Order Tracking

EWG Commission Order Tracking

Clients: Use your EWG Paypal Invoice Number or Nickname to track your status.

There is a key to identify which step your commission is on below. After a job is finished for one week it is considered complete and removed from the list.

Last Updated Monday, 3/31/2017

Invoice # | Status

        450         | Finished
        456         | Finished
        469         | Pencil
        471         | Pencil
                      1) Ink     
                   1A) Ink
                   1B) Ink
                   1C) Finished
                   1D) Ink
                   1E) Ink
                   1F) Ink
                   2A) Ink
                   2B) Ink
                   2C) Ink
                   2D) Ink


Key: This is a general list of steps a commission goes through to be completed.

      Invoiced: I have sent the invoice and am awaiting payment and client materials.

      Paid: I have received payment and am awaiting materials from the client.

      In Queue: Payment & client materials have been received. 
                       The item is in line to begin.

      Design: Research & development are done to create a concrete concept
                    of the piece.

      Pencil: The initial sketch is in process.
                   A proof will follow completion of this step.

      Letter: Any lettering that needs to be done is in process.

      Ink: The penciling & lettering are done & the art is currently
              being inked.

      Color: Colors are being rendered,  from simple flats to full shades & highlights

      Proof: The piece is awaiting client approval before more work is done  

      Final Draft: The design is being finalized to make a finished product

      Edit: The client requested changes are being made to the finished art or design.

      Bundling: Upon approval of the final draft, the file is separated into multiple
                        useable file types & delivered to client. Once the client acknowledges
                        receipt, the job is considered finished.

      Finished: Your work is completed. Thank you for doing business with EWG!

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