UTMNT Mikey Panel Process

February 11, 2014

Rough Pencil Sketch/Layouts Blocked In Enough For Proportions and Final Pencils

Final Pencil Lines Cleaned up - still sketchy but this will be inked so that'll be cleaner

Shading to indicate where blacks and gray shades will fall

Work has resumed on the Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles project this week, and in penciling the first page and getting used to the characters again, liked this panel sketch and thought I'd share. But won't be showing much from this - just little teasers and previews here and there. Nothing spoiling. The 4 brothers have always been a fav of mine since I was weeeee little. So this is a fun commission to work on. For now its in realm of 'fan comic' but perhaps it could be picked up by IDW or something someday.
So shown is a panel with Michelangelo from rough pencil layout sketch to the finishe dpencils and pencils with shades
Written/Reimagined by Nick Albright
Art/lettering/design by Eryck Webb 
Based on the characters/world of Eastman and Laird fame.

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