Drawing Request Show: Episode 61 Recap

August 25, 2016

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Got the Intuos 2 to hang in there till the new Intuos Pro arrives. Realized my Wacom Intuos 2 even having 'aging' issues is better than the Huion I tried to use Tuesday, I fired it up and went with it and busted out 11 awesome drawings not including the 'going live' announce drawing and the warmup drawing. The Huion required all these factors for getting it to work right that I had to watch YouTube videos and research forums to figure out and it still didnt work. Yes, I installed the drivers first then after a restart plugged in the tablet. The thing didnt work unless you were close enough to the tablet surface and even then it would randomly click and grab things and jump around the screen on its own. In contrast, I uninstalled the Huion/ deleted all tablet related software drivers and folders off my computer Tuesday and was going to wait till I get the new one and try to get back into action next week. But Wednesday when I decided to give intuos 2 another go so I could do a stream, it took 10 minutes total to install the latest driver, restart and plug in the intuos and setup my preferences in the wacom tablet utility and it worked flawlessly. I still notice it jumping around and having the occasional wavering accuracy issue. But even with that, which I've learned to work with, it blows the Huion out of the water. And the Intuos 2 is a 15+ year old tablet Ive had before I even worked digitally on a serious level. Whats the excuse Huion? Crap. Is the Excuse. Its Thursday morning as I write this and my sexy new Intuos Pro (which as I understand it is an Intuos 5) is coming. And I cant wait.

Thanks to all who came out and made this extended length stream an awesome one! Keep those awesome requests coming!

Missed the stream? Heres the recap on EWG YouTube channel below:

And hope to see you at the next Drawing Request Show at twitch.tv/eryckwebb!

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