Weekly Update: Good Morning Draw Fans!

June 4, 2018

Hmm... Indeedy!

Good morning DRAW fans! Hope your Monday in this new week are off to a great start!! My main objective this morning is to apply some 'reminder sauce'  that EW is not currently streaming in the mornings.

Eryck will be using that time to work on Eryck Webb Graphics projects, publications and business things. More importantly, Eryck will be cranking on your ink and color upgrades in extreme focus mode! This will also allow Eryck time to improve the stream and other important things that one can not do if they are on stream all day.

But have no fear, the upgrade waiting list is being chiseled away daily, as well as any special backlog drawing items! EW will still be streaming production every so often in mornings and evenings when it makes sense to. Stay tuned to this website to see when these impromptu streams are going live. The safest bet is always to follow the channel and make sure notifications are enabled! Overall, streaming less ( even though its still 5 days a week ) should give the CRew and everyone else better stream and a more frequent turnaround for their upgrade orders! Win win?

EWG's, Drawing Request Show on TWITCH is nearing 600 stream episodes! Hope you'll come out, ( feel free to lurk ) and enjoy the stream as we hit that milestone in coming weeks! See you at the next show! Same Drawing time, same Drawing channel!

Weekdays, 2pm (usualy till 5pm) Eastern Time, only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb !

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