Stream Art: Optimus Prime G1 Transformers Request

December 12, 2018 0 Comments

Drawn on Eryck Webb's Twitch Channel over at 

Detail / Close Up 

#optimusprime #transformers #autobot #robot #inkscape #wacom

An Optimus Prime request from todays stream. Probably my personal fav prime drawing I've done to date. Pretty happy with how it came out. I'm really excited for the new BumbleBee movie - so much right about that trailer. Maybe we'll finaly get the Transformers movie we've been wating for the last decade. 

Drawn in Inkscape in about 15-20 minutes over at today with Wacom Intuos Pro

Release: Drawing Request Show returns for another week of epic draws!

December 9, 2018 0 Comments

#draw #twitch #sauce #hat #orange #requests

See the CREw and the rest of YEW, tomorrow and all week, 12est (noon).

 Just me, a fresh canister of sauce, my hat, my stylus, and an army of requests waiting for me... 

...i like the odds.

Only on

Beyond The Mill: Testing Out Some New LED holiday lights with Wally


The supervisor approves of the lights

Telling Kristina "These are neat"

Asking me "What else do these things do?"

#christmas #lights #holidays #doge #beginningtolookalotlikechristmas #led #twinkle

Wally approves of the new led programmable rgb lights. They're pretty cool I've never had lights like these. They have a remote and I can switch colors and light behavior patterns with push the push of a button. Should look pretty spiffy once I get them on hung outside the mill. Hope those who are in the midst of their holiday are having a good one, and in general everyone enjoying the season!

In The Mill: Best Of Request Volume 2 orders arrive - assembly begins!

December 8, 2018 0 Comments

The books have arrived! They look great! Couldn't be happier!

Got all setup on other side of my studio to assemble the orders for everyone

#assembly #book #selfpublishing #sketch #sign #stuff #label #ship 

Happy to say I've received the orders of Best Of Request Volume 2 and should be getting them all shipped out within the week! I've got all the pieces spread out on the now-dedicated "order assembly station " here at the mill, and am in progress of sketching, signing each book and packing them with some goodies and getting them prepped to go to their happy customers.

Thank you to all who made even thinking of doing this, much-less the fact that this is happening, a reality. You are the best! Have your books to you soon! 

StreamNotes: 2018 Sub Collage Picture Inks

December 7, 2018 0 Comments

#subscribers #twitch #channel #inks #inkscape #digitalart

I streamed from about noon Eastern Time to 5:00 eastern time ( about 5 hours and got a whole lot of inking done. On top of that we had a sub giveaway and even a couple resubs that got thank you doodles! 

So, heres what we did today. I got every single subscriber that was sketched in here back on November 30th inked and finished up. Thank you to everyone who supports me, and has subbed all year long, or since they subbed this year. I really appreciate you! If your not in this its just cause you werent a sub or resubbed/ subscribed live on that day. Thank you to those who are subbing and not in this picture as well!

So much fun! Next step, coloring this bad boy! But for now, I'll put it to rest. I'm expecting to get the shipment of Best Of Request Volume 2 today/ tomorrow and I will be putting it on assembly line mode soon as I get them. Quick sketch and sign in each, and package them up! Everything is ready for the books to arrive and get to turning them around to you guys, the awesome supporters who bought them. 

I'm still not 100% better. I'd say 95 or so. But if the piece on this post is any indication, thats not too bad at all. 

Have a great weekend, get that official ewSTREAM MERCH soon as possible so it gets there by Christmas. And I'll see everyone back next week! Stay tuned to this site, or @eryckwebb on twitter or facebook or intagram for updates and behind the scenes photos and posts of whats happening in the mill over the weekend!!

Sketchbook: Snowman and The Yeti -- December Personal Art Sneak Peek

December 6, 2018 0 Comments

#christmas #winter #holidays #snowman #yeti #abominable #elves #northpole #santa #mssanta

Definitely not keeping a lid on this one. Well... heres a new reveal folks... this is about as far as I got with it, but heres the prelim for what I've thought up and come up with for my December personal art piece. I'm fighting a cold right now and its got my head feeling like a water balloon and my overall being achy and my energy and attention span about as low as the caloric content of artificial sweeteners. But i hashed this out till I needed to take a break. And theres some definite retooling i want to do when I'm feeling better and take a second stab at it. But I'm excited for this new personal artwork for December, holiday themed and related but not super holiday-ish. When I get it done it'll be available to own as a print and digital print download. 

Basicaly the idea is Snowman and The Yeti team up with an army of elves deployed by Mrs Clause to rescue Santa. The fate of the new year and the holiday cheer is at stake.... 

Sketched in sketchbook pro, slow and challengingly ( thats a word right ) with this cold, on samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 with wacom bamboo smart stylus 

Excited to work on it more. Fun idea if i do say so myself. I dunno, I could also be delirious from this cold. Might wake up tomorrow realize this isn't good at all. Haha, who knows.

Enjoying the Code Red tournament on twitch esportsarena and sippin coffee, sketching around on random stuff like this on my tablet when i feel the itch. Otherwise spacing out most of the time.

Ah sickness. How you vex me. 

Stay well all! Being sick is annoying. Yet strangely freeing. 

Nap time.

sketchbook: ewSICK doodle


#sick #ewsick #cold #flu #blackplague #zombieincursion #demonicpossession #sketchbook #autodesksketchbook #wacom #samsunggalaxynote

Doodling around. not able to do much creative energy is not to high right now but mindlessly doodling away at a rough sketch or two keeps the brain busy. 

I really hate being sick. i want to work on that subscriber collage piece or even start/ work on a December holiday personal work and i cant even do that. i managed to squeeze out a few designs for the merch store yesterday but even that took 5x longer than it should have. 

I'll be back soon as i can. i miss the stream. i miss the crew. i miss drawing with all of yew. i hate being sick. enjoy that new merch. you don't have to wait for me to be live to buy some up. you probably want to grab an item if you want it by Monday to make sure you get it well before Christmas or whatever you celebrate.

In other news i got confirmation that the book printer was behind, but i should be getting the books on Saturday. so i may take off a day or two next week to take care of book orders.

Its that time of year folks. a big mishmash of holiday preparations and celebrations as we wrap up the year, and everything else that we add on top of that haha. 

Thanks for your patience, for your support and for being so trew of a crew. 

Be back as soon as i'm physically able. till then, i'll keep wandering aimlessly around the house in my pjs and blanket, and blowing my nose via my trusty toilet paper roll, and enjoying random sessions of staring off into space and losing track of times passing.

At least i get to watch other streamers i like and have plenty of hot coffee to get me through.

And pb n js.

Release: New December Merch Items Are Live In The Shop!!

December 5, 2018 0 Comments

#merch #tees #mug #pillows #posters

Even though I'm down for the count for a few days from this cold, I was still able to finish adding a few new items to the merch store for this month between blowing my nose and taking naps. 

Introducing the official holiday/ December items from EWG! I'm very proud to say there are a handful of unique holiday items catering to everybody no matter your faith, and also some tongue and cheek items. In addition to holiday items there are also two new general stream related designs I've been excited to release to you. I've got more designs coming but that will be another month. 

I recommend purchasing the holiday related items by next Wednesday to definitely get them by Christmas as Streamlabs roughly a two week turnaround for US orders and looks like about a 3 week turnaround for outside the US. 

In the future I will release them earlier but hopefully most of these will get to you in time :) 

Happy Holidays folks, and happy shopping!!! 

Click to visit the Eryck Webb Stream Merch Store 

Stream Notes: Cold Will Postpone Streaming Till Further Update


#twitch #drawing #sick #cold #thattimeofyear #tistheseason

I am more sick than I was yesterday big time. I'm struggling and will be taking my time today doing a thing or two between napping and blowing my nose. But am in no way able to put on a good stream or really crank on any meaningful art. Creating takes energy, streaming and entertaining takes energy, and I just have none right now. So ewDRAW tonight and DRS this afternoon are canceled. The crEW should expect streams tomorrow and Friday to be canceled as well, and I will update if anything changes. Stay tuned to @eryckwebb on twitter for the most immediate updates and eryckwebbgraphics on facebook as well.

Thank you for understanding, and we'll pick up where we left off soon as this cold moves on. 
Have a great Wednesday, and rest of your week!! 

Get your EW fix by clicking that youtube icon on top right of this site on any page, and check out the EW stream highlights, process videos and tutorials on the Eryck Webb Youtube Channel!!

Don't worry, while your missing the EW action, there are plenty of other things to watch...

Hang and draw with Amanda and her dragons over at 

The man who can draw with two hands and not sketch first

Adventure on the high seas with Grumpy Beard

Find your passion for drawing with

Slow down, get in touch with your creative side and be inspired with

Bow to the mangaka himself, the amazing and prolific and super nice and super wise and and and...

Stream Notes: Drawing Request Show 12418

December 4, 2018 0 Comments

#twitch #drawing #request #show #stream #art #creative @Inkscape @wacom

Above is all the art we got done today! Started with some epic snowman warm-up action, then did a bunch of sub sketches and a request for a winner of a sub giveaway. One of my favorites of the whole day was the Last Drawing Of The Stream featuring Rocket Raccoon single handedly taking out the Empire - storm troopers, tie fighters, star destroyers, imperial walkers and all. Fun stuff. Look forward to continuing that one. 

Today I had been struggling with a cold that caught up with me late yesterday. I didn't think this morning I'd be able to pull it together and put on a quality stream. But I did what I could, and the crEW really came in trEW and overwhelming with the love. Thanks so much guys. I am floored by the amount of gift subs, donations and bits cheered by you guys. It was totally unexpected!! I'm looking forward even more to revisiting that 50+ subscriber illustration tomorrow, 8pmEST on ewDRAW! stream to start inking! 

Congratulations to all the gift sub recipients, as well as all the giveaway winners! Look forward to drawing for everyone soon! One thing I did realize today, and will be changing starting next stream, is the gift sub situation. Every subscriber whether be by subscription purchase or using your amazon prime will get their thank you sketch there and then to thank them with some unique personalized art. But gift subbing will be a bit different. 

Today we had a dozen or so gifted individuals who when I went to do their thank you sketches they weren't present. It got me thinking that they get the emotes, the badges and the perks for a month. The gifter should be the one to get the thank you sketch. Going forward starting next stream, that will be the case. The random lurkers that are gifted get the hat, the emote ( s) and the perks whenever they want to request or win a request. The person gifting gets the thank you sketch. They will get 1min of thank you sketch per person gifted in a single gifting session. No limit on repeat gifting sessions for now. 

See folks tomorrow 12pmEST noon ( high noon baby ) for more Drawing Request Show action! I'm hoping I dont feel worse than I did today. At the least I'll deploy the ewDRAWBOT to take over streamer duties. Also, dont forget, 8pmEST tomorrow is ewDRAW! a personal art project/ creative stream that we launched last Friday. Going forward, ewDRAW! will be on Wednesday 8pmEST weekly unless otherwise noted.

Alright, thanks for watching, thanks for all the love today and continued support!
I'll do my best to return the favors! Especially when I ditch this cold!

Count on it!

Sketchbook: Batman n Superman Micro Chibis

December 3, 2018 0 Comments

#chibi #superman #batman #micro #chibi #superchibi #inkscape #wacomintuospro

Revisiting that 'micro chibi style' i was playing with several months back. Super fun to draw... get it... super... fun...

Superman n Batman ewMICROCHIBI style

Fan Art: Adufresne99 on Twitch


@AmandaDufresne #goth #demon #girl #twitch #art #creative

Finished the work I needed to finish today, and was hanging on 's stream - she had an awesome demon look going today, she always has amazing topics and relevant opinions to rant about. I know for a fact there are tons of people who need to hear what she has to say. One of the most important people on Twitch Art! So I was inspired to do a quick fan art! She inspired this. Its her fault. She'll take full responsibility too. Never change Amanda!!! Everyone should follower her stream.

Inkscape / Intuos Pro about 15-20 minutes

Sketchbook: Snowman Warmup in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro


#autodesksketchbookpro #snowman #warmup #sketch #inkscketch #dailysketch #wacomintuospro

May not be streaming today but still working on some offline art in the studio - warmed up with a snowman piece in Sketchbook Pro on Intuos Pro this morning. I gotta say, you all see what I do in Inkscape on a daily basis, but if theres one program that competes with it drawing-wise and a program I enjoy drawing in nearly as much, it would be Sketchbook Pro.

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