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Whether it be ongoing series, shorts or occassional funnies, this is the landing page for all webcomics written and drawn by Eryck Webb Graphics. Can also access these on the main menu at right. Enjoy!

Jumping Boy
Jumping Boy is an original web-comic by Eryck Webb started in July 2012 and follows the continuing life and adventures of Billy Hopson; whom accidentally acquires a set of superpower endowing aviator goggles. From the moment he first puts them on he doesn't ask the important questions, like where did they come from and why do they even exist? He enjoys the freedoms and thrills they bestow without any mind to the consequences. Little does he know his exploits are gathering more and more unwanted attention. Enjoy the 9 chapters of the story finished so far. More to come!

Run Of The mill

Run Of The Mill is the fictional true story about a work-from-home creative who is authoritatively supervised by the family pet. Productivity is at an all time high but Eryck's wife and family never believe that Wally is really cracking the whip on Eryck as much as he tries to convince them he does. In the end, Wally just wants best for the household, and as much as Eryck doesnt like it. He'd never get anywhere in his self employment without the supervision.

Bump On A Log
The classic riverside tail of ubsurdity. Bump just wants peace and quiet while blogging daily about his opinions and life. But moving far away from any potential neighbors doesn't help when you are bombarded by talking animals that characterize every extreme of the human psyche! No longer updated, but almost 200 strips reside at its home on Deviant Art, while a handful of my favorites are offered here on this site


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