Drawing Request Show Episode 64 Recap

August 31, 2016

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As of this posting, all pieces sent. Today's stream was a lot of fun. Had some new 'Eryck Character' twitch alerts, and a slew of new faces joining the fun. Lots of wheel spins and 4-5 minute drawings. Was great to meet all the new folks in the chat and am excited to see everyone back tomorrow for Episode 65 which will feature a $50 giveaway! Then we will be officially on our way to the next follower goal which is 300 followers!

Stream highlights:
- New twitch alerts were a hit
- New faces thanks to ADufresne99 hosting for her followers
- 11 requests drawn and one warmup/ demo drawing. 
- Fun all around!

See you all tomorrow 2pm Eastern Time for episode 65 and the Follower Goal $50 giveaway in place of the normal giveaway!

Look for the video recap of the weeks requests to post Friday/ Saturday.

See you at the next live Stream!

Drawing Request Show Episode 63 Drawings

August 30, 2016

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As of this post, all these pieces have been sent to their requesters. Todays stream was, as others have been, with a unique trend. This one was full of 2 minutes and 3 minute sketches and most under or around 10 minutes. A slew of requests were skipped and will be done in a future show because those folks werent present, and there was some miscommunication and lots of fun lucky streakness for birthday boy VOAdam. Fun stuff all around. Congrats to the 3 winners Lynxie, TamTam and LadyRat. We passed the Follower Goal and then some today so Thursday we will end the week with a $50 giveaway special. See folks tomorrow 2pmET and Thursday as well. Will post a recap video of the week at the end of the week!

Drawing Request Show: Episode 62 Recap

August 26, 2016

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Official first look at the new Intuos 5 (Intuos Pro) I just got from Wacom and the first run during a stream. Works fantastic. The huion was an attempt at almost bootlegging this in every way, from the size, design and function but theres a reason the Huion was 70 bucks and the Intuos was over 200. 

Highlights include
-Show and tell of Intuos5 and its accessories
-Warmup/Demo to show its working just fine
-Giveaway winner TamTam
-Epic WreckItRalph vs DonkeyKong piece with simultaneous Poll of who would win the fight resulting in a back and forth and final winner (ralph) as if they were really fighting. Was awesome. 
-This show had mostly large pieces from 20 minutes to one that was 32 minutes to the ralph vs donkeykong which was 40 minutes. So there are less pieces in this episode over all.

Excited for future streams cant wat to do it again Tuesday! See you then! Enjoy the recap video on EWG YouTube below!

See you at the next live stream! Follow Drawing Request Show at http://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show: Episode 61 Recap

August 25, 2016

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Got the Intuos 2 to hang in there till the new Intuos Pro arrives. Realized my Wacom Intuos 2 even having 'aging' issues is better than the Huion I tried to use Tuesday, I fired it up and went with it and busted out 11 awesome drawings not including the 'going live' announce drawing and the warmup drawing. The Huion required all these factors for getting it to work right that I had to watch YouTube videos and research forums to figure out and it still didnt work. Yes, I installed the drivers first then after a restart plugged in the tablet. The thing didnt work unless you were close enough to the tablet surface and even then it would randomly click and grab things and jump around the screen on its own. In contrast, I uninstalled the Huion/ deleted all tablet related software drivers and folders off my computer Tuesday and was going to wait till I get the new one and try to get back into action next week. But Wednesday when I decided to give intuos 2 another go so I could do a stream, it took 10 minutes total to install the latest driver, restart and plug in the intuos and setup my preferences in the wacom tablet utility and it worked flawlessly. I still notice it jumping around and having the occasional wavering accuracy issue. But even with that, which I've learned to work with, it blows the Huion out of the water. And the Intuos 2 is a 15+ year old tablet Ive had before I even worked digitally on a serious level. Whats the excuse Huion? Crap. Is the Excuse. Its Thursday morning as I write this and my sexy new Intuos Pro (which as I understand it is an Intuos 5) is coming. And I cant wait.

Thanks to all who came out and made this extended length stream an awesome one! Keep those awesome requests coming!

Missed the stream? Heres the recap on EWG YouTube channel below:

And hope to see you at the next Drawing Request Show at twitch.tv/eryckwebb!

DRS Episode 60 Recap - Featuring $50 Giveaway and Huion Tablet Review

August 24, 2016

#huion #tablet #digitizer #wacom #review #giveaway #twitch #stream #twitchcreative

An unusual recap for an unusual episode! Enjoy these highlights from todays stream. Will resume streaming after I get setup with my new drawing equipment next week. Working at half mast till then on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014. If that fails I'll be back to scanning pencil / pen drawings on paper lol.

Show Notes:
-Hope folks enjoy their wins from the giveaway
-Huion is crap. The new Wacom can't get here fast enough.
-Silly webgames can be EPIC.

Watch the highlights of the stream below and see you at the next stream!

Stream Doodling 82216

August 23, 2016

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Had a fun session of free-time drawing on stream over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb this evening. Folks came out had some great hosts and wheel spins as thank you for the support. Got to meet a bunch of ErikPaint's followers and the chat called out random things and I drew them! Went on for a good two hours or so like that :) And these are the sketches that ensued. Click the image above to enlarge and see them closer up. Fun stuff will definitely have to do it again.

See everyone tomorrow 2pmET for a special Drawing Request Show, where w'ell be celebrating the latest follower goal with a $50 giveaway and its also the 60th episode so seeing the show is now an old geezer the stream will be themed appropriately. Wondering what I'm talking about? Come out to the show to see. Tuesday 2pm Eastern Time. See ya then :)

Intuos 2 On Way Out - Replacment On Its Way

August 22, 2016

#ripIntuos2 #upgrade #newequipment #replacement

Its official, I was about 75% through inking my first commission work today when the sine-wave problem returned. And it came back more regular and problematic than before. All the research points to either buying a new pen (which I just cant seem to find even on ebay or something) or replacing it. So I located a cheap replacement and it should be here tomorrow. Sorry Intuos, its ben an amazing run. Had you since I used to live in Virginia and you were the bread and butter of my business till now. Its officialy making it nearly impossible to work correctly so I will switch to penciling approval sketches on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 in sketchbook till it gets here. And hopefuly have it up and running and ready to roll in time for Drawing Request Show tomorrow. If it is not, we'll move episode 60 and the special $50 giveaway to wednesday. Or perhaps I can do the giveaway tomorrow and do the requests on my tablet as I can still do high res stuff on my tablet. We'll see. If you have a preference hit me up below. Will look forward to new fresh tablet upgrade and getting that rolilng tomorrow. Till then, will probably stream today drawing on my tablet till quitting time. 
You've been a good one Wacom Intuos2!!

Intuos 2 Sine Wave Issue Resolved ( Heres How )

August 21, 2016

#wacom #intuos2 #sinewave #issue #drawing #troubleshooting

So I wanted to do a quick post about a problem that I've been dealing with the last week or two. It might have developed about two weeks ago but I didnt really notice till the Drawing Request Show streams I was doing this week. Theres a problem, that I've found is pretty common after browsing google searches and wacom forums. After years of use the Intuos2 from Wacom suddenly starts having fits of wavy-ness while drawing diagonal lines (and in the case of drawing circles, creating some crazy arse ovals). While irritating and throwing off my timed-drawings on the twitch stream on occassion, I was able to change location on my tablet or just deal with it till it quit doing it 10-15 seconds later. I was sure Inkscape maybe started having issues and needed reinstalled. But I went down the checklist. Heres a forum of folks with similar issue:

1. Updated/reinstalled Wacom tablet drivers.
2. Tested the stylus in Sketchbook pro and Photoshop as well which proved that it was doing it in them too. So it must be a universal influence in windows, or perhaps the tablet itself.
3. I went into 'Tablet PC' and 'Pen and Touch' options in Control Panel and made sure all that stuff was off. Pen and Touch had a few things on that might have interfered and it did seem to work better after turning them all off. 
4. As you can see at the top, on the left is how it has been for years. Your first clue on how used it is might be the stained/ worn grip area above the button. I decided to replace the drawing tip. And also swapped that grip and button for a buttonless extra grip that came with it. Kinda nice as I didnt use the button anyways. When i took the button and grip off, you can see lots of inputs/ sensors for the buttons etc and a little screw. I shot some air in there cleaned it out a bit. When I took the nib out i blew in there a bit incase there was any dust or whatever in there too. Put a fresh nib on and the nice new buttonless grip. 
5. Afterwards I read up on it more in the forum. Peoples solutions ranged from buying a new tablet, to buying a new stylus to removing the button and cleaning the gyzmos inside. Short of buying a new tablet I sort of inherently did this by removing the button, cleaning out the inside of the stylus and putting some new thingies on. Also turning off all that pen and touch stuff that seemed to be messing with it. 
6. A final note, in the pen and touch area theres an area where it says 'automatic learning' where it collects info and learns about your handwriting style. I switched that to dont use automatic learning and delete any previously collected data. I have a suspicion that messed with stuff too. Who knows!

So it seems to be working normal again now. I believe the culpirate was the dirty button/ inside, cleaning it out and turning off any interfering utilites in windows. Time will tell though. At this point if it develops any new issues i might invest in a new offbrand tablet like huion or something. They're making competative desktoppads far cheaper than wacom...

Will do a follow up edit to this post if anything else happens. But for now, the steps above worked for me. Goodluck out there.  

Amendment 8/22/16 - yeah the sine wave problem came back and twice as bad. I dont know if it ever really went away. Time for a replacement. Its ordered and on its way. #ripIntuos2

DRS - New Follow Goal Met! See you 8/23 for the giveaway!

August 19, 2016

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During todays live production stream, had a few new faces stop by, great to meet you! But that also led to a few more follows, and our current Follower Goal met!

That means the daily Drawing Request Show giveaway will be a special one on Tuesday. Every 20 followers I giveaway $50 worth of drawing requests for free! Be sure to come out 2pmET for the show and giveaway! You could be getting free drawness at no cost!

Thanks again to the new followers, have enjoyed meeting all of you!

To participate in this giveaway or any giveaway you must be a follower of this channel - be sure to go to twitch.tv/eryckwebb and click 'follow' and then be there 2pmET 8/23 for the 50 dollar giveaway. Raffling off free drawing requests to multiple viewers! And you could be one of them!

Drawing Request Show 57-59 Recap Video

@twitchcreates #twitch #creative #draw #drawing #sketch #doodle #digitalart #requestyo

This week is the return to 'week recaps' featuring all 3 streams requests in an elapsed fashion. Had a slew of awesome and varied requests and a lot of fun. Tuesday started off with some connection issues I resolved fast enough to get a full stream going rest of the time. Wednesday was a day of wheel spins and insta wins and some new faces. Thursday the new faces continued and we inch ever closer to the next follow goal! Next week we might be doing another give away! Thanks to all who helped make this week great and see you next week for more!

Come to the live shows to see the daily giveaway, games of fate, gratitude spins and more hijinx. Not to mention interact in chat and see the drawings in real time! Follow Drawing Request Show at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Episode 57 Drawings: http://www.eryckwebbgraphics.com/2016/08/drs-57-drawings-recap.html

Hope to see you at the next live stream! Hangout, chat it up, be entertained, and request a drawing 

Till next week keep on drawing!

DRS 59 Drawings Recap

August 18, 2016

@twitchcreates #twitch #creative #drawing #request #show

Dude! Amazing stream to go out on this week! The final stream of the week was pack full of unique and varied requests. Thank you to all the epic stream hosts and wheel spins! Have an amazing weekend and see you all back next week! I can't wait to do this madness again! As of this post all art is sent!

Recap video of the week will be up by the weekend! Will post right here! (And on EWG YouTube)

Keep Drawing!

DRS 58 Drawings Recap

August 17, 2016

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Wednesday's episode 58 of Drawing Request Show featured a trend towards InstaWin requests, (free requests won by a spin at the gratitude wheel for above and beyond supporters). These were the result of the stream's other trend, a ton of wheel spins today lol. But had some awesome moments, some awesome unique and refreshing requests and was a really fun one overall. Look forward to doing it again Thursday 2pmET! Only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Will be composing a elapsed recap video of the week's three streams together at the end of the week! (Just to give myself more evenings off).

Hope to see you at the next Drawing Request Show!

DRS 57 Drawings Recap

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Cranked out 12 fun requests on Tuesday's Drawing Requeset Show. The stream started off with some connection issues for viewers due to some settings in my video encoder area. I restarted the stream got it running good and rallied to do a lot of really cool drawings. Also a noteable is this was the first stream where I successfuly got a mini-raid to pop off correctly.
Thanks to all for the requests! A video will be produced end of the week featuring  an elapsed recap of the week's streams 57-59!

Warmup: Heatwave from Rescue Bots

@rescuebotleader +Transformers Universe #transformers #rescuebotsleader #drawing #sketch #warmup #samsunggalaxynote10 @autodesk #sketchbookmobile #mobile #tablet

While slurping down coffee with the wife this morning we watched an episode or two of Rescue Bots on netflix and I sketched this whilst! Good ol' heat wave. The grumpy rescue bot with a heart of gold.

Off to work! Lots more to draw today including some overwatch commissionness, and champions online characters. 

Streaming 'Drawing Request Show' at 2pmET today at twitch.tv/eryckwebb !

Monday Evening Duel Stream with FunkyTurtle

August 16, 2016

@twitchcreates #duelstream #livestream #multistream #art #creative

Enjoyed a good second attempt at duel streaming with art buddy FunkyTurtle13 ( www.twitch.tv/funkyturtle13 ). This time we used discord for the audio/ conversation and I hosted the stream putting his canvas on the right side while he streamed from his channel. Next time he can host and I'll stream from mine through his. Its one of the easiest ways to draw/ keep the voice from having a major delay and what not. Did some research thats how other streamers seemed to do it.
Will do it again soon for sure! Also after finally figuring out discord might have to open that up during my drawing request shows on occassion.

Missed the duel session? Watch it on the EWG YouTube channel here:

Final Week of August 'Back To School' Sale!

August 15, 2016

#special #sale #backtoschool #commission #art

Final week of the 'Back To School' sale! Going on till Monday August 22nd!
Use the special Cart setup especially for this sale here: 

Drawing Request Show 56 Recap

August 12, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch #drawing #twitch #creative

Episode 56 featured a special $50 total giveaway thanks to hitting our follower goal this week. We had 4 winners and 55 dollars worth of drawing request giveaways. This video is a rarity as it features some truely special stream moments. One was the follower giveaway, but also there is a 9 minute galactus sketch shown in realtime and all the hype and fury that was involved. So fun. SisterWebb also stopped by adding to the hype and chat fun.

Thanks all for supporting me and getting me where I am. Heres to doing it over again next week!

If you missed the stream heres the recap video on YouTube EWG below! Hope to see you at a live Twitch stream over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Keep Drawing!

Drawing Request Show 55 Recap

August 11, 2016

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This midweek stream saw a Trayde-train, a sister pop in, a game of fate and a follower goal acheived!

Trayde11 has become the all-time supporter of the stream and this week was no acception. I thoroughly enjoyed the fun, creativity and challenge of his 'Cars-like baggage' universe of characters. Everything from a beatup miserable old suitcase, to a overweigh gym bag, to a sweet and enthusiastic female backpack. TamTam snuck in with a gratitude wheel spin for his very generous donation support during the stream winning him an instant 4minute superboy sketch.

My sister came in unexpectedly to watch the stream and the hype went through the roof both on my end and the chat. It was hilarious. Thanks for coming in Adrya, good to have you visit, definitely changed the tone of the rest of the stream haha. Heres un-elapsed clip from that moment:

I honestly can't remember the last time the Giveaway wheel landed on 'Game Of Fate' but it was awesome and I fired up 'Sky Trip' a funny 3D ball and platform game with the potential to rack up major giveawayness but couldnt seem to get past 19min. Still, thats 1 minute shy of the max drawing level of the show so not too shabby! That was 19 dollars back in the pocket of Trayde, who won the giveaway. Between the train of requests and the giveaway, it was a Trayde kinda day!

Happy to say somewhere in the last half of the show we crossed the Follower Goal of 240 and a straw poll was held to see if folks wanted to do the 50 dollar giveaway then and there inplace of the episode 55 giveaway (the wednesday this stream happened) or do it for episode 56 (thursday). The vote was for thursday so thats when it will happpen.

Everyone is encouraged to come out to Episode 56 for the Follower Goal Giveaway Event! This is a $50 total giveaway that happens in place of the normal daily giveaway. Instead of picking one amount for a drawing and then giving it to one lucky winner, we pick a prize with the wheel, give it away, and then do it again, and again until we hit or go over $50 dollars! Multiple winners, many different kinds of drawing request freebies to giveaway. Always a good time!

If you missed Drawing Request Show episode 55, check out the recap video below from EWG YouTube channel. If you enjoy it there are many more on that YouTube channel!

Hope to see you at a future live show! Just follow twitch.tv/eryckwebb and come out 2pmET on Tues-Thurs each week! See you there!

As always please leave feedback/ suggestions/ questions in the comments below!

Drawing Request Show Episode 54 Recap

August 9, 2016

@twitchcreates #twitch #creative #drawing #art #requests

Heres the bundle of drawing requests I got through during today's first episode of the week. Starting today I turned off the ability to request inks/ colors for a bit while I whittle down my list of upgrades. Also getting through the stack of requests just in time to close in on the next Follower Goal. When we hit that we'll do a special 50 dollar total giveaway in place of the normal giveaway in a following show. Had a lot of fun. Gotta say my fav out of these is the rockabilly 'bruiser' dude up top. For the hairdue, the on-the-fly arm design and 'blood' dripping off the hand effect. Second fav would be the summoner girl with two energy beings gaurding her.

Missed the stream? Heres the approx 20 min recap on EWG YouTube channel! Be sure to check out all the different videos out there as well! :) 

Hope to see you out at a live Twitch stream in the future! Come on out to twitch.tv/eryckwebb and enjoy gratitude wheels and other items not shown in the edited recap video. 

August Special: Back To School Sale - Has Ended!

August 8, 2016

#commission #special #backtoschool #sale #characterart #drawing

Introducing, the August Special! EWG is taking all its followers, clients and fans back to school and showing them how its done! For two weeks only, order single character illustrations for only $30 each! That is, 11x17 300dpi, fully inked, fully colored drawings of your favorite original characters or fan art characters, for nearly half the normal price. No limit on how many single images you get, feel free to take advantage of the price! All will be completed in about a month from the end of the sale (Depending on demand!) Must use the paypal cart below to get this special offer! Please fill out a name for the Order Tracking page so you can see where you are in the queue. Be sure to understand all the rules/ notes under the paypal cart before purchasing! And thank you very much for considering jumping on this special offer! Enjoy!

$30 One Character Inked/Colored Art!

This Special Has Ended 
as of 8/22 5pmEasternTime!

Drawing Request Show Episode 53 Recap

August 4, 2016

@twitchcreates  #twitch #drawing #creative #art 

This episode of Drawing Request Show saw the drawing of several 20 minute pieces and some education on Metroid . .. we're already 4 away from the follower goal after having a give away special  on episode 50. And still have a lot to draw next week. should be interesting! Thanks to all the new faces I saw today, and a new record for viewers at 24 viewers steady for a good portion of the show. 

Missed the stream? Watch it here:

Watch future streams live at 

Drawing Request Show Episode 52 Recap

@twitchcreates #creative #drawing #request #sketch #twitch #stream

Today's Drawing Request Show was a short and sweet one.  Got 6 pieces one, and started on one for Lynxie the winner of todays giveaway but was not able to get it colored up before having to head out to off-stream-life-duties. But hoping instead of the 3 hour stream like I did today to do a 4-5 hour one on Thursday. See you then! Enjoy the recap.

Missed the stream? Check out the elapsed stream recording on the EWG YouTube channel:

Hope to see you at a live show! www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb - more shenanigans, gratitude wheels and other stuff not seen on the elapsed version. See you there!

Gauntlet OC - Inks/Colors

August 3, 2016

@twitchcreates #creative #twitch #characterart #character #design #concept

A inks/ colors upgrade for 'Trayde' of an OC concept he has in the works. Was a request on my weekly Drawing Request Show, a twitch stream you can find here: www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb
Fun stuff! The original sketch and inks are below:

Click To Enlarge

Click To Enlarge

Drawing Request Show Episode 51 Recap

August 2, 2016

Click To Enlarge
Click To Enlarge

@twitchcreates #creative #drawing #request #illustration #art #stream #twitch #inkscape

Drawing Request Show Episode 51, with a new intro and tackling a massive request list left over from last week. Had a Epelesker request train and a Trayde request train.
If I'm being honest, I was feeling a little off my game but had fun and got a decent amount of work done. Only went for about 3 hours as a result.
The video was a bit rushed as well so sorry for some audio misalignments and transition bothces. But the recap is up! Thats all I was going for on this one. Have a good one! See you at the next show. Every Tue/Wed/Thurs 2pmET

Missed the stream? Heres the recap of DRS Episode 51 on YouTube! Again, had some mishaps with the sound on the intro in the recording and the speed of the Giveaway of this session. But will do better next time. Enjoy the art process :)

Hope to see you at the next live show! 2pm Eastern Time every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at
www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb !

Vote On August Special! Vote Closes End Of Week

#vote #sale #special #customerchoice

The poll says it all. With the success and completion of the July Special, EWG wil be launching a new August special! Vote what you wish to see for that special and the one that wins will happen! Also, any other kinds are encouraged to comment in the comments below, on twitter or facebook. The number of likes/ thumbs up they get will count as votes towards it as well.
Happy Polling! Tell your friends to chime in as well please!
Vote here:

New Drawing Request Show Animated Intro

August 1, 2016

#animation #drawing #intro #stream #drawingrequestshow

Introducing my first attempt at a finished animated piece. Not full color mind you but cleaned up drawing w/ some orange accents. Set to music and a sound effect or two. Had a lot of fun learning and experimenting to get the finished result seen below. Look for it to be the intro of future Drawing Request Show, the twitch.tv I stream weekly at twitch.tv/eryckwebb (check site for schedule). 
Also will be seen in recap videos resulting from those streams.
Thoughts/ comments leave em below! Thanks for checking this out. The preliminary rough draft video can be seen below the finished video.

The finished animation:

The rough draft test:

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