2012 Cap'N and 2013 Whats Happen'N

December 30, 2012

Thanks to all the customers and fans of me (Eryck Webb) and my work and all your support. The likes on Facebook grow every week, and the new watchers and fav's on Deviant Art increase. I'm also very very happy at the increased response and following on the blog site. Thank you thank you for all that. This little pipe dream that started 4 years ago has really gone from 'drawing 5 pencil drawings a day' to help generate income during an employment struggle, to - well its really turned into SOMETHING. Now I can honestly say, its something. And I'm excited to see where its going. Good bye 2012, and heres to 2013.

I've got some professional and personal goals for the New Year, a couple of them are:

  • Less saying what I'm going to do, and promising stuff to clients, and just getting it done and doing the best I can
  • Less taking on more work than I can get done in a reasonable time
  • No adjusting the price-list more than once a quarter, if that.
  • EWG work first, personal time out of the studio second and personal projects third.
  • Faster turnarounds
Thats a few must-haves for me on the professional end, and I've got a handful on the personal end as well.

What goals is everyone else setting for the coming year?

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