Have a great weekend

January 31, 2014

Have a great weekend, EWG is a wrap for this week. Been a good one, but time for some relaxinating. Keep the Weekly Commission orders coming in, I'll add them to Order Tracking by Monday. Any extra orders will just be put into the next week. No problem! Thank you!

Weekly Slots Available for Feb 3 - Feb 7

10 Slot Commissions Available
Week of Feb 3 - Feb 7

$31 each 

Full Color over Tight Pencils - Chibi or Normal

Normal style or Chibi Style
Includes 8.5x13 300dpi jpg art. Full color over tight pencils

To purchase a slot below, please send $31.00 via paypal to eryckwebb3@yahoo.com. Then send an email, to the same email address, including one solid picture reference and a preferred nickname to use for order tracking. Once the payment, reference, and nickname are received, you will be added to the list. Hurry, Slots are Limited!!!

Check the slot listing and your progress here on the EWG Order Tracking page: 

Thursday Night Stream Recap 1-31-14

Lastnight's Thursday Night Livestream went well had several folks come out see the pencils/ inks and colors on this fan art commission of Disneys Rapunzel - was fun. Anytime I get to stay true to designs of classic disney or other cartoon characters but inject my own style and aesthetics its a lot of fun. This is 100% (or close as possible) based on references of screenshots of Tangled, and I do little things here and there which more align with how i usualy illustrate stuff. Check out the preliminary sketch which I inked straight over, the finished inks and the finished piece below. Also posted the Livestream video. It was an hour and a half session - she literally threw down on the paper quite effortlessly. And being that I had already drawn all day I ended the stream there. 

From now on I will probably keep it about one piece per evening except special events of course. One piece can be an hour long or sometimes end up being 3 hours long. But I gotta reign that in a bit. No one character piece should take 3 hours like some have before. That means I either get stuck on how perfect it is or mess up a lot and have to fix things or am just not feeling well or something is causing me to take forever to get it done. 

Anywho, enjoy the process below, have a great weekend and see ya next week for more!

The pencils, inks and finished colored versions:
(click to enlarge)
Photoshop Sketch - about 30 min

 Inkscape Inks - about 30 min
 Photoshop Colors - about 30 min

Livestream Video:

Spot The Difference!

January 30, 2014


Spot the differences! Just posting cause, 1.) I like this piece in both forms and 2.) this example demonstrates how, in an effort to be as accurate as possible and make the customer happy as possible - some wrong areas in the inking stage were fixed in the coloring stage like the height of the hat, the shoulder pads the collar etc.

But yeah, fun piece. Was getting a three musketeers/ van helsing/ v for vendetta/ zorro vibe with this one. The swords were challenging but darn it I wanted them to be cool looking! So I think I nailed the way they look in the game pretty accurately.

Was broadcasting live while working on this this afternoon on top of other items. But will be recording live tonight for Thursdsay Night Livestream starting 830pmEST - see people out then for disney Rapunzel fanart and hopefuly a street fighter character but... might just be rapunzel!

Ell Taiko - Y.E.S. Commission Process Break Down

January 29, 2014

 Had a lot of fun working on this piece tonight, with an emphasis on stylization and refinement in my style. Taking my 'semi realistic' style and pushing it in a more anime/ manga style. Came out really cool. I think in a way I like the black and white and the gray-shaded versions better than the finished color. But the finished colors look good too. I'm just a sucker for slick black and white with gray tones. As some regular followers probably already know. Anywho, fun stuff - enjoy the process break down of this piece below. The final piece is at bottom. The full process video of start to finish is at the bottom as well. Enjoy! See folks out for 'Thursday Night Livestream' tomorrow! 8pmEST!

Photoshop: Sketch to get pose/ proportions right as a guide almost
Photoshop: Finished pencil sketch as far as I want to take it
Inkscape: In this case 'finished' the lineart drawing as I inked
Photoshop: Showing the flat colors under the lineart layer
Photoshop: Showing what they look like under the lineart. I dropped the lineart back from black to a dark grey for an aesthetic look i like to do sometimes. But don't have to.
The tedious task of flatting is done. I like to turn it all back with hue/saturation adjustment layer so i'm looking more at the form not the individual color areas. And apply shading with pen tool. Usualy my shaded areas are set to opacity of from 15% to 35% and anywhere in between
Then apply highlight airbrushing to areas opposite of shadows and color balances for added aesthetic value... and done!

Check out the Livestream Video of this process below!

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

To Dos To Do

Note to self, pursue more personal works - like original concepts and fanart tributes. 
Appropriately enough, this warmup illustration is what I considered a complete piece and I've titled it 'ToDos' - a cartoon self portrait of me writing down my todos in my notebook ontop of my wacom tablet at my work desk as well as the metaphorical stacks of work 'to do'. 

But mostly, adding to my To Dos... ontop of client work and Jumping boy ... to pursue finished full-fledged artworks. Perhaps a modern 'From Oz and Back' and fan arts of things like FLCL and other mainstream properties I'm a fan of. Taking my artistic notch and turning it up a peg on known characters to help my over all growth, and have fun with new techniques. 

Anywho.... note to self. 'Do More Personal Works'

Michelangelo 20 Min Warmup Sketch

Click To Enlarge

Woke up earlier than usual this morning and had about 30 min free time before starting work an hour early so wanted to do some free-drawing-warmup-whatever-i-want time. So after wasting 10 minutes on facebook (happens way too easily) i drew this for 20 minutes! Been a while since I drew some decent Ninja Turtles so wanted to do some. Came out alright I wasn't happy with it at various points but overall turned out fine I suppose! For a warmup that is. Mikey ready to pounce! Onto a long long work day ahead! But perhaps the drawings in the queue today will benefit from this extra warmup exercise a bit.

20 minutes, angled brush in photoshop 6 with wacom intuos 2 - some pen tool shades ontop.

G.I. Joe Jinx Inks and Livestream Video

January 28, 2014

Well, wanted to get this done tonight but outta steam. Also, not massively motivational when nobody comes out to the Live broadcast. But its all good! Got the pencils/ inks done and will color it up tomorrow!
This and a 'Evil Super girl' piece I did today have come out pretty good considering I am sick like a leaky faucet out the face today! Regardless... keeping at it. And shall resume tomorrow!
But for now, goodnight! Don't forget I will be live-streaming a recorded session Thursday night 8pmEST-midnight. Hope to see peeps out then!

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

Thursday 1-30-14 Livestream Ad

Thursday Night, 1/30/14 - 8:00pm, Eastern Time
At the Eryck Webb Graphics Livestream page

Will start at 800pm and be working to finish any and all Year End Sale orders still sitting in the queue! Come out, watch live art, chat amongst like-minded-individuals, ask questions get ideas for future commissions, what have you. See you then!

Newly designed Pricelist for 2014 Launched

January 27, 2014

 Finally, EWG is happy to announce the newly designed and improved EWG pricelist is complete and ready for use in 2014! Featuring examples of each item and clear explanation of base items and upgrade options, the 2014 edition of the EWG commission pricelist should be the most useful and easy to use yet! Check it out, head over to 'Pricelist' page on the right and check her out. Have tested out the links and everything else seems to work fine. Any errors or questions or comments please give them. Feedback is encouraged! 
Currently only Character Art and Tshirt Graphic commissions are listed. This is on purpose and will be the only offered services for the meantime. In the future the plan is to add comic page/strip commissions, and other design items, as well as provide shopping cart buttons so you can literally go shopping for your commission items in a safe and secure EWG store fashion. But for now, email eryckwebb3@yahoo.com and refer to this pricelist in your request and your Paypal invoice shall be taken care of post haste!

Thank you, and look forward to your feedback!

Back and Thats A Fact, Jack

January 26, 2014

I am officially back from my couple days out of town and scanned/posting this sketch I did in my sketchbook a few days ago of none other than Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. When I had the notion to refer to the picture of him on my new fav drinking cup, I realized it was ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! So anywho, this was fun to do. A tooned up version of Uncle Si Robertson done with pencil, then with Pitt brush pens black brush and then lighter gray tone brushes. Fun stuff

Look forward to getting back to normal schedule this week and tearing up the queue of orders!
I also sketched and brainstormed at least an hour each day on character designs and ideas for my personal works, but can't reveal those right now. Maybe in a couple weeks! Filled like half a dozen pages with design sketches/ ideas lol. 
Rule number one, jack. Even when 'off', need to keep the skills up in the ol' sketchbook every day.

Some Parts of Website Under Construction for 2014

January 20, 2014

Been working on a new design for the EWG Store and Pricelist pages at www.eryckwebbgraphics.com - gotta step away for a bit the code making my eyes cross. But I think it will be 10x awesome when done. In the meantime, please email me concerning quotes or what have you till I get them up and running. Hope clients like the price-list page more when its done. Will have the different products/services EWG offers organized nice and a thumbnail that can be viewed larger of each purchase option for a better understanding of what your looking for vs what your actually buying! And the plan is to have cart buttons once its done but will see about that. Alright, back to drawing rest o' the evening.

*Update 1/29
1. The Pricelist page is now finished. Will gradually add items to the list of commission services over the next couple months. But currently 3-4 items are up and ready to be browsed!

2. The EWG Store is down right now for rebuilding - but the new one will definitly be a proper shopping experience for EWG fans and clients.

EWG Following Hits 300 On Facebook

Click To Enlarge and Save Full Size 300dpi 10x11 image file.
(Will download from DeviantArt server)

Today in between commission orders, I wanted to take a proper interlude to thank the 300+ clients, fans and fellow artists who have gotten EWG Facebook to 300 Likes. Jumped 10-20 in just the last week, right after I started tweaking my work flow and inking methods which says a lot about the improvement of my work. Thank you thank you for following EWG on Facebook, and anywhere else you keep an eye on EWG's growth as a business, a brand and an art form. The encouragement and support drives me to push my style and my skill farther and farther. 

As a gift, click the image above and save to your computer. Its full size of the finished 'Spartan Dewd' artwork I did to commemorate this milestone. I was thinking 'what can i offer to fans/ clients? What better than a free commission/ artwork Full Size jpg of this parody. 

Enjoy, and Thank you! 

And just for fun and those who enjoy the process heres the 'finished' pencils I inked from and the finished inks below that which I added color and lettering to on the final piece.

The pic was referenced exactly from the 300 scene with leonidas posed like this. Except I replaced his sword and the arrows in his chest with art supplies! Cause thats how EWG rolls. The EWG mascot 'dEWd' is pretty fired up about the extra likes. But whats with the yelling?! LoL.

Click To Enlarge

Click To Enlarge

Not This Baby No Way - Commission

January 17, 2014

Finished Piece

The Finished Inks

Commission finished up for LittleGirlRai of her OC Rhapsody daring her stalker(s) to try and get the baby away from her. Psy blade ready to roll and all. Fun piece! Some challenging lighting and such but I think it came out well. Perhaps my best attempt at rendering her psyblade yet?
Don't forget theres 6 or 7 more slot openings for next week - will be doing two a day so grab one up get your order in a week!
Have a great weekend and goodnight!

Thursday Night Livestream 1-16-14 Recap




Lastnight's Livestream was a lot of fun and marked some serious improvement in my craft as far as my new inking work flow is concerned. Also I can't say I didn't have fun with either one of them. From going the 'badass' route to the Jedi piece with duel of the fates playing in the background and then working some smexiness with the girl chillin sipping juice at the zoo. Even finishing it off with listening to/ watching roadrunner coyote warner bros cartoons in the background while working on the champions online chibi 'roadrunner'. 
Most of all happy to say had a good turnount - if I get about half dozen viewers hanging out, chatting it up in the chat room, and seein me do my thing then its a good livestream. Some people get as many as 30 or so when they do theirs. Like Reza or Nei Ruffino. I don't really understand what causes that. Well Nei sometimes does sexy heroine characters in her work perhaps thats part of the draw there. But reza, is just awesome concept paintings of mechs monsters and so forth. So theres no middle ground of similarity except they're both pros and churn out great work. 
Maybe the better I get at what I do the more views/ traffic I'll have to my streams. Who knows!
But overall long as i get a good handful people coming out, asking questions and commenting on the work its worth it. Also the main purpose is for the client to come out see their work get drawn, and thats always received quite well, long as I can coordinate doing it in their time zone which is sometimes tricky to do. 
All in all a good Thursday Night Livestream - I was thinking about cutting back on it a bit but you know what, its good promotion and 'face time' with clients and potential clients and fans. So its always worth it. Enjoy the art above and the livestream video for each piece below!
All works sketched/penciled with wacom intuos 2 in photoshop, transfered to Inkscape (can get from sourceforge) for inking and then transfered back to photoshop for colors/finishes.
Thanks and see you every Thursday around 8pmEST!


Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com


Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

Daily Slot Openings Available For Next Week! Get Em!

 Daily Open Commission Slots are back! Normal pricelist prices but guarunteed on day of the slot your reserve! Check open slot availability and if ones available quickly send paypal payment of 30.00 and include a link to one good picture of reference in the 'notes to seller' area and I will reserve you in the next available space. These tend to go fast so grab em up! Check out the listening of open spots here:

Look forward to freestyling two character pieces each morning in solid pencil sketches with color finishes overtop. Will be doing two up at a time each morning before noon. Or if something comes up will work on it that evening. Evening work (typicaly because of viewer traffic levels at that time) will be subject to livestream broadcasts! Bonus for not getting it done in the morning. Whats not to like?

Go check out the list and grab up a few! As many as your willing to purchase! Up to you! Can be original characters, fan art of video game, cartoon or other characters or, even though this is not a design item, can tell me to have free reign design an amalgam like a Cobra Command version of a non related character or mix two but leave the design totaly up to me. Otherwise character design and the process involved is not allowed for these.

Also adult items will be simplified. Any character/ any request is fine but I will keep it within tasteful limits. I'm all for sexy but no nudity in EWG land!

Check em out, grab em up! They DO go fast - so act fast!

TNC hits 25 with this weeks new episode

New TNC came out this morning! With this we're 25 strips in! Congrats to Cory and thanks to the readers/ fans! TnC #25 - Packing For The Cruise

Read it now over at its homepage and LIKE TnC on Facebook!

More Than Just Comic Art

Thanks to Kendra for sending this photo she took of her new flyer hanging proud and ready to get students enrolled! EWG does more than comic art, need a newspaper ad? Flyer? Done!
Thanks for sending the picture! Always love seeing the end result of the work I do being used in the real world!

Check out Village Learning Studio over at www.villagelearningstudio.com !

The Human Wolverine - Warmup Sketch

January 16, 2014

This morning's warmup sketch - Logan the human wolverine! Times like this I just start drawing and a particular character or what not comes out. Well this one slashed out o' my mind with big adamantium claws!

Comment below, bub!

About 30 minutes, wacom intuos 2 and photoshop with hard round brush with opacity and size set on stylus pressure.

Thursday Night Livestream - 1.16.14

January 15, 2014

Thursday Night Livestream starts an hour early tomorrow night! Goes till the achey break of dawn (or i fall asleep on my wacom tablet)
See you out for two Year End Orders - one for DKBell and one for DWald and more if inclined/ able

See you at 7pmEST! Only at www.eryckwebbgraphics.com - Livestream Page!

BlueStar Full Figure Commission Breakdown

Heyo EWG faithful! Been a while since I've done a process article so thought it was high time I did one! I guess it could be a lot more detailed and exploritory on 'how to' but perhaps I will just have to do one of those in the near future. For now, enjoy this look at the seperate stages, which also correspond with the key in the Order Tracking page. You can see here the pencil stage, the ink stage and the color stage. Typicaly in order tracking, a proof sent to the client is sent after the pencils are done. Then this might result in a change or two that creates another piece or two in the pencil stage. Then once the OK is given from the client, it gets inked, and then flatted and shadded in full color. At this point its sent to the client and can be considered a final proof. This might result in some final corrections or so. Then the piece is marked finished! A week after that, its taken off the Order Tracking and considered completely wrapped. After this, if the client comes back with new changes or alterations or revision of the previously approved/ finished piece, its considered a new job and subject to new payment. 

Hope this helps clients see the break down of the process, and understand a bit more how this machine called EWG works. If you can imagine for a moment, each step takes about an hour or in many cases more. And I'm juggling 15-20 of these a week! So the turnaround is based on number of jobs in the queue and doing one full step per week. This is why it sometimes takes 3-4 weeks for completion. Varying on complexity of piece and ease-of-pleasability of the client in each individual case. 

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Enjoy this process and hope somebody learend something from this informative post!

.1) Thumbnail/ Layout - loose loose sketch of the piece, and intended composition. Trying to accurately capture the mood/ energy and proportions and angle and all that stuff. Loose loose!
.2) Tight Pencil Sketch/ Pencils - Can be taken much farther than shown here but basicaly articulating proportions and mass and detials enough to be able to finish the piece with ink

.3) Inks - My new process is to save out a jpg of the pencils 300dpi/ accurate size and import it into Inkscape to use dip pen/ and brushes to ink the lines, fill in the spot blacks and go over add more detail/ information with white inking over the blackfills/lines. Then turn off the layer with the pencil art and export the whole thing as a PNG bitmap - then open back up in photoshop

.4) Colors - In photoshop, I delete all the white areas of the transparent lineart and flat the artwork, and apply shades and highlights and filter effects and etc etc - and vwalla! Finished piece!

Livestreaming All Day Today - Year End Sale orders

Well thats pretty much saying it all! Starting now till quitting time today I'll have the ol' camera on can stop in watch me working on character art commissions/ Year End Sale orders mostly. I will be starting with DKBell orders got three of those. May take the majority of the day may get to more after. But thats what I'll be doing! Long as you see a red 'Live' button I am broadcasting (not recording) and if i'm on a short break at some point as long as that red light is on you know i'll be back.

Be drawing it up right now and all afternoon! So stop in, say hi, study up, see how I work/ how the art works... whatever!

General Mayhem in sketchform

January 14, 2014

Well the mayhem is also in the crazy whimsical sketchy-ness of the work in progress below, for a fanart commission of Godzilla character 'Destroyah' in his final form. Ironicaly its stil in the general sketch/layout phase. While the pic below that of GiJoes 'General Mayhem' is ready for inking as far as I'm concerned! But will get on that tomorrow or Thurs! Alright, enjoy these two pics in the ol' sketchbook section!

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