Sketchbook: Jumping Boy Traditional Warmup

February 4, 2021


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Thankful for a good end to about two weeks of stress and worry and anxiousness over some test results for KW. She's good to go! Thank god for that. Had it gone the other way, we were ready, but we are so relieved that it turned out good. 

Took some time this AM to take Chico on a long walk around the neighborhood on this beautiful sunny snow kissed Thursday. I warmed up this a.m. with this ink & ballpoint on cardstock Jumping Boy drawing. I've really been circling a continuation and even proper wrap up to this character and his story.

 Also played with the new sketchbook some. I finished my 1st new sketchbook of the year Tuesday night, and have already made my second one. I just decorated the cover and am letting it dry. Then I'll be off to the races practicing, playing, experimenting and brainstorming in the new sketchbook!

Getting to work offline today just to sorta unpack from the stressful day yesterday. But looking forward to hitting the drawing requests hard tomorrow on stream! See the CREW tomorrow 10am for all the Drawing Request action! 


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