Looking Beyond The Clouds - Morning Warmup Sketch

March 6, 2015

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A indulgent little warmup sketch this morning, of Jumping Boy looking beyond the clouds. Influenced by the blue skies and sunny lighting today, and the coming promise of spring-like weather in the next couple days. Melt all this snow let us get back to living outside again lol. Warm weather approaches. The wind is picking up, the weather soon shall be perfect for jumping, time for Jumping Boy to go!
 Have a great Friday and weekend. I doubt it'll be too relaxing for me, shopping for home improvement stuff tonight after work and then spending all day tomorrow workign on our new house getting it cleaned and painted so we can move in, hopefuly next weekend-ish. 
Maybe Sunday I'll relax. Lol...
Referencing this scene, a trademark scene for Jumping Boy:


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