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Orange: Combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It represents enthusiasm, creativity, determination, and success.

Eryck has been drawing since he could hold a pencil to paper. In 3rd grade with TMNT as his muse he began to purposely try to improve. Years and dozens of sketchbooks-full later, Eryck majored in Graphic Design in college. In 2006 Eryck worked 3 years in the Advertising business. In 2009 he started Eryck Webb Graphics - a commission based Design and Illustration business. In 2016 EWG got its own Twitch channel. In 2017 EW became a Twitch affiliate. 2018 EW launched Best Of Request Volume 1, a collection of all the art from the 2016 stream year. Now, embarking on his third year on Twitch, Eryck Webb draws live weekly for you!

The Hat Is In Command

Career Highlights:

  • B.F.A. in Graphic Design, West Virginia University
  • Worked as Graphic Designer at BlaineTurner Advertising from December 2006 to July 2009 in Morgantown, WV - Designed and produced graphics for mulitple clients, with a heavy concentration on West Virginia University Sports Publications.
  • December 11th, 2009: Launched Eryck Webb Graphics after moving to Wilson, North Carolina in pursuit of 'the next step' and finding nothing but disappointment with the job market in the Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh triangle area."Can't find work? I will generate my own work" was my mantra. The first official piece was original pencils art for sale of HellBoy and of Batgirl done on 8.5x11 cardstock and sold each for $10 dollars. Not including shipping.
  • 'Possessed' - webcomic. Commissioned as artist for this series written by Bryan Burke. My run on the series ended 2011.
  • 'Rising Stars Vol. 1', "Accusations Among Theives" - by Deadstar Publishing (UK) Illustrated one of the short stories in this anthology - Can purchase at the publisher site here.
  • 'Possessed, Collected Vol. 1' - Publication design and interior content produced by EWG. This 50+ pg compilation of the Possessed webcomic spanned Eryck Webb's run on the series from 2010-2011. Available in Print and Ebook via LuLu.com
  • 'Judo Shirt' - Began ongoing relationship designing and producing Judo and other martial arts related apparel 
  • 'Delusions of Normalsy' webcomic launched Created/Written by Del Conkright. Art and website by Eryck Webb (Ended at end of 2012)
  • 'Lake Michigan Blues', Released - 120pg Graphic Novel. Crime genre -  Art by Eryck Webb, Script by Ryu Miyaki - available on Amazon ebooks and other ebook vendors.
  • 'Cartel', #1-#2, Released  - Art by Eryck Webb, Script by Drew Miyaki - available on Amazon ebooks and other ebook vendors. Issue 1 on Amazon, Issue 2 on Amazon
  • 'Continuous Audio Transmission, (C.A.T.)' - Experimental rock band. Designed their logo, mascot and album cover artwork for their first single released in August.
  •  'The Good The Bad and The Geeky Live' - Designed promotional poster for the podcast's first live event. The podcast site
  • 'Ungrounded Kickstarter Sampler' - Produced a four page sampler and other peripheral artwork for Patrick Gerard's Kickstarter campaign for his project 'Ungrounded'.
  • 'Wayde Cooper' - Designed cover art for Wayde Cooper's self titled industrial metal solo album released this year.
  • 'The Good The Bad and The Geeky' iTunes album/ show cover artwork The podcast site
  • 'Ungrounded', 56pg graphic novel, full color. After success of Kickstarter campaign, was brought on as main interior artist and character designer. Interior art by Eryck Webb, Script by Patrick Gerard. Available in print and electronicaly via Amazon and other vendors.
  • '80sTees.com' - Commissioned to illustrate some Transformers apparel under their Hasbro license, not yet released. Also designed and produced a mouse-pad graphic featuring dozens of 80s pop-culture cartoon, live action tv show, movie and video game characters that went on sale around Christmas 2013
  • 'TnC' (Tia And Cory) - Webcomic series that primarily posts on its Facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/tnccomics ) featuring a fresh comic-geekdom take on the family comedy. Character designs by Eryck Webb and Written, created by Cory Matthews. The strip started bi-weekly then went weekly.

  • 'TnC' (Tia And Cory) - The webcomic kicks off a kickstarter campaign for a collected book of Season 1. August sees the launch of Season 2 now under way. Eryck Webb resumes art duties September.
  •  '80sTees.com' - Happy to have grown a relationship with the folks at 80stees and assisting them for all their creative apparel and merchandise needs, now on a monthly if not weekly basis. Many items under license from Hasbro and other companies.
  • Transformers Collectors Club - September sees the start of penciling and inking comic pages for their serialized Transformers comic that gets published in their Magazine - associated with BotCon. Fun Publications is a company that runs the Transformers Collectors Club and G.I. Joe Collectors Club under license from Hasb
  • 'The Good The Bad and The Geeky' - New promotional poster design featuring RatPack Comics - for this year's live edition of their show
  • 'Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' - Drawing and Lettering this fan webcomic created/written by Nick Arganbright featuring a new take on the turtles while remaining as a love letter and homage to the original material by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird in the Mirage Studios days. Publishes once a week at www.utmnt.com and is currently half way through its first season.
  • 'TnC' (Tia And Cory) - TnC Year 1 Collection was successfully kickstarted and published in book form.
  • Transformers Collectors Club - Wrapped up my run on 2015's 'Another Light' story line for the Fun Publications/ Hasbro publication. 
  •  UTMNT - Was successfully crowd funded on IndieGoGo and published in print form. Also a special second printing was funded successfully and a custom wrap around cover was illustrated for that.
  • Ungrounded: First Revolution production began and carried through the majority of the year. Slated to get the art completed by winter 2016
  •  Holiday Card Commission - This was a limited time/ seasonal commission item, offered for the first time, and was a moderate success. 
  •  A Home Base - Moved into new house with a dedicated studio space to run EWG out of. 
  •  Rediscover Traditional Art Selling - With a dedicated studio, which includes a traditional art space, EWG was able to re-approach selling traditional artworks in the EWG Shop which hasn't been done since 2010-2011 on eBay.
  • 'Twitch' ( http://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb ) - Over the holidays of 2015 heading in to a new year, almost all the half a dozen comic jobs that supported me on a weekly basis came to an end and i was suddenly desperate for work again. Having already some experience with streaming on Picarto and Livestream, I started on Twitch after a nudge from Steve from HnH and started using it as a more proactive means of taking commissions and drawing requests to supplement the income. First starting out as Doodle Stream and becoming Drawing Request Show / half game show half 'action-drawing' for clients who order drawing. 
  • May 2017 saw the complete closing of outside commissions going forward to focus on the Twitch Streaming side of the model.
  •  Fall 2017 Eryck Webb's Twitch Channel became Twitch Affiliate. A higher level of status on Twitch that allows subscriptions to the channel and new forms of additional revenue 
  •  December 2017 Eryck finished 'Best Of Request Vol 1', a collection of all the best drawing requests from the 2016 stream year. It was originaly slated to be done and on sale in Spring but got shelved for most of the year.
  • January 2018 saw the launch of the Best Of Request Vol 1 pre-order! This was the first book 100% by Eryck Webb. The content, the copy writing and book design were all created in house by Eryck Webb Graphics. Printing is being handled by KaBlam and the orders will be back from the printers first week of February. At this point they will all be signed/ sketched and shipped to their customers! A digital copy and limited additional printed copies will be available after the PreOrders are shipped out. 
  •  Drawing Request Show continues on its 3rd year. Come out enjoy the stream weekdays 2pm-5pmET only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

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