Thanks for a fun Wednesday Stream!

May 20, 2020

Inks done yesterday off stream, colors finished today of this cover/ poster for Trayde of his original story/ characters!

Quad jumping action for Adventurous April
EW Dog warmup 
Slayer and the mogwai posse bringing up the rear
Blithebluebird can't today

Hairfoots not waiting for October, the VampireFoot vonts to sok ur blod

#drawing #characterart #inkscape #wacom

Thanks everyone for a fun Drawing Request stream today! I opted for Green-screenless just to make setup simpler. And the fact that I got my office room all feng-shui now and am enjoying that. Didn't want to mess it up with putting up the screen and lighting. It proved to be fun, and well received. Folks enjoyed peaking into the mill. At one point when I was showing the chat around the room the boom came off its mount and everyone got a view from behind my monitors as well. Oops. Now the camera just sits on-top of my monitor and the boom is living in the closet. Haha. We had a lot of fun today and so much support I decided to go ahead and stream tomorrow as well. I'll streaming, chatting with the chat ( imagine that ) and after each ink or colors step I get done on upgrades, I'll do a drawing request from the request list! So come on out, especially if your one of the 4 winners from today's raffles. Thank you big time to Nessquik for being Top D today, and to Hamiltoons for all the gift subs, and all the tips from various awesome Crew members in those sexy hats. Thank you for the hangouts, the fun, the discussions. I tossed a few highlights from today up above. 

As of this post, all art sent, and I'll see you guys tomorrow ( 5/21/2020 10amEDT ) for more green-screen-free Drawing Request Show, UPGRADE edition!

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