Zombie Nerdy Bookworm Sketchin

July 31, 2012 0 Comments

Sketching on some ideas and trying to explore the look/ style of a current job in the works. A zombie nerdy bookworm reading a zombie survival guide. In a cutsy sorta way for a classroom bulletin. Will be cute I just gotta really explore the idea / style cause I dont get to really portray a cute/ stylized zombie kiddo-style character very often. Having a little fun with it. Gettin there. But I getting tired and its showing its all comin out cruddy except that middle top guy maybe so I am going to call this sketch session done, and go to bed. Pick it up tomorrow

Croc Mascot Evolution for Tshirt Graphic


Kind of fond of the simple yet very effective end result to this commission for the client's organization mascot.  I think it'll get some good laughs :) Read more on the original post on DeviantArt 

Bishop Character Art commission wrapped up


Well thats a wrap on this rapper w/ hidden powers of flaming fury. A super hero mascot-esque character art commission for the client from the streets. Fun stuff. Blue flames for the win!

Evil Horde Character Art Commission Wrapped Up

July 30, 2012 0 Comments

Got a lot of steps along the process of about 10-15 other commissions started today but this is probably the only one I'm going to get finished finished today. A group commission ordered along with a couple he-man group commissions by a client. Skeletors gang finished, the horde here done, and Heman and the masters of the universe are on their way soon! See the original post over on EWG Deviant Art! http://eryckwebbgraphics.deviantart.com/art/MastersOfTheUniverse-EvilHorde-Commission-317954752

Judo Comic Strip in USJA newsletter


As of this weekend, a comic strip from Delusions of Normalsy featuring judo-themed antics has been published in the US Judo Association's latest newsletter! Looks good in there! Thanks to Joan and the USJA for featuring the strip created by Del Conkright and Eryck Webb (me)! Look forward to doing more!
Check out the newsletter at this link - http://www.usja-judo.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Growing-Judo-2012.08.pdf

First IndieZine/EWG digital product set to launch soon!

July 29, 2012 0 Comments

Well its official, the first design for Indie-Zine and EWG's new partnership is finished and shall be available through Indie-Zine soon as a new addition to their digital web-art products. 'Clubbin Cutie', the first design created for this new joint effort features many head, purse and body color combinations that can be swapped out at the whim of the user who is working with the design, in addition to Indie-zine's custom backgrounds and the ability to add text to make a custom web-art image for posting on your social networks or emails. Originally slated as a product line called EWGly Cutie, this brand-name has been dropped and the designs will be featured soley as EryckWebbGraphics creations. To be released soon by Indie-Zine once they have it set up on their website, at which time the full design and variations will be revealed in the EWG network and gallery, and the announcement of the release will be made with links to the product on IndieZine, till then, stay tuned!

Sweet Toothed Superheroes Commission Finished

July 27, 2012 0 Comments

Well, this little beasty was a monster, but got it inked and colored up! The lighting was challenging but ultimately I think it came out looking pretty great. Theres a second version that I'm only posting here on EWG website, otherwise it belongs to client as a gift portrayal of her and him as super heroes with doughnut and candy themes running throughout! Lots of fun, and hope the gift goes over great. Below is the version featuring a bit of silly dialogue and lettering balloons i came up with.

Onto the next commission!

Super Sweet Tooth Commish WIP Inks


Taking a quick food/ coffee break but heres what I have so far this morning on this two character full background commission. The characters are inked, just working on the background now. Basicaly blocking out the structure then BLOWING IT UP! Coming out good so far I thinks.

Its Friday! Jumping Boy 6, and short list of To-Dos


Well its Friday again, and the mother-in-law is running the wife to her errand and what not so I can stay home and work. And I have a few minutes here before 8am to do a final entry for the week. 
Todays short list of what will get done is simple. 1. A two character full background full color commission for a clients BF's birthday is gotta be done by the birthday this weekend. 2. Judo shirt fix on Judo Shirt 11 and 3. the production of Judo Shirt 12. 4. Anubis' awesome character Paradigm, a one character full background action piece will get finished cause its about due. 5. Corrections due to Gary will get done today as well to his full color character concepts and hopefuly that will wrap those up.
Be sure to go read the latest installment of Jumping Boy my original webcomic story unfolding one page/ one week at a time. And holler back either her, twitter, facebook or deviant art any time let me know how I'm doing or toss any other comments my way! Thank you, have a great Friday and see you after the weekend.

Post Lunch Thought - 7262012

July 26, 2012 0 Comments

Just a post lunch though. When told that my art is awesome, though its more of a 'comic book' style, and would I be interested in doing artwork that copies a different style, like say more fantasy/ digitally painted/ or some abstract cartoon style that's nothing like MY style which is fluently apparent in my portfolio/gallery, my answer will always be. 'Although this project sounds like it could be fun to work on, I am not willing to try to emulate styles that are not my own, if you hire me, you are hiring my style and my aesthetic spin on your project.' And will suggest you look elsewhere on deviant-art for what is sure to be a multitude of possible artists to hire to do your particular style.
Goes along the lines with ' here's a sample of the exact style I want, can you make a dozen more look just like this style' ... nope. One does not hire me to copy something exactly. You give me basic reference and I will remix it in to something fresh and new with my style. That's how it goes.
Thank you for contemplating my post lunch thought :)

Thursday and Friday


Alrighty well this weeks gone by way too quickly. Got some rain coming in side from that massive micro burst of rain the other day, driving the wife to work and picking her up every day cause shes on some heavy 'fog' medicine for some neck pain and ontop of that the usual errands. Then you get a client wants a rush order and another one is a rush technicaly cause it needs to be done intime for a special event so really all cramming together. Will be doing a mix of pencil sketch proofs and finished works all day today/ tomorrow in 30 minute intervals. Proof, Production, Proof, Production. And so on.
Excited for new prospects, parnering with Indie-Zine to promote my work and sell some products with them, and a Judo strip of Delusions of Normalsy will be featured in a Judo association Enewsletter w/ me and Del's contact info on it so that'll get really good exposure, and current jobs with rock band Continuous Audio Transmission the rap artist Bishop are going to be killer, really happy with how those are going. And siked for the Gobble Con Anime Convention cover, thats already been a blast and willc ontinue to be I'm sure! Alrighty... and don't forget Jumping Boy Ch 1 Pg6 comes out tomorrow! Featuring action of a different kind! Lol. And below I wanted to post up a video I was using for inspiration/ ideas for Jumping Boy and then... a funny The Office take on the art of 'Parkour' or 'FreeRunning'. Think Freerunning influences Jumping Boy much? ABSOLUTELY! Imagine their moves over an entire city or between mountains or across a a continent.

What is Parkour/ Freerunning? 
Parkour (ˈpɑːkˌɔː) — n Also called: free running the sport or activity of running through urban areas while performing various gymnastic manoeuvres over or on man-made obstacles such as walls and buildings - dictionary.reference.com

The real deal:
 The office showin how its really done LOL:

Proof Sketching All Day On Livestream

July 24, 2012 0 Comments

Hittin the short list of orders that need composed and proof sketched, so will be digitaly sketching/penciling all day today. Not recording but broadcasting on Livestream, if you have an order in the last week or two that your expecting a proof on. You'll be seeing it done today or tomorrow as these are 'draw everything' days and then Thurs and Fri will be 'finish production' days on stuff proofed with clients from last week. The wife's on some meds this week that make her a little foggy so I am getting a late start every day this week so I can drive her to work and quitting early to pick her up. Jumping Boy pg 6 will be ontime as its almost all done and the evenings will be deadicated to backlog. Alright, join me won't you? Click the link below and watch your orders come to life on LIVESTREAM!

Locked and Loaded For Another Week!

July 23, 2012 0 Comments

Great Googly Moogly! Well, definitly was good to get rested up and relaxinated over the weekend, now ready to get back at it this week. The game plan is to spend all day today working on backlog items, then tuesday and wednesday I'm doing all sketch proofs that need to go out, and thursday and friday will be 'completion' days where last week's OK'd proofs get finished and sent to their customers with a pretty orange and grey bow.
Everybody have a productive week, and as always, I'm available to take any commissions and answer any questions. Hit me up! And thanks also should go out to the handful of customers who took advantage of the SDCC free special last week! I'll make sure to make them extra saucey. Now that that convention's over, (all be it, the convention season isn't) people will be around to check out a live stream session or two this week and the internet won't be as vacant as movie theatres when they're showing an Adam Sandler movie ... yeah.

The week is a wrap

July 20, 2012 0 Comments

Everyone have a great weekend, and hope your friday is a productive one. I'm so tired I can't focus on artwork so I'm doing site updates, job coordinating, record keeping and invoicing etc today. Jumping Boy episode 5 just came out, the soundtrack system has been improved, as well as the 'first' navigation buttons take you to the first page of the given chapter. The background music now plays automaticaly as soon as you start reading and really flows well this way. The music can be turned off by scrolling down and doing so for those who don't like that kind of thing. But i carefuly choose the music to really enhance the experience and the scene currently being read. I recommend reading it that way. In other news a new milestone in my production has been reached. Really evolving some new techniques and methods of making crisper and more bold art. I think the difference has been seen over the past couple posts of finished client work. Excited for some new projects just came in. If theres one thing great about this business its the variety and opportunities to really flex the creative muscles in different directions and new challenges. An artist is always a student, an ever evolving entity that changes and grows every day till the day they die. Thats right baby. Enjoy the new enhancements on Jumping Boy, and on this, the EWG website as well. Showing off the work on a nice flash image gallery slideshow at the top of the page. Whats not to like? Email me or message me in anyway you want today, I'm ALWAYS available for commissions, I schedule them ahead of time, so you need something? Don't wait. Get it now :) - Eryck Webb \ EWG

Jumping Boy No 5 Posts Tomorrow!

July 19, 2012 0 Comments

Despite last week's incompleted ontime due to work crunch and crazy amount of background on page 4, this week's is done and ready to post! The occassional page will be launched from anything from black and white to flat colors or even pencils with finished letters in an effort to keep a schedule and continualy build up the pages. In an effort to keep said schedule, I have done a lot of preplanning, outlining and thumbnailing but when it comes to the 'page of the week' i sit down and kind of imagine it on the spot to keep it spontaneous, fun, and ever fluid. That being said, some weeks I just won't get a page as done or edited as I'd like but will do my best to keep it only occassional that a finished page isn't what gets posted. The acting format for the time being is 12 page chapters, two chapters per 'book' and generaly a volume will be 4 books give or take. Allows for short and consice story telling, and allows for eventual selling as digital and printed books. So stay tuned, enjoy and buy some JumpingBoy stickers! Wontcha?  Look for it to publish by noon on Friday 7/20. Thanks for reading and see you then!

Generator Rex Commission Case Study Finished!

July 18, 2012 0 Comments

Kicking some arse this morning with Generator Rex commissions. 4 Characters doing together on one canvas. Never got to draw these characters before, but I'm having tons of fun with them. I used to enjoy the show, and now totaly feeling the commissions. So heres the finished sketch/ pencils of all four that I'm about to ink/ color on Livestream! Definitly staying true to the character designs but injecting my style into every inch! Whoo hah! Working on here in the first half of the work day today, and will update with work in progress shots as I go along on this post.

Now i've gotten done all the pentool work on straight edges and 'mechanical' type items. And ready to freehand the rest of the lines, and fill with black fills / black fill shades. Will post the finished of that next.

After a lunch break, and a lightning/thunder storm... got this all inked up! Coloring now...

And vwalla! Very happy with these colors and especialy the lighting/ shades/ highlights. Plus some new techniques I learned from some tutorials online about color balance tweaking and level adjusting post production work. I think it works well. And a little texture on the backgrounds. Why not. THATS A WRAP!

Thanks for checking out this case study, have to comment back to me below or on facebook let me know if you find this sort of thing useful, informative, or at least interesting!

Trixi Danger Playing Card Commission

July 17, 2012 0 Comments

Wrapped up this fun commission of Trixi Danger, whom I've been commissioned for before. When the client asked if she could be setup in some sort of 'queen of hearts' playing card fashion, i new it was gonna be fun. So basically I figured out the design and the post proportions, illustrated her in one picture then once I was happy with it flipped it over. In a nut shell this took place over about 3 hours. But the client is a good one and I want to make sure to do a good job for them :) They even ended up hanging out in the live-stream chat while working on it. Great way to end the work day. Enjoy, and who knows, maybe you'll pick up something or another from watching the process unfold in the recorded session below! EWG, continually blurring the line between illustration and design.

EWG - Looking out for the independent artist community


Artists beware, lowlife businesses or individuals coming to you with work but pushing the whole 'royalties' or 'percentage based on sales, not upfront' are only looking for one thing, ripping you off and taking advantage of amateur artists who might not know better. And just because they 'recently listed on amazon' doesn't mean they can guarantee jack crap on selling ANYTHING. If a potential hirer is not willing to pay upfront for the initial time and work on producing the art item in the first place, send them packing. The cost of production, and the post-production earnings of a given product once on the market are ALWAYS separate and unrelated. 
This following excerpt of the kind of pitch to look out for and say NO to is from some business [name removed] that I received this afternoon:
"..I saw your post on the Jobs Services section on Deviant Art and wanted to know if you would be interested in doing a project for us. We pay programmers, artists, and musicians royalties instead of upfront payment. Here are the amounts we pay based off net sales for art intense projects: Net Sales = Selling Price less 30% distribution costs allowance (i.e. Amazon, Paypal/Dataware order processing)40% of Net Sales: Programmer40% of Net Sales: Artist10% of Net Sales: Musician10% of Net Sales: DatawareBesides selling software through our site, we recently listed our software on Amazon: "
  I replied with:
"Royalties is nice, but the artist gets nothing for the initial production time?
Quite a ripoff your running there."
A few hours later I just got this (and last since I blocked them after this ) followup reply:
"Just because we do not pay upfront payment, doesn't mean it's a ripoff. A ripoff is when the artist does not get paid. We have paid every artist that has worked with us. Actually through royalties, the artist gets more than we would normally pay for upfront payment, just spread out over time. [ name removed ]
Well, to Mr [ name removed] all I had to say was (after a good laugh):
"Bunch of crooks. Hope no artist is stupid enough to work with you. The work deserves pay immediately, not just the sales you MIGHT make with the finished material later. Your offer basically has NO guarantee the person creating the product for you will ever get paid much if at all. Ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. - EWG "
I had included the name of the person/company that tried to pull this stunt but I decided, my overall objective here is to demonstrate what is NOT the right kind of person to be hired by. Crucifying the company and individual directly could just lead to idiocies ontop of idiocies so I will stick to my overall point and not point personal fingers. But avoid these types of employers. Clients that don't really want to pay for an artist at all, they want to cover their own asses and in the long run. They're going to get what they pay for with that policy. Amen.

Nuff Said. 

SDCC FREE Special! Till Friday 5pmEST


Eryck Webb Graphics is offering a Full Color One Character Art Commission WITH FREE BACKGROUND till Friday 5pm EST. But only if you send 30.00 and your character of choice to paypal at eryckwebb3@yahoo.com and mention 'SDCC FREE' to get your FREE background! Just like the examples above. To see more details/ examples click the link. Take advantage, sale ends Friday.


Good Morning and Have a Good Week!

July 16, 2012 0 Comments

Getting a slow rolling start this morning. Just worn out. I feel the need for a weekend camping trip w/ the wife and dog coming up. But till then... its good to do what I do. I've been so immersed in my craft the past week I really didn't know what to do with myself all weekend. My business has become my life, and my life has become my passion for what I do. And I'm constantly reminded of how awesome and supportive my beautiful wife is. But I must make note to spend more time with her LOL. Well, so on that corny note. I am going to get to it, and live-stream some transformer commissions all morning. Then Other work this afternoon. Check out the new Jumping Boy 'webcomic' design at www.jumpingboycomic.blogspot.com And as always, price list available at www.eryckwebbgraphics.deviantart.com Let me know what I can create for you! :) Have an outstanding week people. Break new barriers, reach new levels. Do it to it.

Super Weekend

July 15, 2012 0 Comments

Man... they nailed spidey, both in and out of costume.

Went with the wife to see Amazing Spiderman this weekend, and I gotta say. A really good movie! Love the kid playing parker, hes got the right look/ stature/ personality. Enjoyed gwen, and even aunt may. I dug 'sheens' Uncle ben so much I was hoping in this version he wouldnt get killed but he did. But i'm glad they didnt dwell on it. Over all it had a lot more energy and excitement than the original spider-mans. But i didnt find myself comparing them. I like them all. And look forward to more. I was very inspired by this movie and i felt the entire time it had so many parallels to Jumping Boy. Loved it.

The aesthetics and the background were all there. Kept waiting but never got that 'its go time display of Conans awesomeness, or the feeling that even with that squid hat, the badguy wasn't a threat... *snore*

In other news, I just noticed Conan the Barbarian (recent remake) is on netflix. Skipped through a couple scenes, when we saw it last time in theatres, it was in 3d, which butchered it. So skimming through it in 2D, i loved the clarity and easy of watching in crisp movie watching goodness. But I soon realized, in 3D, or in 2D, its kind of lacking that 'HELL YEAH' you would expect from a movie like that. And so, goes to show, the feeling of un fullfilled potential one got from the 3d movie, wasn't completely the 3Ds fault, but the movies as well. So... booh.

This has been an EWG movie review session :)

Friday the 13th Black Cat SDCC

July 14, 2012 0 Comments

So for a cool down/ end of the night sketch I did Friday the 13th, (unlucky, bad luck if you see a black cat or walk under a ladder) and for San Diego Comic Con did a marvel character. Fun stuff. Alrighty, goodnight!

Darshin Studios Final Logos


The finished logo (s) for Darshin Studios client. Darshin (i believe, could be wrong) is an indian word meaning, as the client described: "...EXPOUND, TEACH, THINK THROUGH, UNCOVER TRUE MEANING, WHAT IS HIDDEN BENEATH - It is for a gaming company." To read more, visit the original post of this finished work on Deviant Art.

Great Tutorial From the Good Side of You Tube

July 13, 2012 0 Comments

Theres the dark side of You Tube... crazy videos slapped together  with crazy japenese music or attention-starved women dancing on camera. Well, the otherside is AWESOME, handy man tutorials, videos on how to fix stuff on your car yourself, videos for enthusiasts of whatever genre you can think of... and cool videos from other graphic artists like this! Never heard of him till I stumbled upon this video, and now following his work on deviant art. Was pleased to see we digitaly ink the same way, and though he pencils traditionaly then scans it and I anymore pencil straight on the computer, I think the basic process for his inks and even colors are the same as what I do. Whoever made the video made it pretty exciting and showed everything really well too. I learned a few new things from this, maybe you will too! I recommend.

Darshin Logo Case Study


Enjoying this latest logo job, for Darshin Studios. They develop thinking/ puzzle type games for apple iphone OS and so forth. Might have a few web games as well according to my general Google search. Anywho, if you click the tag called 'Darshin Studios' on this website's keyword cloud, it'll bring up the first proof and this case study together. I'm starting to catalog different clients works / process stuff under key words. So when you click them in that cloud, you can review that clients works with you so far. Kinda nifty. Anywho here is proof two where they liked proof 1s typography but wanted a symbol so developed some ideas around the basic concept of their work. Then the bottom is narrowed down two that they liked but wanted the puzzle board situated like the rubix cube. I thought the D in the puzzle board should look like the one in the typography unaltered so I made it an unaltered 'D piece' and I liked this combination of colors so presented a possible color solution. Fun stuff, getting there. Alright, onto other stuff n' what not. Might be working late tonight since wife is going out with her mom to a store or two. Anywho ... good stuff... have a good weekend everybody

Jumping Boy No. 4 - Finished Backgroun inks

July 12, 2012 0 Comments

An environment a story takes place in is almost as important if not more important than the story that unfolds. This being said, though I want to have fun and keep the look of my Jumping Boy work stylized and true to my style and what not. I want it to look right, believable, have mass and true world lighting, and perspective that looks correct, even if its fudged a bit. THAT being said, THIS page's background took me well over 2 flipping hours! Of course it doesn't look like much now, but man... what your seeing took me 2 1/2 hours to do and get right. I laughed as I scripted this page, and scenario. One I shot myself in the foot and constantly think to myself 'WHY is the main scene happening on a complicated structure like a tower crane?" cause I'm a glutton for drawing lots and lots of metal bars i guess. And two, as soon as I decided this was going to be a page where we first and foremost get to see Billy do what he does best, jump all over it, I knew I'd be drawing lots of perspective, buildings and views. THAT being said... I do like establishing panels that really lay down the environment, setting/ location. Set the story no matter how unbelievable, in a believable universe. ALL THAT being said.... I LOVE the background and how it came out. By itself. With blank balloons. Just something aesthetic about that. BUT anywho. Either late tonight, or tomorrow morning I will most likely ink the characters and post the page for tomorrow. Just out of time with this week's work load, the amount of detail that went into this page, both in the composition and finishing execution. And tonight I have special request to spend time with the wife 'who hasnt seen me in a while' (1am bed time type work nights) - for lots of board games, netflix and wii gaming. And snuggles. Lots and lots of snuggles. I've tilted the scale towards work ALL month, this one night. I plan on pretending like i have more balance that I do between work and living, and spend the night with the wife and dawg :) So, tomorrow will be a black and white page, but i'll update it with color later on. It is my solem promise, to not miss a friday within a currently running chapter, even if it has to post in black and white. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle... GI JOE!

8 Full Color Single Commissions Wrapped UP!

July 11, 2012 0 Comments

Happy to say I got those 8 single character commissions wrapped up! Heres a couple of my favorites from the batch! Look forward to doing more WWE characters, they're fun! Rumble Roses is always fun too. Buncha smexy wreslter girls. Alrighty, onto some other stuff

Livestream - Adventure Time and Tank Tossing


Did these sketches on livestream, which I'm still currently on. Have switched over to 8 single character $20 commissions I need to wrap up today. But these were a blast. At this point I've sent them to the client and customer to be OKAY'd and then I will finish them out in ink and colors! But something about these loose yet tight sketches with the lighting/ shades plotted out are pretty sweet.

Darshin Studios Logo Work In Progress


Pretty happy with these design ideas for the Darshin Studios logo commission. We'll see if the client likes anything here or if I'll need to come up with a couple more. Based on the rush they're putting on it I'm thinking we'll be moving on to color / finishing it up quickly!

I'm digging the typographic work on these though! All sort of reflecting the meaning behind the word Darshin and the fact that they make iphone app games.

Lots to do, getting straight to it


Lots to do today. Going to play catch up from yesterday and then do todays load. Going to get straight to it this morning. My goal is no getting sidetracked by facebook, or deviant art or Jumping Boy, knocking out a logo, 8 single character commissions and then pencil some orders that have proofs due. Going to break out my timer to keep me on target today. Hope everyone has a productive day. I schedule commissions at least a week or so in advance so I am AVAILABLE, hit me up for your creative needs!


Jumping Boy Webcomic Site 2.0

July 10, 2012 0 Comments

Jumping boy Webcomic Site 2.0
Who says I don't take suggestions? Thanks to the input of a reader who expressed the difficulty in jumping between pages; and how though it wasn't a big deal now, but get to 10 or more pages and it'll be a chore no audience wants to bother with. So I implemented a new webcomic nav bar onto the site. Check it out :) Much easier to move back and forth through the pages. I also took the opportunity to revise the site, decreasing the logo size and bringing the pages (which are the point of the whole darned thing) up towards the top more! Alright, all set for Jumping Boy No. 4 to come out Friday! - see you then! And thanks for reading! Go check it out at JumpingBoyComic.blogspot.com!

8 Commissions ready for inking and coloring


Got these all penciled this morning, now after a quick lunch break, will get them inked and colored up and call them finished!

Good Morning! Works In Progress - Wrestlers!


Keen eyes will notice these are two different kinds of wrestlers. Today I'm working on 8 single character commissions, 5 from the sexy wrestling video game Rumble Roses and 3 are WWE wrestlers, shown here is Anesthesia from RR and The Mountie and his trusty cattle prod from WWE fun stuff... I didnt even realize I put all the wrestlers together till I went to post this LOL. 

Fun Jumping Boy No 4 Livestream session


Well I did about 2 hours of composing and fleshing out Jumping Boy No. 4 which comes out Friday. I was one of the viewers so that I could keep an eye on what people were seeing ( so it was on the screen right) but there was somebody else in there watching the whole time, I saw my dad pop in for a few minutes about an hour later and then when it got near midnight I headed out myself. Heres what I go done tonight on my first livestream session. Will definitly have to do it again sometime. But maybe announce it ahead of time for those who might be interested so they don't miss out! Was a lot of fun.

And the saved video from the broadcast for those who missed it! Skip athead to 6:11, thats where I finaly am done playing with settings and figuring out how to use it and just start working on Jumping Boy! :) Theres a point shortly after were a web ad started playing. Then eventualy about 45 minutes in or so I start listening to music to help get through the task of mapping this page out. Enjoy! Who knows, maybe you'll learn something? 

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

Watch me work on Jumping Boy 4 Live on Livestream!

July 9, 2012 0 Comments

Watch me work on Jumping Boy page 04 Live on Livestream! Right now (as of 10:00pm EST)

Masters Of The Universe - Villains Commission Fin


Just wrapped up the art on this Masters Of The Universe - Villains commission, not including the Horde which is a seperate commission in progress. As well as the heroes! What do you think? I'm digging skeletors face and Evilynns pose/ face. And making the fishy guy not look goofy. http://eryckwebbgraphics.deviantart.com/art/Masters-Of-The-Universe-Villains-Commission-313674237

Cobra's Femme Fatales - Commission Fin


A commission just finished up. Defected GIJoes become Baroness' new female fatale unit. Cobra Commander is pleased! Fun stuff

Delusions of Normalsy # 8 is out now!!


Bat Girls Assemble!


Just finished up this multiple character Bat Girl piece featuring the many batgirls through the generations! http://eryckwebbgraphics.deviantart.com/art/Bat-Girls-Character-Art-Commission-313585067

Good Morning! Have a good Monday


Good Morning! Killer Clown Smiley Girl to start the week off! -http://t.co/T3IkgJxU - tackling back log today. New Delusions at noon!

Rocketeer - All Tooned Up

July 8, 2012 0 Comments

Had some free time finaly to just draw for the heck of drawing and thought it'd be a good time to go free style on an art jam group I have neglected lately and so even though I intended to do entries for both comic art alliance and all tooned up, I believe this is all I'll get to tonight. First time ever drawing him, but hes a favorite movie/ hero as a kid, and still now that movie holds up against anything today ... the effects were great. And he continues on as the main inspiration for the 1940s jumping boy character of mine named 'Ace Jumper' ... I present my take on the ROCKETEER!

All Tooned Up monthly art jam can be checked out at http://alltoonedup.blogspot.com

Capping off the weekend already? Back to work tomorrow


Back at home after a sunday dinner w/ the family. Slept in this morning for once in about a week but man I didn't sleep well. Had a nice day off though, woke up watched Top Gear ( who's hosts I am now following on Facebook, yay!! ) and then we went over to her families weekly ritual get together down the street. Now we back and wifey doin her thang elsewhere in the house, and I drawin (what else? :) ) for myself a bit. Maybe some art clubness and other non EWG or non webcomic related stuffz. And chillinz. Lots o' chillinz. I think I'll doodle it up a bit for the alltoonedup art group and for comicart alliance. Ive been so busy lately i've neglected them way too long. Time to stretch my style a bit and have some fun with it. Sounds like a good time to me! Also I promised my sister a follow up to her Megatron commission, of the other side of that scene of Optimus! woot. Get to it soon as possible there lil sis. For now, I drawin for me self. So, some self doodling and maybe chilling with icecream and netflix with the wife later. A nice relaxing Sunday before getting back to the grind this week.

Max - Masked Planet Concept Art

July 7, 2012 0 Comments

Digging the outcome of this character concept commissioned, the client paid for extra bells and whistles so I gave him extra bells and whistles. extra articulation of the inks, colors and through in the design of the Masked Planet symbol and logo type all in all happy with this concept art look! http://eryckwebbgraphics.deviantart.com/art/Max-MaskedPlanet-Character-Concept-Commission-313176838

Two of today's commissions finished up

July 6, 2012 0 Comments

Now off to spend the last hour penciling up proofs to send out. But will not be posting anything else this week! Everyone have a great weekend! Should beautiful to look at but hot as heck! Stay hydrated!!!

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