Run Of The Mill - 007- Whose Business Is It Anyway

January 25, 2015

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Comic Notes:
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Enjoy this week's installment of Run Of The Mill! Wally thinks he runs the mill? But its Eryck's mill! Enjoy and see you next Monday! Leave comments and feedback in space below on what you think of the strip so far, any questions you might have and your thoughts on the new posting day! Werd.

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  1. Lisandro Gutierrez said...:

    When your wife comes back, does he go back into "innocent mode" and start wagging his tail? And then when she isn't looking, shoots a mean look or maybe a wink at you. Thanks for the good laugh today, even Garfield can enjoy Mondays just a tiny bit!!!

  1. Eryck Webb said...:

    Good Question! Stay tuned to find out. Thanks for reading, and glad you like this being on Mondays now :) Rolls off the tongue nice 'Run Of The Mill Mondays'.

  1. Eryck Webb said...:

    well, if you saw on the cover of the TnC exclusive edition, me, kristina and wally might appear in the background anywhere at anytime haha

  1. Lisandro Gutierrez said...:

    Just thought of how awesome it would be if your Run of the Mill character bumps into Cory or maybe Jumping Boy or maybe even Ultimate TMNT in future strips. Maybe like an EWG Universe or has that been played out too much recently with Flash/Arrow or Simpsons/Family Guy crossovers.

  1. Lisandro Gutierrez said...:

    Yeah I did notice you guys on the cover. My cousin and I are taking it one comic at a time to make the book last.

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