Drawing Request Show 295 Recap

August 31, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Today saw the passing of another Follower Goal and the ensuing Game Of Fate giveaway. We rerolled after landing on Tombrunner for the second time this week and landed on Bartender! A fun game where the chat got to help me mix a drink from random unlabled ingredients and if the woman at the bar liked it, they'd get $15 of free drawing. If she didnt they'd get $5. She didnt like it lol. But it made for a fun giveaway none the less. This morning saw some epic inking and epic yingyang style fire and water colors. We'll do it per normal one more time tomorrow for the 1st of the month and then it'll be the weekend. 

Going into September I'm thinking about a few tweaks:
1. tokens cant be used on upgrades. mornings treams are just chill/ my production etc fully my control and i can get to a little of everyone over the week. 
2. some new emotes like ewONEMORE and ewCRY and otherones.
3. tweaking the items on the Giveaway and Game wheels.
4. Simplifying/ rehashing the Donation tiers/ guidelines. 

Alright, see you guys tomorrow 10am for some upgrade colors and tomorrow afternoon for more drawing request fury. All starting 10am! Lets see if we can pass the next Follow Goal before the weekend!? Maybe?

Same drawing time and drawing channel: 10am Upgrades 2pm Drawing at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show 294 Recap

August 30, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Today was a really fun day of streaming and creating. Starting off with two chibis for warmup this morning, a color guide for kiwi to work on and then some epic colors for Rhaine of his mage character in a lava setting. See you guys out tomorrow for some epic upgrade production 10am. I stop for a break at 1pm to get some lunch and walk the dog. Then starting 2pm I kick off the afternoon with drawing requests! 
Today we had 4 tip goal giveaways ( thank you so much guys ) and a Follower Goal giveaway! We're almost to the next Follow Goal already! The ensuing game of fate: thumbfighter was actualy the first that i can remember that i won! Congrats to TamTam on winning last drawing of the stream. As well as the giveaway winners today: Excide, Cocololz, MachtsNichts, T_TheOmega and TransparnetCloud!
Well today is a wrap, I will do it all again tomorrow! Have a great night!

Drawing Request Show 293 Recap

August 29, 2017

@twitchcreates #twitchcreative #twitch #creative #drawing #illustration #request #inkscape

As of this post, all art sent! Thank you for a great day of drawing requests for you guys. Looking forward to tomorrow working on upgrades all day Token Free all day 10am-5pmEST!

See you then! Only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show 292 Recap

August 28, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #twitchcreative #drawing #steelers #roethesberger #swords #family #chibi #inkscape #twitch

As of this post, the art above has been sent! Check those whispers! Thanks to all who came out today hoping for some serious Drawing action! Just as stella started getting her groove back we had some internet connection issues. Restarting my router didnt help, changing twitch servers didnt help. Finaly after ending the stream just over 2 hours in, I tried updating my stream key and a few other things. When it started stabilizing in the green and dropping next to no frames I was able to run an internet web game, run youtube and twitch streams and internet radio all at the same time and not drop a single frame. What was it? I have no idea. Only thing I do know is it was out of my control completely. Thanks to those who came out, hate to have problems like these. But rest of the week we're going to rock out proper. See you tomorrow 10am for an all day drawing request stream. See you Wednesday for all day upgrades stream and Thursday will be one more all day drawing stream before im out for the weekend a day early.

See you tomorrow!

Drawing Request Show 291 Recap

August 25, 2017

@twitchcreative #twitchcreative @twitchcreates @twitch #twitch

As of this post, all drawings sent! Check your whispers! We ended the week on a high note, drawing from 1030am this morning till 500pm today! Got 13 drawings done and even a giveaway or two. The first giveaway was a Game Of Fate giveaway for hitting the follow goal of 830, and then Trayde single handedly in Request King fashion unlocked a Tip Goal giveaway for us. 

Today saw the send off of the Gratitude Wheel. Making way for better perks and more drawing. Thanks you Gratitude Wheel, youve been a good prize wheel. That old wheel won't roll around again.

Have a fantastic weekend and see you guys Monday for more drawingness! 

Drawing Request Show 290 Recap

@twitchcreative @twitch #creative #drawing #illustration #photoshop #colors #twitch #stream

As of this post, all art shown above sent! Thank you for a fantastic Thursday of coloring madness. Today we continued this week's schedule experiment with 10am - 5pmEST Monday through Friday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are drawing request days where I do 2minute to 15minute sketches for people and Tuesday and Thursday were Upgrade days, doing Inks on Tuesday and colors on Thursday. Counting multiple character in a couple of the pieces and also an epic dragon 10min sketch for MightyMae as thanks for her epic 50+ viewer raid today, I got around 15 characters, or 7 artworks done today during the 8+ hour stream. Needless to say I was pooped after todays stream but was very very fun. 

It was also the second day of no Gratitude wheel, like yesterday with the Chibi special, to help keep the art moving. Truth be told, due to the success of not using it these past two days and focusing more on the art as appreciation for the support, the Gratitude Wheel will be phased out after tomorrow's ( Friday 8/24/17 ) Top 3 Supporters of the week segment. The Gratitude wheel will be used one more time to thank them. Starting next week, the Gratitude Wheel will only be used for Top 3 Supporters and other special situations and contain bigger stream-experience-enhancing prizes. Also in development is tier based rewards/ bonuses for different levels of donations that you just automaticly get in addition to your drawings. 

Thanks so much guys and this ever evolving experiment will keep rolling. Lets end the week on a high note with some epic Drawing tomorrow! I've never had this many ULTRA tokens waiting to be done before so that'll be exciting. But i'm more than happy to cater to them because that means most of them were won via Giveaways. Thanks for all the support! The hosts, the donations, the kind words in chat. Everything. 

Also August 31st we'll be knighting two new Requesteers to the Court of Draws. Ive got my eyes on two special individuals! 

See you at the next live stream twitch.tv/eryckwebb every weekday!

Heres some fanart put together by Hamiltoons - lol so funny. Me and Hamiltoons with a famous phrase coined by MightyMae:

Heres a higlight from today's stream!

Drawing Request Show 289 - 800 Follows Chibi Special Recap

August 23, 2017

@twitch @twitchcreates @adobe @inkscape #drawing #illustration #twitch #stream #request

As of this post, all art sent! Heres a montage of the works completed on DRS 289! It was a special Wednesday stream featuring a special chibi sale! This was the unlocked reward the viewers/ fans voted on for hitting 800 follows on DRS 286! It was a lot of fun and I didn't get nearly all the chibi request orders done, but got 16 of them drawn ( counting two in some pics). Will work on them over the course of future drawing shows and off stream as well! We're now on our way to 900! Thanks so much for checking it out and look forward to drawing for you at the next live DRS, M-F 10am-5pmEST only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb !

Drawing Request Show 288 Recap

@twitch @twitchcreates @adobe @inkscape #drawing #illustration #twitch #stream #request

Heres a montage of the works completed on DRS 288! Thanks so much for checking it out and look forward to drawing for you at the next live DRS, M-F 10am-5pmEST only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb !

Drawing Request Show 287 Recap

@twitch @twitchcreates @adobe @inkscape #drawing #illustration #twitch #stream #request

Heres a montage of the works completed on DRS 287! Thanks so much for checking it out and look forward to drawing for you at the next live DRS, M-F 10am-5pmEST only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb !

Drawing Request Show 286 Recap

@twitch @twitchcreates @adobe @inkscape #drawing #illustration #twitch #stream #request

Heres a montage of the works completed on DRS 286! Also today we hit the Follow goal of 800 followers! A game of fate giveaway was unlocked, as well as an additional stream enhancement which viewers/ fans were to vote on over the weekend. After all the votes were in on Monday, the choice of 'Chibi Special' was chosen! This was held on the following Wednesday during DRS 289! Thanks so much for checking it out and look forward to drawing for you at the next live DRS, M-F 10am-5pmEST only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb !

Drawing Request Show 285 Recap

@twitch @twitchcreates @adobe @inkscape #drawing #illustration #twitch #stream #request

Heres a montage of the works completed on DRS 285! Thanks so much for checking it out and look forward to drawing for you at the next live DRS, M-F 10am-5pmEST only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb !

Drawing Request Show 284 Recap

August 16, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #inkscape @inkscape #drawing #creative #sketch #requests #stream

As of this post, all art sent! Thanks so much for all the super fun requests today! First time in a while we had like NO Gratitude spins but we did have a Follow Goal giveaway! These 3 hours flew by like feathers in the wind ( so deep ). But I'll be back tomorrow 10am to work on upgrade colors for all the kiddies and more drawing requests in the afternoon! Time to go chill n' eat some sketties with the wife and wally. Have a fantastic night!!!
See you at the next live stream weekdays at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

DailyDiscipline: LFS Hotdog - FanArt Sketch

@twitch @frenchstallion @twitchcreates #twitchcreative #twitch #baguette #hotdog #guitar

A late night cool down/ practice sketch for fun to unwind while hanging on twitch tonight. On Le French Stallion's stream tonight he had a hotdog-patterned onesie/ jumpsuit. I sort of took that and ran. Also was drawing this while he was using his minimalistic guitar that looks like something out of madmax. So drew him playing that. If you havent watched twitch.tv/lefrenchstallion your missing an amazing channel. Raising the bar every week for every other twitch streamer out there. Always a hoot hanging on his streams and always some sort of crazy cartoon inspiration results lol. Fun stuff

Sketchbook Pro about 20 minutes. 

Drawing Request Show 283 Recap

August 15, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Thanks so much to all who came out today and put down for some request action. We did 13 drawings today over the course of the 6 hours of streaming. Wow! I usualy shoot for between 7 and 10 but we were cranking today! Thanks to ACrazyHippie69 and JaffasRayne for your amazing hosts today and I hope you enjoy your sketches! Heres to doing it again tomorrow 2pmEST when the stream resumes! Will be inking offline tomorrow morning for a little breather between streams. But will return Thursday morning as well for color upgrades. See you all then! 

Personal Works: Swat Kats FanArt Finished Digital Pencils

@autodesksketchbookpro @wacomintuospro #autodesksketchbook #wacomintuospro #swatkats @swatkats @hannabarbera #digitalpencils #drawing #swatkats #cartoons #nostalgia #90s #animation #fanart #tribute

Finished FanArt pencils of Swat Kats - a very influencial and inspiring cartoon series when I was a kid. Still pretty damn rad today compared to the cartoons we have available now.
Sketched in inkscape, finished pencils in autodesk sketchbook pro
eventualy will ink/ color. Digging the finished 11x17 pencils for tonight though!
Done after wrapping up work for the day and feeling the need to do a little something for myself. I dont do finished tight comic pencils that often these days but definitely fun to sorta dive into on occassion. Finishing the pencils definitively like this always makes the inks result so much higher quality as well.

About 2 hours of digital penciling from previous inkscape tight sketch to what you see here in Sketchbook pro with wacom intuos pro

Drawing Request Show 282 Recap

August 14, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #inkscape #wacomintuospro #bowser #dragon #joker #military

As of this post, all art sent! Thanks so much to all those who came out and enjoyed the stream this afternoon. Unfortunately within the last hour of the stream my computer blue-screened and crashed keeping me from finishing the horned bruiser character I was in the middle of drawing and from getting to more people. I ended the stream there to run utilities and scans to prep for the next day. I decided to finish the horned character this evening before saving/ sending the art from today since he did drop an ultra to have it done. I then later decided to stream for 2 more hours this evening once the computer checked out. We ended up doing a tip goal giveaway, some gratitude spins and then drawing the horned behemoth and two chibis for Trayde. All in all not a bad days work. Do more tomorrow 10am where I'm going to work on INKS and then Thursday work on colors. Wednesday and Friday I will be working off stream. See you guys tomorrow morning for more drawing madness! 

Enjoy this clip from today's stream. Thanks Amanda for the massive raid! Sorry for Twitch censoring a song I played in middle of the drawing. Just for a few minutes.

See you at the next live stream only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Personal Works: SwatKats FanArt Prelims

August 11, 2017

#drawing #fanart #swatkats #90s #nineties #hannabarbera #tribute #fanart #drawing #illustration #pinup #poster #splash #nostalgia

First pass at some prelim SwatKats fan art/tribute layouts. I just randomly was watching videos of cosplay highlights from recent conventions and out of the blue BING my brain goes to 'draw a sweet SwatKats tribute piece'. This to me is a very underrated show and was a massive influence on me when I was younger. The flashy animation and rock soundtrack and awesome factor was killer. I was always inspired by the evil scientist lizard cat guy, and the one episode with the robot that kept assembling more mass/ parts and getting bigger and bigger. Was such an influence.
So the first one on the left was basically 'let me get familiar with their designs with a semi half ass attempt at composition. The second one was then taken from that and redrawn. I'm thinking for the final to push the camera down looking up for even more extreme angle/ perspective much like you might see in the show. I do like the jet in there somewhere as it was their main front runner of weapons they used. And then every cover/ poster you see has the big moon/ sun whatever behind them. Looking forward to the next step which is finished digital pencils. Then inks then colors eventually. Last time I got this inspired was a Samurai Jack tribute piece. These kind of things just hit you when they hit you lol. But looking forward to working on it more.
For now good night and have a great weekend everybody.

Drawing Request Show 281 Recap

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #illustration #sketch #request #stream #twitch #show

As of this post, all art sent. Check your whispers! Thank you to all the incredible support this week in the form of tips, requests, hosts and viewers. Really appreciate it. Sometimes doing this every day takes a lot out of me and it catches up to me. Then you guys and you know who you are start your shenanigans in the chat and with your donation messages and cracks me up and just makes it so worth it. Thank you guys. I will continue to push hard to make it even more worth it than before. Please expect lots of new surprises next week! Have a fantastic weekend and see you Monday 10am!

Drawing Request Show 280 Recap

August 10, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #request #stream #twitchcreative #creative

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Did some inks and colors in the morning and drew requests for folks all afternoon! Had a great day of streaming and a lot of fun with all the viewers I lost track of time ran an hour over and didn't even realize it till Kiwi interupted me with the phone. Look forward to drawing for you at the next stream! Live on Twitch! Only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show 279 Recap

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #request #stream #twitchcreative #creative

Had a great Wednesday stream to get us over that mid week hump! Did some inks and colors in the morning and drew requests for folks all afternoon! Look forward to drawing for you at the next stream! Live on Twitch! Only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show 278 Recap

August 8, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #twitch #twitchcreative #drawing #sketch #minecraft #demon #overwatch #logo #rain #bear

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Today was the first day of the week since yesterday the wife and I had an appointment to go to. Took all day and was pretty worn out when I got back but hit the ground running this morning 10am with some logo rendering and some Minecraft coloring. Did a lot of physical activity over the weekend which left me a bit stiff and sore. Walking all over hospitals on Monday for the wife's appointment didn't help. But I pushed through and got the hand broken loose towards the last half of the stream. Was crazy today. Thank you to everybody who came out and donated today. You guys are amazing. We had 4 free drawing giveaways, had a follow goal giveaway along with several other giveaways resulting in game of fate wheel. And a slew of fun gratitude wins. See you guys 10am tomorrow for color guides and more upgrade/ production stuff. And 2pm for drawing requests. 

Daily Discipline: Mucho Macho Flamingo and Hat

August 7, 2017

The Hat Is In Command!

Hes Mucho Macho, he's as graceful as a Flamingo, hes Mucho Macho Flamingo!

#drawing #surface #microsoft #surfacepro4 #inkscape #inks #art #digitalart

Did an impromptu stream this evening to unwind used Splashtop Streamer to stream from the SurfacePro4 to my desktop PC to stream it in OBS and I Inked a sketch I did earlier on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in the waiting room today. All inked/ and sketched in Inkscape on the Surface Pro 4 - i'm getting more confident and comfortable with it! But will be a while before I'm up to where I am on the PC. Have a great night see everyone back on stream tomorrow for those paying jobs!

Drawing Request Show 277 Recap

August 4, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #twitchcreative #creative #drawing #stream #logo #dragon #demon #woman #chibi #destiny #fantasy

As of this post, all the above art sent! Thanks so much to all the fun requests today. Did a couple logo designs and some colors this morning then drew a bunch more epic things this afternoon. 
Originaly a guest artist by the name of UnsungDoodler was scheduled to host and do the art duties today. Turns out the unknown creative was actualy Axel Rose and he cancled on the show at the last minute. 
Congratulations to this week's top supporters, the Request Champions of this here court of draws, Trayde, Hamiltoons and Leokage! And special thanks to the Monthly King so far here in August, Trayde! 
Have a fantastic weekend and see you all for more drawing action next week!
Stay tuned for practice drawing in the ol' Daily Discipline section and on Instagram over the weekend as I maintain the daily discipline to keep at my drawing best for next week!
And see you at the next live show at twitch.tv/eryckwebb every M-F 10am-5pm!

Drawing Request Show 276 Recap

August 3, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #drawing #creative #sketch #request #logo #demon #phoenix #fire #chibis

As of this post, all art sent! Thanks so much to all who came out supported me today helped me get through this 'tired stream' i seemed to have today. Was doing good this morning then I took a 6 block walk with wally at lunch and it was like 90 out lol. I had no energy rest of the afternoon lol. But you all made it worth it as always and I hope i returned the favor with some decent drawings! Thanks so much to JaffasRayne who hosted/ raided bringing her folks over and I got to draw her an 8 minute phoenix which they seemed to like how it came out. It was a blast to work on. Have a fantastic night and see you tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a special DRS featuring guest artist 'Unsung Doodler' for the first time ever on DRS. Not much is known about him, but hes apparently a very good drawer and some say he enjoys volunteering at soup kitchens for cats. All we know, is hes called the Unsung Doodler!
See you 10am tomorrow for more Drawing Request Show only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show 275 Recap

August 2, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #twitch #inkscape #drawing @inkscape #request #sketch #chibis #overwatch #naruto #marvel #attackontitan #logo

As of this post, all art above sent! Thanks so much to all who came out made it an awesome Wedsnesday stream! Today was the first day in a long time I ran out of requests. There are like 5 or 6 that are skipped and we ran out of active requests on the list lol. Was a fun/ different situation to be in. For now when it happens, since I dont want to do upgrades in the afternoon I'll work on chibis or raffle off free requests. See you at the next stream, 10amET for upgrades 2pmET for drawing requests. http://twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show 274 Recap

@twitchcreates @twitch #twitch #creative #inkscape #drawing #sketch #request #stream #snakeplisken #jojosbizarreadventure #superheroes

As of this post all art sent! Check those whispers! See you next time at twitch.tv/eryckwebb 

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