Crew Balloons - Twitch Subs 2021 Group Picture

September 22, 2021


#balloon #chibis #cartoon #avatars #subscribers

This is a group illustration of the subscribers that were supporting my Twitch stream as of summer of 2021. Thank you to plushninja and jambocricket for sponsoring a silly in the moment sketch I did on stream one day, so that it might be finished inked and colored. Their only wish was that the piece be made available to all the subs after it was done. So this is now available on the Discord, to subs only. Also, for easy poster and sticker and tshirt use, I have put it on Redbubble here

Enjoy, and thank you foe making this drawing dream a reality!

Subscribe to my Twitch channel, then sync your sub with Discord, then download the hires file from the subs only art drop section.

Sketchbook Scan: Streaming and Viewing

September 17, 2021


Click to enlarge

Dats a wrap for this week and this Friday! Masterlist updated ( for those who like to peep it over the weekend ) and all art sent! Thanks for supporting me and making streams with me just chilling doodling in my sketchbook with you all possible. Amazing stuff. 

We're officialy 1 week turnaround with upgrades! See you Monday! Goodnight!

Oh - and did a hires clean scan of the 'Streamer and Viewers' drawing -- dropped it on the Discord! ENJOY! #micdrop

Random Shape Drawing Exercise

September 14, 2021


New on the EWG YouTube! 3 Random Shape Drawing Exercise - check out how to do one of my favorite practice exercises! Enjoy!

#drawing #exercise #demo #practice #tutorial #lesson #art #sketch #inkscape #wacom 

Ferocious Cat Practice Drawing + Process Video

September 12, 2021


"Their first mistake was assuming they could just take the catnip and get away with it scratch free..."

Check out the process of this practice drawing and listen to the voiceover commentary on the ewYOUTUBE:

#cat #drawing #inkscape #feline #process #art

5th Year Sub Badge Comes Monday

September 10, 2021


THANK YOU for a fun Friday drawing requests for you guys! I'm going to be working on new sub badges for the channel over the weekend as SUNDAY we unlock the 5 year badge!! All art sent, list updated. And I'm not resetting the list! #seeyouthen

Book Reading Fairy || Request Rewind on You Tube

September 9, 2021


New on EWG You Tube! -- Book Reading Fairy || From a recent Twitch stream!

#fairy #drawing #book #reading #fairytail #fantasy #inkscape #sketch 

Thank you for a great 40th birthday stream!

September 8, 2021


click to enlarge

Holy crap! THANK YOU for all the overwhelming love today. We had 3 Drawing ( Hype ) Trains and so many subs and bits  wishing me a happy bday -- THANK YOU! This gift art hit me right in the feels! Be back Friday 10amET for more DRS!!! Cake time!!!! Get the art out by tomorrow!

40 years of draws


Here embarks my 40th year of learning how to draw! There shall be cake!

 #cake #birthday #yummy #pretty #smellssogood #cake #birthday

Fish Creature Drawing: 'Unicorn Tuna'

September 7, 2021


Watch me draw this beaut in my new YouTube video! 

" Unicorn Tuna were the pride of the mediterenean for centuries. But when humans started catching and canning Tuna, they were happy to let yellowfins, skipjacks and albacore have the spotlight... "

A 20 minute drawing for practice condensed to about 1 minute.

Drawn in Inkscape with a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium 

#drawing #fish #tuna #unicorn #creature #design #inkscape #wacom 

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