The Journey of EWG - Day 5 of 5

December 15, 2014

The Journey of EWG - Day 5 of 5
By Eryck Webb and Kristina Webb

Today we look at this last year leading up to the 5th anniversary and the present state of EWG, as well as look forward to the future. All the while taking a moment to thank the supporters.

2013 - 2014: Running The Mill
EWG continues business as usual leading up to its 5th year anniversary. The logo did not change this year. The website continues to be the hub for all things EWG, with all other sites pointing back to the main website. A full lineup of commission offerings continue to cover all of the client's needs. Livestreams are a weekly occurrence now and the EWG site now also features exclusive webcomics that can't be read anywhere else.

This year we launched the Order Tracking page. This new feature helps clients monitor the progress of their orders via their project's invoice number. The EWG pricelist has been redesigned to better coincide with the Order Tracking page.

Livestreams continue to connect EWG with clients and fans in real time. This allows them to order commissions on the spot and see them happen before their eyes. This also led us to create the option for clients to buy a video of their art being created. We can use the livestream video to make the hours that it took to create the piece into a short video of only 5-10 minutes. This gives clients something unique to own and enjoy along with the finished art file or print!

This year saw a leap from inking in Photoshop to the open source program 'Inkscape'. Not only is Inkscape free, but it is lighter on resources, and vector based so the lines are  higher quality for a more professional end result. However, for the authentic penciled look, nothing beats penciling in Photoshop or even Sketchbook Pro. All colors and effects are still done in Photoshop at this point for character art pieces. The workflow for logos still starts in Photoshop for developing and designing my black and white logos but then migrates over to Inkscape. This program converts it to a vector object for final perfecting.

Additions to improve the brand, and migration to better methods of workflow were all key players this year. Now, the brand will continue to evolve and grow as EWG enjoys its 5th anniversary, and moves beyond.

“A consummate professional. An artist I have had the pleasure of commissioning time and time again. And time and time again, I am never disappointed. The type of professional that not only likes that his commissioners enjoy his artwork but enjoys making it as well, no matter what it may seem to be. A dependable artist in that you know what you are going to get, and whatever it may be, it will look fantastic.”

-Bryan “EctoMaster”

2013-2014 Notables:

● Winter 2013 - Livestream Sales Events and monthly Sketch Nights are introduced - customers and fans can come out purchase commissions and watch them be drawn in real time. Often the benefit is also discounted prices that night only.

● Winter 2014 - 'Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' - I began drawing and lettering this fan webcomic created/written by Nick Arganbright. It features a new take on the turtles while remaining a love letter and homage to the original material by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird in the Mirage Studios days. It publishes once a week at and is currently half way through its first season. This is my first ongoing TMNT related job.

● Summer 2014 - EWG YouTube - Livestream sessions are brought to the next level. Using the recorded videos from the livestream sessions, I edited them to create condensed promotional demonstrations of my work, thus building a collection on the EWG YouTube Channel

● Summer 2014 - Transformers Shattered Glass Beast Wars  - September sees the start of penciling and inking comic pages for the official transformers licensed company, Fun Publications. They publish comics in their fan-focused magazines year around. This marks the first officially licensed transformers work for EWG.

● August 2014 - Abominable Charles Christopher Guest Strip - EWG had the honor of contributing a guest strip to Abominable Charles Christopher, an Eisner award-winning webcomic created by Karl Kerschl.

● August 2014 - Steel City Con - First EWG representation at a comic convention, Eryck went two days to Steel City Con August 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA. The main goal was to attend and check it out, being first convention as an adult that Eryck has gone to.  This paves the way for future tables at Steel City Con or other conventions.

● Fall 2014 'TnC Year One Collected' - The webcomic sees a successful campaign for a collected book of Season 1. August sees the launch of Season 2 now under way. Eryck Webb resumes art duties in September, after a gifted time off to allow for guest strips.

● Fall 2014 - Run Of The Mill - This creator owned webcomic strip series 'Run Of The Mill' acts as a fictional satire on the daily life of Eryck Webb and the trials and tribulations of his living/working situation! It is an original EWG produced webcomic series.

● First official brand revamp, for HnH. I created a refreshing new logo, mascots, and a promotional poster for their 300th episode.

● Jumping Boy No.1 - this was released as a Amazon Kindle download Later that was discontinued and it was offered in the EWG Shop as a PDF digital comic, here:

The Next Five Years

This business like anything else in this world sees its busy seasons and it's slow seasons. It's very easy to have a slow week, and then a bubble bursts somewhere  and my one-man-show is suddenly swamped with work. In the perpetual juggle of maintaining an income and getting work out the door, there are high tides and dry spells. Amongst that is the ever shifting trend towards one kind of commission or another. Here at the tail end of 2014,  a trend towards design-heavy commissions fades and a new trend in comic commissions is at an all time high. I am blessed to be at a point where the comic work is at the full mark. I even have a couple clients on retainer for apparel design and character art  around when I need to fill some extra space.  EWG is currently stable as far as work in the queue and I actually have the undesirable task of turning away jobs on occasion.  Comic jobs like any other job have a start point and end point. When that end point on a job comes, the tide will shift again.

With the growth and change that has happened over the course of this self employment journey, its exciting to think there is more to come that I'm not even aware of yet. I'm very happy to have more work than I can handle at most times, and to have the occasional privilege to pick and choose new jobs. I am also grateful for the help of Kristina Webb, my loving wife, and guide post in all of this. She helps edit my writing (You can tell when website posts or otherwise have not been run by her.), keeps the finances straight and gives invaluable council on decisions regarding client orders and the business. Together we've got this five year venture churning along quite strong, and its easy to be optimistic with the prospects on the horizon.

I see a continuation of exploring and discovering new techniques, new tools and new directions for this business. I dream of one day growing it into a virtual studio, still based on the world wide web, with various creative tasks handled by artists working together from around the world. The internet removes the limit of hiring local artists, and can bring artists together from all backgrounds. This could very well be the key to pushing the EWG brand further in the future. Who knows? All I know, is that if I've learned anything from this journey so far, it's that there's no way to tell where this is going, or what to expect. All that can be done is to continue to stay inspired, to grow as an artist, and to work hard to open those new unforeseen opportunities, that are just around the bend.


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