LFS Warmup - Final Day of Chibi Special + Chibi stream @2pmEST/EDT!

September 30, 2016

#chibi #special #warmup #drawing #sketch #steps #process #baguette

This is this morning's warmup to get geared up for today's chibi-only Drawing Request Show stream. Was also a gift art I wanted to give to LeFrenchStallion cause I'm hyped on all the chibi action this week and wanted to hook him up with one. Hes been nothing but supportive and encouraging to me since I began my adventure on Twitch, and hes one of the first pro creative streamers I discovered at that time. Always an inspiration and setting a standard for creative Twitch streamers everywhere. This gift chibi was the least that I could do.

This is also a break down of the process, from drawing/sketch to inks to colors. All the chibi orders received this week will go through that process. Each chibi takes about an 30min to finish give or take (per chibi). I put a lot into mine. I'm going to demo Chibi orders for folks who ordered via Drawing Request Show all day starting at 2pmEST! Come out to twitch.tv/eryckwebb and check it out. Will be inking/ coloring them ontop of the pencil drawing which will be a nice change for viewers hopefuly as well.

Today's stream goal is to get 10 more orders before this week's Chibi Sale ends 6pmEST! This can be via EWG Cart on the website or via DRS donation during the stream. 

Besides the Chibi order goal today will also hopefuly hit the follower goal of 350 at which time will be doing an additional giveaway wheel raffle!

Good warmup, hope LFS digs it :) Keep on rocking stallion. See folks out for the special Chibi-only stream today 2pmEST/EDT!

Should be a good time.

Drawing Request Show 80 Drawings Recap

September 29, 2016

@twitchcreates #drawing #stream #twitch #creative

Drawings done during DRS 80 over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb - M-F at 2pmEST/EDT!
Join me and the Drawing Request FAM for a special all chibi episode to end the Chibi Sale in a blaze of stubby cute glory!

Drawing Request Show 79 Drawings

September 28, 2016

@twitchcreates #drawing #stream #twitch #creative

Drawings done during DRS 79 over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb - M-F at 2pmEST/EDT!

Drawing Request Show 78 Drawings Recap

@twitchcreates #twitch #drawing #creative #requests

Drawings done during DRS 78 over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb - M-F at 2pmEST/EDT!

Drawing Request Show 77 Drawings

@twitchcreates #twitch #drawing #request #art

Drawings done during DRS 77 over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb - M-F at 2pmEST/EDT!

September Chibi Sale - Ended

September 26, 2016

#chibi #sale #art #commission #cute #kawaii #art #digitalart #drawing #character #design

This special sale event has ended 7pmEST 9/30/16 - Thank You So Much to everyone who made it a big success!
For one week only, Eryck Webb Graphics is offering fun and dynamic EWG-style chibi art for only $20 per chibi! You can have them in same canvas, or one per picture. Buyer gets stunning 11x17 full color artwork of their requested character in fun hyper-cuteness glory. You can request any fanart, original character, or even likeness of yourself or a friend/ family member/ pet. The sky is the limit!

Order securely via Paypal shopping cart below. Use your 'Nickname' you enter when checking out to keep tabs on your order via Order Tracking page. All pieces done by end of October at the latest!

1 EWG Style Chibi
$20 per chibi
11x17 300dpi artwork
This special product offer has ended!
Your Cart looks a bit empty! 

Drawing Request Shoe 76 drawings

September 23, 2016

@twitchcreates #creative #drawing

All drawings sent to their appropriate requesteers. Thank you for an amazing Drawing Request Show to end the week with! Will see everyone Monday 2pmET to so it again!

September Special: Chibi Sale Launches Monday

#sale #chibi #commission #comicart #special #september #autumn #fall

Eryck Webb Graphics is kicking off autumn with its monthly special for September! This month will be a one week special, the 'Chibi Sale'. For one week only they will be offered at no limit of purchase and for a very special price. Can be any original character, fanart character, animal. Will combine several in a picture or do each one independently! Price however will not change. All orders will be done by end of October at the latest. Count on it! Stay tuned for the price to be released on Monday when the sale goes live!

Stand by for the sale to launch early Monday morning via special shopping cart here at the eryckwebbgraphics.com website only! Happy Chibi Hunting folks! See you Monday!

Drawing Request Show 75 Drawings Recap

September 22, 2016

@twitchcreates #twitch #stream #drawing

Had a fun change up on todays stream. Since the last time I ran out of requests in the middle of a stream (dont even remember when that was, must have been several dozens of streams ago) I devised a fun 'freestyle drawing' mode where I spin a wheel with many different topics to draw and even some that include gifts for viewers for free. So I did a few requests today and about an hour of FreeStyle wheel drawings. Was a lot of fun. Thanks to all who came out and hope you enjoyed the change up!

Drawing Request Show 74 Drawings Recap

September 21, 2016

@twitchcreates #twitch #drawing #creative

As of this post all art is sent! If anybody did not get their art or the link didnt work please let me know!

This stream was a super fun one, I was drawing more on point not in the fog of allergy meds and I was cranking through the list real good. Infact something happened that i haven't had happen in a long time. The Request list ran out! Right at the end of the show so the last drawing I did was the perfect place to end it. I already have a fun surprise in place for when I dont have requests, I'll be demo-drawing and stuff via wheel picking and viewer picking. Should be a good time. See you all tomorrow 2pmET!

Batman Chibi Video - 92016 Warmup

September 20, 2016

@youtube #batman #process #digitalart

The start-to-finish process video for this Batman Chibi warmup I did this morning is up on EWG YouTube! Go check it out! 

Drawing Request Show 73 Drawing Recap

@twitchcreates #creative #drawing

As of this post, all art sent! I do believe DRS has finaly hit a stride with the current setup. I have mixed feelings about some new aspects, and some other mixed feelings about some old ones. 

Some notes:
- Have yet to really get a new person to donate for a request. Usualy just the regulars which I'm super uber thankful for but. Thinking about wearing the white hat till somebody new donates just to cause some action amongst the new followers... or something... i dunno its an ongoing puzzle. 
-The game 'Draw My Thingy' on the Game wheel was chosen today, and proved to be hella' hard. Was going to end up being like a 2 dollar giveaway which I try to do better than. So I rerolled and ended up playing Happy Umbrella Man and made 31 points (aka 15min drawing with inks upgrade for the giveaway) but nobody was able to see it cause i didnt switch screens well.
- The season/ weather changes are messing with me. I can feel it. Not performing at my best and doing stupid mistakes/ brain farts. Not to mention whatever fog I am in from my sudafed/ allergy meds.

All in all a fun one though and look forward to doing it again tomorrow! See you at twitch.tv/eryckwebb at 2pmET for more!

Drawing Request Show 72 Drawings Recap

September 19, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch #drawing #creative #art #request

Todays stream was the first on a Monday in a long while. This week I'm trying out M-F streaming again like I had done a while back. If all goes well it may be a regular thing. A lot less pressure doing it every day and I can get through more requests as well. Plus more giveaways for the Requesteers out there.
A few highlights from todays stream:
-Introduced the 'doodle cam' which i also jokingly frefer to as Augmented Reality Doodling. I can draw on my entire scene as if on a transparent sheet of glass. I draw and interact with it in real time. Or perhaps i'm actualy drawing it in real life. Who knows?
-First stream in a long time had no gratitude wheel spins after choosing to stop doing it for hosts last week. Thinking about implementing it as a thank you to anybody who donates at least $5 in the future.
Got 9 drawings done and did a special 'going live' drawing as well. Not too bad. Usualy try for around 10 each show.

Heres a highlight on EWG YouTube of thes tart of todays stream and introducing/ showing off the 'Augmented Reality Doodling' or 'DoodleCam'

Drawing Request Show Streaming 5 Days This Week!

@twitchcreates @twitch #twitch #creative #drawing

Incase folks didnt get the subtle clue yesterday, Drawing Request Show is scheduled to stream Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week! Thats right, you toss donations at me I toss epic Drawings at you per your request! Come join the fun watch some epic timed art (none longer than 15 minutes per character) and hangout for the giveaways. Five days of giveaways means five opportunities for those who maybe cant afford to donate can get away scott free with free drawing requests done immediately following the giveaway!

See you at 2pmET each day this week! If this special run goes well it may become a regular thing!

See you then, get those pencils ready!

Leo Skatin' Warmup 91616

September 16, 2016

@twitchcreates #warmup #drawing #sketch #tmnt #turtles

Commission productions been at an all time high all morning, streaming, talking to creative-streamer fans and getting lots of drawing done! I think i have like a salt hangover or something from yesterday I didnt have enough water so chugging that, strong coffee and keepin on keepin on. I'm currently taking a quick break but will be back. Enjoy the juke box over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb in the mean time and use !songrequest [insert youtube link here] in the chat to add songs to the playlist. 

Be back when the timer runs out! This warmup was a blast, only took 15 minutes. Will have to get back into practice drawing, daily warmups, etc again soon. Eventualy webcomics again. I got stories bangin around in my brain waiting to get out. 

Anywho, time to wash the dog, and get some food! See you there!

Drawing Request Show 71 Drawings and Notes

September 15, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #requests #hellboy #harleyquinn #goatboy #characterart #sketches

Ended the week's 300 follower celebration on a high note with some noteable moments.
Highlights include:
- A sad farewell to gratitude wheel spins for hosting my stream
- The final 6 winners of the ongoing raffle for $3 free drawing done instantly.
- Trayde the King Requesteer coming through with some outstanding support
- The longest Mad Lib I've done yet for LadyRat
- Learned LadyRat likes hellboy!
- A successful mini-raid on a cool fellow streamer, and was his first official raid (honored Nelsonjav!)

Its official that starting Monday I will no longer spin the gratitude wheel for anything but at least a $1 donation without a request attached. Heres a highlight of that moment, enjoy:

Watch 'Gratitude Wheel Quits Or Does It?' on the EWG YouTube Channel:

Drawing Request Show 70 Drawings Recap

September 14, 2016

@twitchcreate @twitch #creative #drawing #stream

All art is now sent! Holy crap, had some fun drawing requests. Broke par for the first time in the war. I average about 10-12 drawings per stream this is 13. Not too shabby! Today is the first day in a slightly adjusted format for the stream.

Heres a few things that changed starting today:
- Max pencils is 15, Inks are still 30 and done off stream still, and inks/ colors are 45 now.
- VIP system is back in place. People who pay more get upfront more.
- The 3min drawing request giveaways seem to be a hit and are a lot of fun. Congrats to all who have won some so far.
- No more free requests. Must pay at least $1 to get a 1 minute request and so on. I give enough away via gratitude wheel and giveaways this shouldnt be a problem. Hangout long enough your bound to win something.
- The general scale is $1-5 is bust drawing (or more at my disgression), 6-10 is simple lineart drawing, 15 is full blown sketch drawing with extra shading/ white enhancements. Sometimes even color if time.
- For now to save time, the animated intro is removed and theres no warmup period.
- When/ if I run out of requests I'll work on upgrades live.

One further announcement as I have decided to have a better balance of my time and what I spend it on I will no longer be doing episode recap videos. I will however when I feel theres a highlight I want to hold onto/ post to EWG YouTUBE from my streams I will post them. Like particularly epic drawing sessions/ chat moments and stream moments. Look forward to that.

Alright, I know its hard to believe ( hur hur ) but I have not even been at this a full year yet and am still fine tuning the format a bit. Stick with me and witness the evolution babyyyyyy (or sompin).


Warmup Sketch 91216 - Cory Engages The Funny

#drawing #creative #warmup #sketch @tnccomics

Just getting in the groove this morning before some major black and white commission work. TNC's 'Cory' engaging the funny, per the norm! If you havent read TnC you need to. Created/Written by Cory Matthews, drawn/ lettered by me colored by Kristina ... check it out here: facebook.com/tnccomics

Drawing Request Show: Episode 69 Drawings

September 13, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #request

All these drawings have been sent! If you did not get it or the link did not work pleaset dont be shy, let me know! Thanks to all who came out made today a really nice stream. I was trying a few new things this week so it wasn't the smoothest stream ever but I believe it got through ok! Folks seemed to enjoy the raffle format that has been implemented this week. Every 30 minutes, a $3 minute drawing was raffled off and worked on immediately. The results above are mostly those wins! Giving away 6 of them each day all week!

-$3 drawing given away every 30 minutes. 
-SongRequest was enabled so folks had fun picking random music during the stream
-Enjoyed meeting a new face or two!

Come back out Wednesday and Thursday for a chance to win more $3 drawing freebies.

See you then!

Drawing Request Show - Eps 68 Birthday Stream Drawings

@twitchalerts @twitch #twitch #drawing #creative #request #pokemon #malificent #rat

Had a fantastic birthday stream on Thursday, September 8th 2016. Lots of fun antics and basicly a big on-stream party with balloons popped for every 10 dollars received and a special birthday donation goal to help offset cost of a slow week and going out to eat for my birthday. The stream was not without some awesome drawings, only made better by the loose flow of the Birthday Juice I drank the whole time. Tasty tasty juice of creative inspiration ... that was my story and i'm still sticking to it. 

- Hit 300 followers (and passed it)
- Popped a balloon in a creative manner per $10 dollars. 
- Did two giveaways, one normal and one for hitting 300 followers.
- Had a lot of fun!

Heres two highlight videos from this stream. The week recap video is coming later this week (was busy all weekend). 

Drawing Request Show hits / passes 300 followers! THIS IS MADNESS!

Popped balloons in celebration for supporters donations! Epicness insued. When all the balloons were popped the minimum donation goal was met!

Drawing Request Show 67 Drawings Recap

September 7, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #stream #x23 #pinup #wererat #demon #superhero #link #zelda #wow #legion

Had a very very fun stream today and got a lot of epic drawing done. The requests were great and the chat even greater. Enjoy the 11 drawings above and and be sure to come back tomorrow 2pmET for Thursdays show. Will be doing a birthday stream on 9/8 (my birthday) from 2pmET-5/6 and the theme will be set around that. Epic drawing requests will ensue and wheels will spin. Shenanigans will happen for sure. So be sure to come out. Im going to try and start early!
Some highlights/ notes from this stream:
- The creative hype was out of hand as people flooded emotes and kept me pumped up through many of the drawings!
- We had lots of new faces eager to grab up some free 5 minute drawing requests and I look forward to doing them tomorrow!
- We had a 50 dollar giveaway for hitting 280 followers last thursday and I anticipate hitting 300 tomorrow on my birthday (how appropriate!). When we do it'll trigger a special celebratory stream for next week which will be a special of its very own seperate from the normal request queue!
- Though the Google Drive links i sent for yesterdays stream didnt work for a lot of folks I reworked it today and sent via Whisper so everyone should have their art now! If you do not please juset let me know i'll try to resend!
- Technical diffulcties abound today with the internet/ twitch connection. Will be looking into that a bit but very happy that the stream worked out anyways. Many thanks to the loyal 'Requesteers' for hanging in there.
See you tomorrow, lets end this week's streams on a high note :)

See you at the next live stream! Follow twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show: Episode 66 Drawings

September 6, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch #drawing #creative #stream #twitch

As of this post, all art is sent! The stream was a fun one today. I had a little trouble getting in the groove at first but the chatters really helped me work through it. Ended up doing 12 drawings total for multiple requesters and even went into overtime srawing an extra two hours! At the end of the stream i did a mini raid onto electric kittenz stream. she asked to see what i was working on on stream and was very encouraging when she looked at my work! thanks EK!
Streaming again tomorrow at 2pmET and same time Thursday!
See you at the next live stream! Follow at http://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show 63-65 Week Recap Video

September 3, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch @drawing #creative #youtube #recap

This week saw a healthy increase in new faces and unique variety of requests. Most of which were won on the gratitude wheel and were under 10 minutes. tuesday ( episode 63 ) saw the stream go well beyond its 280 follower goal so a $50 giveaway was held at the end of the week ( episode 65). Episode 63 saw the addition of new items on the Gratitude Wheel thst allowed even more supporter control overcthe stream. Episode 64 saw the introduction of new EWG character alerts which seemed to be a hit. By the time we did the giveaway on thursday we were half way to the new follow goal of 300. So heres to next week and the road to 300 followers.

Episode 63 drawings can be seen here http://www.eryckwebbgraphics.com/2016/08/drawing-request-show-episode-63-drawings.html

Episode 64 drawings  can be seen here http://www.eryckwebbgraphics.com/2016/08/drawing-request-show-episode-64.html

Episode 65 drawings  can be seen here http://www.eryckwebbgraphics.com/2016/09/drawing-request-show-65-recap.html

If you missed any of the streams, be sure to check out the edited recap video on EWG YouTube below. To watch the drawings, hear the original discussions, commentary and music not to mention gratitude wheel spins in real time, be sure to come out to a live stream. Follow at twitch.tv/eryckwebb!

Drawing Request Show 65 recap

September 1, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing

As of this post all these pices have been sent to the respective requester! Todays stream was amazing! Ontop of working on these live drawings during todays steram we did a special $50 giveaway! Congrats to the 5 winners and heres looking forward to drawing your requests next week!
Stream Highlights:
-A lot of short ones under 10  minutes. 
-Epic fanarts
- A special surprise 5th wheel spin via the game of fate when the main giveaway was over. 
-Already half way to the 300 follower goal.
Goodnight and have an awesome weekend! Will post the week's recap video around the weekend!
See you at the next live Drawing Request Show! Weekly every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 2pmEasternTime! Hope to see you then!

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