sees the end of Ebay auctions and a full embrace of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and the art community deviant art. The beginnings of a true EWG website are born with a simple free account on blogger. 

This year sees the regular use of digital pencils, inks and colors on all commissioned work as we moved away from traditional art and shipping a physical product entirely. Graphic design was also added to the lineup of commission services offered. This included logos, album covers, mascot design, poster design and more. Honor Martial Arts came to EWG. This spurred the creation of many exciting and unique t-shirt graphic designs for years to come. 
EWG's process was now fully digital from start to finish
Around Halloween 2012,  EWG had its first sale event. It was a $5 dollar black and white single character piece of either a client's original character or a fan art depiction of a popular character, digitally penciled/inked and no proof was given. This first sale was a success and helped push new exploration and development in Eryck Webb's digital inking style and work flow.

Pieces from the first EWG sale event

"It has been our absolute pleasure to work with Eryck Webb Graphics.  We needed a master artist to anchor our martial arts designs for our business, and a master artist is what we got.  We searched for life-like and detailed art work, and we received works of art that will survive the test of time."  
-Honor Martial Arts

2011-2012 Notables:
Winter 2012 -  EWG began an ongoing relationship with the martial arts themed apparel business Honor Martial Arts. I designed and produced Judo and other martial arts related attire. This would be the first ongoing clothing design client for EWG.

● Spring 2012 - My webcomic Bump On A Log hits its 100th weekly strip, which was a special 4 strip comic introducing a new character 'Rose', based on my wife Kristina.

● Spring 2012 -  The importance of putting my own personal works out there is emphasized when my work on Bump On A Log inspires Honor Martial Arts to start a strip with me called 'Delusions of Normalsy'. The web comic  Created/Written by Del Conkright. Art and website by Eryck Webb Ended at the end of 2012, but can be read in entirety over at

● Spring 2012 -  'Lake Michigan Blues' - My third published comic work came out this year. I worked on it during my engagement to Kristina, and finished it in early 2012. Lake Michigan Blues was a 120pg black and white with gray shades crime epic that took about a year to draw start to finish.  Art was by Eryck Webb and script by Ryu Miyaki. It was available on Amazon eBooks and other eBook vendors till 2014. I note this as the project that turned me onto the aesthetics of black and white comic art/ illustration with gray tones for a story telling medium. This book was very well received in reviews.

● Spring 2012 -  'Cartel', #1-#2 Released - Following the success of Lake Michigan Blues, Drew Miyaki commissioned a pair of covers to be used to publish print editions of the two finished Cartel chapters. Art by Eryck Webb, Script by Drew Miyaki - The Cartel chapters were available on Amazon eBooks and other eBook vendors and in print via IndyPlanet and were generally received well by reviews!

● Summer 2012 -  'The Good The Bad and The Geeky Live' - They approached me for the first time to design a promotional poster for the podcast's first live event. This is my first true poster design as EWG, utilizing mascot representations of the (at the time) 3 podcast hosts and also design and type layout. They became a great client that I enjoy working with to this day. Check out their podcast over at

● Summer 2012 - 'Horseshoes and Handgrenades 5th Anniversary - EWG had the honor of designing the podcast's first t-shirt back in 2010, and was approached again to be the artist for their official 5th anniversary Tee'. This shirt was a giant collage depicting many funny stories and moments from the podcast episodes over its 5 year run with the 'face melting' super hero mascot returning and represented with graphic depictions of the two hosts. Check out their podcast over at

● Summer 2012 - Character Art Commission of City of Heroes group called The Vangaurdians. It included 18 full color characters in one layout and was the largest character commission EWG had done up to that point.

 August 2012 - 'Continuous Audio Transmission, (C.A.T.)' - This experimental rock band, officially our first band client, hired EWG to design their logo, mascot and album cover artwork for their first single. Check out t heir awesome tunes here

 July 2012 - Saw the launch of my creator owned webcomic, Jumping Boy. It launched July 4th - Created, Written and Drawn by Eryck Webb, it utilizes a black and white with gray shades style heavily influenced by the work done on Lake Michigan Blues. This webcomic ran till the end of Season 2 in September 2014. A sequel series is planned but remains to be seen when it will be released. The series can be read in entirety at and is scheduled for release as a graphic novel TPB in 2015. Considered an original EWG production webcomic and the first to use the sub brand 'EWG Comics'.


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