Stalker Concept Design - A New Short Comic

August 1, 2020

#stalker #gothic #horror #creature #monster

This is another in a series of concept designs that I've been working on. I'm pretty happy with this one that I sort of thought of when I woke up this morning. This is a creature/ character in a new short comic story I've been inspired to do lately and am currently working on. His working name is 'Stalker'. I hope to share the short story with the world in coming weeks. I equate the short story, like something you might find on Death Love and Robots, and short anthologies like that. 

I've found lately that while I still have a passion for comics, its short one-point stories that appeal to me and offer the most opportunity to create and have fun. Not long drawn out narratives like graphic novels or ongoing drag-on webcomic series. I'm hoping to learn more about that fact as I develop and work on this short. 

I find the most crucial challenge is 'having fun' not being 'up tight' and just doing it in a way that makes me happy, makes it fun for me, and maybe tries a style or approach that wouldn't be the obvious choice. 
It feels good to put some more comic story telling into the world. Down the line, if I get enough of these short stories built up, maybe I'll publish an Eryck Webb original, comic anthology. 

I'm just excited to be working on comics and be passionate about it again and can't wait to share more comicness with you guys. 


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