Twitch: New stream content under construction - coming soon!

August 14, 2019

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Eryck Webb Graphic's "Drawing Request Show" is known for being a drawing stream, a humorous entertainment based stream and game show like stream all mixed together. In 2019 a lot has been shaved away to focus more on the drawing request side of the stream as well as the commission level ink and color upgrades. 

On Tuesday, August 13th, 2019, what was supposed to be a bot run, chat based giveaway segment, surprised viewers with a never before seen construction scene. Eryck walked onto the scene in front of a construction barrier and a bunch of cranes working on something in the background hidden from view. Eryck wasn't able to see over the tall barrier, but left the scene "...looking forward to whatever was coming."  

This is a two fold announcement. One, a promise to the viewers and CRew members who come out weekly to enjoy the stream that the stream is in fact on its way out but in a transition period. There are many new ideas for content related to entertainment, games and subscribers in the works, many of which will be implemented over the next couple months. Two,  the game show elements that have been missed most of the summer are coming back. Whether that means wheels or something entirely different  has yet to be revealed. Regardless, a new giveaway segment is coming. Fans and Subscribers can look forward to new surprises and interactivity on the way.

Eryck has trouble keeping a lid on new projects, products and ideas that excite him, so this surprise tease/reveal Tuesday was one way to let the CRew know things are happening behind the scenes but he doesn't want to ruin the surprise yet. Expect more info and more reveals in coming weeks.

Can you guess what new content is coming? Do you have a particular type of content that you would like to see come back or be added for the first time? Let us know in the comments! 

See you weekdays, over at for all the drawing shenanigans!

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