BlueStar Full Figure Commission Breakdown

January 15, 2014

Heyo EWG faithful! Been a while since I've done a process article so thought it was high time I did one! I guess it could be a lot more detailed and exploritory on 'how to' but perhaps I will just have to do one of those in the near future. For now, enjoy this look at the seperate stages, which also correspond with the key in the Order Tracking page. You can see here the pencil stage, the ink stage and the color stage. Typicaly in order tracking, a proof sent to the client is sent after the pencils are done. Then this might result in a change or two that creates another piece or two in the pencil stage. Then once the OK is given from the client, it gets inked, and then flatted and shadded in full color. At this point its sent to the client and can be considered a final proof. This might result in some final corrections or so. Then the piece is marked finished! A week after that, its taken off the Order Tracking and considered completely wrapped. After this, if the client comes back with new changes or alterations or revision of the previously approved/ finished piece, its considered a new job and subject to new payment. 

Hope this helps clients see the break down of the process, and understand a bit more how this machine called EWG works. If you can imagine for a moment, each step takes about an hour or in many cases more. And I'm juggling 15-20 of these a week! So the turnaround is based on number of jobs in the queue and doing one full step per week. This is why it sometimes takes 3-4 weeks for completion. Varying on complexity of piece and ease-of-pleasability of the client in each individual case. 

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Enjoy this process and hope somebody learend something from this informative post!

.1) Thumbnail/ Layout - loose loose sketch of the piece, and intended composition. Trying to accurately capture the mood/ energy and proportions and angle and all that stuff. Loose loose!
.2) Tight Pencil Sketch/ Pencils - Can be taken much farther than shown here but basicaly articulating proportions and mass and detials enough to be able to finish the piece with ink

.3) Inks - My new process is to save out a jpg of the pencils 300dpi/ accurate size and import it into Inkscape to use dip pen/ and brushes to ink the lines, fill in the spot blacks and go over add more detail/ information with white inking over the blackfills/lines. Then turn off the layer with the pencil art and export the whole thing as a PNG bitmap - then open back up in photoshop

.4) Colors - In photoshop, I delete all the white areas of the transparent lineart and flat the artwork, and apply shades and highlights and filter effects and etc etc - and vwalla! Finished piece!

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