Terrific Girl - Thursday Night Livestream Recap

February 27, 2014

Tonight's Thursday Night Livestream went off with out a hitch, only oad 3 or 4 people the whole time but hey, really appreciate having them there! A little note to folks not aware but the new livestream setup does not let me record, so if you miss a live stream event you miss it. No recap for later :) Just for your info for future streams. Luckily I take some screenshots along the way cause I find the process interesting and useful to go back and study for future work. So enjoy the recap below, a free-style redesign of the client's OC 'Terrific Girl'. Before she was a yellow, red and blue goody-two-shoes heroine resembling classic mary marvel or ms. marvel. Which is good adn I wanted to keep the peppy good girl goody two shoes aspect. But I think what I ended up doing was going in a powerpuff girl direction all while stream lining the T logo and her outfit. I dig it and hope you do too! Enjoy the steps below!

The tight pencil sketch as far as I wanted to take it knowing I was going to be inking it. So in this case I left alot of the final refinement and details to the inking stage.

Since this was a one-off free-style design (aka no advanced designing and changing) and the client was in the chat watching, I took an extra min and slapped some color design on the character. The character was originaly brunette, but I had blonde in mind when designing her that plays off the yellow of the costume well. I liked the red too and even worked back in red into the costume from the original design. Where in the other two I dropped the red completely and added in black (which was not on the old design). 

We went for the costume with no red, and though leaning towards red hair color waited to the final color stage to make the decision. But the costume/ design were all OK'd be the client.

Popped the pencils into Inkscape and inked up the character. This time playing with a slightly different style of tracing out the contours in most areas but no interior detail lines. Most noteably on the body, legs, hair and arms. Then once inked, tossed it back into photoshop.

Heres the flat colors, with the brightness turned way down. I do anymore like to do highlights working from darker color lighting. Brings out nicer highlights. And then accent them with some shades. But at this point layed down all the colors. And then had gone through some color options for the hair but the client decided red looked best, and I agree. 

Finaly, shades, highlights and background gradients were applied. As well as color balance and additional spot highlights. And shes all done! Go Terrific Girl go!

Hope you enjoyed this step by step breakdown of the process from tonights digital character art demonstration and see you out next Thursday 830pmEST for the next EWG Livestream!

Comments or questions about the process and steps? Comment below!

Lucha Libre Fett - Mascot Design Development

February 26, 2014

Love mascot design. As its not a regular feature on the ol' pricelist I haven't done any official character/ mascot design in a while. So this was a LOT of fun. Working on a new Mascot and logo for nerdgasm.net - heres 8 preliminary explorations of combining a 'EWG Dewd' style chibi character with 1 part boba-fett and one part lucha libre! I tell ya, the design of fett's helmet and the general look of lucha libre wrestlers goes together quite well. So here I played with body proportions, arrangements of facial features versus the design of boba-fetts mask and encorporating boba-fetts costume colors/ segments into wrestling uniforms.

This is first round of idea variations, and could lead to any mix match and changes of sorts. Nothing here is final by any means. But I think its off to a strong start!

References were boba-fett pictures, lucha libre pictures, mucha lucha cartoons and various studies of chibi art and other cartoons.

Will be streaming/ working more tonight.

February 25, 2014

Will be working late tonight (with a Supernatural new episode intermission) - will have stream on if folks wanna check out continuing comic page inks and colors work. Till then - break time!

Will start around 8 probably go till done to stay on schedule with the TODOS!

Better Get Your Gasmask On

February 24, 2014

Finished illustration for a client's story. A fellow injured soldier is going to need a gas mask on for the advancing gas attack. The challenge for me on this one was trying to be accurate as possible on all the little details with the squatting soldier's uniform and what have you

I also felt like the more subdued palette made it a bit more real / serious

Family Portrait - Super Hero Style

Finished xmen/ marvel comics style family portraight - I imagined like they were posing on the deck of a helicarrier or something. Fun stuff and enjoyed having the client out to see its creation live several points along the way. Helps with on-the-spot color changes and corrections too. 

Digging it. Onto the next!

Jumping Time

Took time this morning to get warmed up before work, with an emphasis on having fun with whatever i drew. Naturally I drew jumping boy but had fun with a very stylized execution of the depiction. Somewhere between chibi style and adventure time style me thinks. Maybe some sponge-bob? Any-who interesting haha, and was fun so goal was achieved. Onto work rest of the day

Picarto new official stream of EWG

February 21, 2014

After last night's fail on Livestream's part, and previous fiascoes with the stream-giant. I have switched over to Picarto. I am very pleased with its light weight on system resources, and its crisp clear picture, lack of commercials and ease of use. I however have issues with its chat so on my dedicated EWG Livestream page I have utilized the chat from Livestream. The comments will not be visible if watching the Picarto stream on the Picarto site, and WILL be visible but the video will not if on the Livestream site. But for my dedicated Livestream page on the EryckWebbGraphics.com site, it will work perfectly. This I believe will only serve as an improvement for all future live art demos and events. Check it out, comment on the comments threads on the bottom of the Livestream page itself, give your impression, review, honest opinions! I will adjust accordingly if some people are having issues with the size/ setup etc. Seems to run best on chrome/ Firefox. My wife could not even use it on Internet Exploder last night. Whats with that Microsoft? I think this will be a massive improvement to the EWG stream experience for fans and clients and look forward to the next sessions :)
Check out the live page here: Click To View Livestream Page
Sessions will appear offline until broadcasting. There will no longer be recorded sessions.

Will add a link eventualy for previous recorded videos on Livestream

Stanley Lau (ArtGerm) interview by Sycra

So much respect for Stanley Lau - great to hear the wisdom of this digital art master - from him directly. A short interview that is definitely worth the watch for any artists out there. He is the creator of Imaginary Friends Studios and their work is literally all over the place. I also hear he teaches a class or two and no doubt those students are very fortunate people to be learning from easily one of the best. But I personally love his attitude about always growing and striving for the next new thing or improving for your art. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSmof0MizBM#t=1879

New TNC No. 30 released today!

Good Morning! 
A new TnC webcomic was released today! We've hit number 30, which is a big deal for any strip series! Acheivement unlocked! Your prize is more funny!

 Big things come in small packages!

Thursday Night Livestream 2-20-14

February 20, 2014

See folks tonight 830pmEST for two digital art demos. The first will be start to finish one character commission of a client's elven girl OC as a one-off redesign as I draw. Will start with some thumbnail sketch/ rough layout process. Then move onto tight pencil sketch, and full color overtop. The second will be the finishing of pencils in progress on another client's two character piece and full color applied to that.

Programs used will be Photoshop and Inkscape

Come watch the session, listen to the tunes, draw your stuff whilst, take notes, ask questions and talk geekdom with other viewers in the chat. Always good stuff.

Show starts 830pmEST and goes for 3-4 hours. Show can be watched at the all-new/ updated EWG Livestream page here!

Elf Girl Warmup - Digital Gray Paints

February 18, 2014

This morning's warmup - spent way too long on it but was really exploring methods techniques and medium a bit. I think she came out a bit more blank-stare and mediocre than I meant for her to, but not bad. I like the 'carved' look of the hair and the rendering o' the nose/ around the eyes n stuff. Ah wellz! Daz what warmups are for. Onto work I actually get paid for. 

Also! Thursday Night Livestream this week will be 830-1030pmEST and will be an elf girl character - one off redesign of a client's original character. Will be fun, hope to see folks there. Will be updating the EWG Livestream page by then to have a bigger view window/ chat area so be sure to bookmark the EWG Livestream page on this site and come back thursday at 830pmEST!

Happy Presidents Day from Gundam Lincoln

February 17, 2014

So, this is what happens when I want to draw a mech in the vein of patlabor or gundam but also want to do something presidents day related. Wielding the mighty american-flag-themed battle axe with moves such as 'state of the union finishing move' and 'four score and seven slices ago oppression attack' and the 'american pride melee defense' - this mech fights to abolish slavery and fortify america, not as the union and confederacy but as the united states of hell yeah.

Have a good Presidents day n stuff.

Valentines Day Sale Over

February 15, 2014

 Thanks to all who took advantage of today's 'flash sale' for Valentines day. All orders for this sale would have needed to be emailed to me so I can invoice you by midnight. The time has passed and the sale is now over!
 Was more successful than originally anticipated so thank you for that. Slots will be on hold for a few weeks. But sales like this might pop up here and again depending on when its appropriate. Thanks again to all who participated in this sale, your orders will be updated on Order Tracking Monday and will be completed in the standard 3-4 week turnaround period. As its a normal commission item technically, everyone will get pencil proofs. And can make changes at that point. Then the pieces will be finished up a week after that.

Anyways thanks as always for your support, it encourages more opportunities to save money on art like this. Have a great weekend and see ya next week!

Formal Event Breakdown - Process Steps

The Daily Slots are done for at least a week or two while I catch up on some big projects that came in this week. But they've been great exposure, practice and discipline. I also feel like I grew a bit in the realm of the full color over pencils commission style. And happpy to say I ended this week's on a high note! Really happy with the 'two out to a formal dinner/ gathering get cornered by shady characters' type pic I did here. Based on a story the client wrote. At first it felt like a challenging commission request but it came together petty cool. And instead of 'shadows' of looming surrounding men, I thought it might be cool to actualy have them crowding the viewer to focus on the main characters. cool stuff. Enjoy the process steps below! Slots will return soon as it makes sense to do so. As most orders I have 3-4 weeks to tend to them all slots demand daily attention and right now thats just not a good idea. So will open them up when jobs slow down a bit in a few weeks.

Tight Roughs (oximoron?)

Tight Roughs of the two main characters

Centered them, roughed the foreground/ bg

Tight pencil lines

Dark pencil shades with the textures n stuff

Finished piece with color applied!

Showing The Love - One Day Only

February 14, 2014

EWG is showing the love for Valentines Day
Only till Midnight ( 2/14/14 ) all orders invoiced will receive a $7.00 discount and have no paypal fees! This includes any items on the regular EWG Price-list.

Email eryckwebb3@yahoo.com to put in your request or inquire for a quote and then if you OK/ Confirm for the amount to invoice by Midnight tonight Eastern Time you will have your Paypal Fee waived and $7.00 discount applied to the invoice.

Just a small way to say Eryck Webb Graphics appreciates the clients/ fans who keep this business a-float and that we want to show some love to anybody looking to get some new commissions ordered.

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentines Day from EWG! This was a piece inspired by the works of Matt Dixon, Creature Box and some definite homage to Iron Giant by warner bros animation from way back when. But in general I was going for the parallel of the girl offering  a flower, and the robot offering the same from his point of view. A tree is a flower right? Also wanted to show the contrast of a big scary robot with a heart of gold and a little girl who would easily be crushed under his whim. But is actually quite safe.
Bet this robot never felt such appreciation.
And thats what I think Valentines should be. A purposeful reminder to make us stop our busy shallow lives and make a card or buy a gift with a note or write a post on a wall to tell somebody you appreciate the love they give you all the time and return the love and caring.
Sure its more meaningful when you do it out of the blue, but I think a lot of times we forget to, so to me Valentines day is a smack to the face (like a V8 commercial) saying 'hey... let them know you appreciaste them/ love them.' and thats all it needs to be. No super expensive jewelery or vactions or gifts, just a note, a card or a poem or something you tell them directly.

Alright, off my soap box. Enjoy have a nice Vday and Friday. Heres to the weeekend!

Also - in honor of Valentines Day - a special link: Showing The Love For Valentines Day

Thursday Night Livestream set to roll tonight at 830pmEST

February 13, 2014

Just a quick post to remind folks of tonight's EWG Thursday Night Livestream - a recorded session featuring tunes and lots of Draws. Will be doing a Scarlet Witch fanart, a OC called The Flea, and as many other works as I can fit in! Come out, see this demo of digital pencils, inks and colors awesomeness and tell your friends or whoever might enjoy comin out seein live art. As always, its a great opportunity to come out, chat with me directly and ask questions, talk about geeky things and if your one of the people being worked on tonight, then you will see it happen and can make changes live!

Werd. See ya then on EWG Livestream.

Motivation - The Transformers Way

Inspirational lyrics for the self employeed workin the long hours, making the low pay. Doin it for the life style and the freedom and the glorious self purpose - Just a great song to get ya motivated. Enjoy!

"Spectre General - Nothins Gonna Stand In Our Way"

The fortunate ones
To be fast and free and young
I want to count myself among
The fortunate ones

We won't be denied
We know that time is on our side
We've got the passion and the pride
We won't be denied

* This generations
With fire in our eyes
Strong are the ties that bind us
We don't need no alibis

** Nothing's gonna stand in our way
Nothing's gonna stand in our way
Nothing's gonna stand in our way
Not tonight

We want it all
And tonight we got the call
We're running high but we won't fall
We want it all

We won't be denied
Like a breaker at high tide
We're gonna take this sweet joy ride
We won't be denied

Grew expectations
Moments in the sun
We've waited all our lives
And now we know our time has come

** Repeat

Nothing's gonna stand in our way

* Repeat

** Repeat

Manic Monkey - Process

February 12, 2014

 Did a cool 'crazy monkey' illustration for this weeks episode of Horseshoes and Handgrenades podcast. Was an idea that I visualized during some minor technical mishaps lastnight and the commentary by the hosts that ensued about rabbid monkeys tearing at wires somewhere. And so I had the challenge to pursue this technology-loathing monkeyness. 
I really enjoyed just cutting loose on the stylization and what not of the monkey as I often withdrawal from such stylization and what not on peoples commissions. So when I get to just go all out with whatever wants outta my head I enjoy that.
In this case I enjoyed the evolution of loose subpar sketch, then the cool finished pencils and the inks and then the colors. So thought I'd toss up this for a process article today. Enjoy!

Check out the podcast that inspired this piece, and whom it was done for over at http://www.horseshoes-handgrenades.com - weekly live airings and hundreds of previous recorded shows to keep you laughin for days!

Lol, well Its not something I'm proud of, but none the less its part of the process. The 'thumbnailing' stage where I go through constant retools and quick gestures and loose poses and compositions to figure out what I want to do. I was starting to think I was getting somewhere with this one - but very glad I kept going!
Take two came out way better - this the fleshed out pencils I refer to as rough pencil sketch - just before a tight pencil sketch. You can even see the loose 'thumbnailing' of the differences in the pose and such before fleshing it out this much and having him hanging from the wire rather than just pulling on them
Here is what I consider 'finished pencils' all cleaned up, only other thing I might do in this phase is add in black fill areas with some pencil shading and such. But everythings articulated and defined and setup so I can ink without thinking about redrawing anything I can just concentraate on line qualities and shapes of whats already here.
From Photoshop I move over into Inkscape, my go-to for inking lately, and use a mixture of thick and thin knib lines for the monkey, and pen tool and shapes for the wires/ connectors. Black fills on a layer above the lineart, and then going back in with white details after the balck fills to define space and shapes and details more
I then toss the inked art BACk into photoshop with a simple export and slap some colors on it. I felt the black and white art was pretty strong so didnt want to weigh it down with coloring. Just color the monkey - then I had the idea for the red background and a darker monkey with the teeth/ eyes brought out more - a little more sinister, and as if hes in a dark server room or something

Opted to remove the colored background and filter effects and just do straight up monkey on white background with a little bit of gradient. And so heres the finished product. Cropped a square version for use on HnH's episode post or what not, and sent them a couple copies.
Fun stuff, which version do you like better, the sinister red or the blotto white?

Any questions comments about this process I am willing to answer as best as possible if you comment with your questions etc below! Thanks for checking out this post. Most of these process posts are meant to further demonstrate the process of each piece commissioned, and give clients a better understanding of that process. Also hope somebody learns s omething from them, and if nothing else they inspire other artists out there!

Have a great week. Will be livestreaming Thursday Night at 830pmEST on a couple weekly slot commisisons. Also will be doing impromptu streams when working on slot orders during the week. See ya then!

And go see http://www.hnhshow.com! Fun stuff.

UTMNT Mikey Panel Process

February 11, 2014

Rough Pencil Sketch/Layouts Blocked In Enough For Proportions and Final Pencils

Final Pencil Lines Cleaned up - still sketchy but this will be inked so that'll be cleaner

Shading to indicate where blacks and gray shades will fall

Work has resumed on the Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles project this week, and in penciling the first page and getting used to the characters again, liked this panel sketch and thought I'd share. But won't be showing much from this - just little teasers and previews here and there. Nothing spoiling. The 4 brothers have always been a fav of mine since I was weeeee little. So this is a fun commission to work on. For now its in realm of 'fan comic' but perhaps it could be picked up by IDW or something someday.
So shown is a panel with Michelangelo from rough pencil layout sketch to the finishe dpencils and pencils with shades
Written/Reimagined by Nick Albright
Art/lettering/design by Eryck Webb 
Based on the characters/world of Eastman and Laird fame.

Todays Slot In Progress - Trader Finished

Hope you enjoyed this update-as-it-goes post. Started with the pencil sketch and then all the way to fin with shades/highlights and effects at the end. Reposting on fb/ twitter as I go.
Did you like this method of showing the process? Like it all in one place instead of posted on facebook?
Comment below.

Rough Sketch
Tight Pencil Sketch

Finished Pencils

Flat Colors

Shades-Highlights/ Finished

Thursday Night Live Digital Art


Thursday Night Livestream will be featuring one if not two slot commission orders The following two will be slated for work that night.

1.) Scarlet Witch
2.) The Flea (OC)

Come see the super hero goodness! Show starts 830pmEST goes till midnight or completed!

Follow/ share the event here:

Also will be availble to watch on the EWG Livestream page and on the normal LS page here

Process Screenshot Dump 2-11-14


Just a quick dump of some work in progress screenshots I took yesterday while working on some of these pieces - and below is a Livestream video of yesterday morning's slot works!

Like this kinda stuff? Leave a comment/ suggestion!

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