Run Of The Mill - 29 - Halloween

November 9, 2015

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I got really busy with some comic work that I worked on pretty much day and night, then I got a couple seasonal EWG items that I've been putting a lot of time into. But it ate at me that I didn't post anything new for halloween or since the anniversary strip and I had this halloween strip that I had planned to post, sitting in its folder just missing the lettering. So I did that up real quick this morning (may be some typos i dunno) and tossed it up. Man, that feels good to get it out there. Will color it later on.

Enjoy! Hope everyone had a good Halloween, this is a direct adaptation (with some skewing of course) of our Halloween. Krsitina was a vampire which thingy, I was 'jack-o-box' - i took a box that i had spray painted black, carved a face in it like a jack o lantern, wore a mesh cloth around my head so you could not see skin under the eye/ mouth holes and wore all black gloves, jacket, shoes etc. I became 'Jack O Box'. Nobody knew what the heck I was but sure scared some kiddies :)

Wally was on a line so he could be in the yard to greet trick or treaters but the line was short enough he couldn't get to them. If they wanted to pet him they had to walk over to him. Man, he was a hit! Meanwhile, Jojo does like to growl and carry on and gets overwhelmed with anxiety, so we let him be safe behind the glass door and growl and bark as he pleased. He actualy got over it in about 5 minutes and just watched trick or treaters rest of the night. Even had him out on the porch with us for a good while till he got too anxious again. Then I realized later we just forgot to feed him (oops).

We did run out of candy 20 min early from the end of the 'trick or treating hours' (how stupid we never had a set limited time where i grew up, you go till the lights are off int he houses or your sac is full!) - but no we did not try to hand out silverware. But Kristina kept saying 'cant believe were THAT house' lol.

Enjoy, try to do another one next week. Touch and go as I'm in the busy season with the holidays and all. COME ON END OF THE YEARRRR lol :) But I will miss 2015. But got a long way to go before that happens. And a special release this year for the EWG anniversary in December.

Enjoy! Share with a friend! See you next 'Mill Monday'!

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