Darshin Logo Case Study

July 13, 2012

Enjoying this latest logo job, for Darshin Studios. They develop thinking/ puzzle type games for apple iphone OS and so forth. Might have a few web games as well according to my general Google search. Anywho, if you click the tag called 'Darshin Studios' on this website's keyword cloud, it'll bring up the first proof and this case study together. I'm starting to catalog different clients works / process stuff under key words. So when you click them in that cloud, you can review that clients works with you so far. Kinda nifty. Anywho here is proof two where they liked proof 1s typography but wanted a symbol so developed some ideas around the basic concept of their work. Then the bottom is narrowed down two that they liked but wanted the puzzle board situated like the rubix cube. I thought the D in the puzzle board should look like the one in the typography unaltered so I made it an unaltered 'D piece' and I liked this combination of colors so presented a possible color solution. Fun stuff, getting there. Alright, onto other stuff n' what not. Might be working late tonight since wife is going out with her mom to a store or two. Anywho ... good stuff... have a good weekend everybody

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