Run Of The Mill Returns - Preview

August 31, 2015

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Run Of The Mill Returns! 
Monday, September 17th, 2015! You have been warned!
Catch up for the return, with the strips posted so far over at

Mario Style Fishing Chibi - Finished Shirt Art Commission

#supermario #mario #chibi #nintendo #fishing #fishingtournament #basstournament #boat #inkscape #photoshop

A fun tshirt graphic piece finished up this afternoon. A caricature of a friend of the client but having the fishing challenge of his life against a mario style fish. So went for an overall mario-esque aesthetic to the whole thing mixed with my own style/ chibi style and vwala. The blue background overall is transparent on the finished version the elements float on whatever color shirt the client or his customers end up using. Had a lot of fun with this one. Love commissions like this and the creative freedom I was generaly allowed.
Penciled in Photoshop, Inked in Inkscape, colored in Photoshop. 12x16, 300dpi canvas

Trying out New Pens - Traditional Practice

#traditional #micron #pigma #brushpen #whiteout #whiteacrylic #paintpen #alcoholmarkers #spectrumnoir

So, in midst of straightening up my studio this afternoon, couldn't help but take a few minutes and try out the new pens i got from Pat Catans art supplies store yesterday. I inquired with a few artists in the past about what they use for their white areas and highlights, and many referred to a white paint pen. I believe one swore by Painters Acrylic paint pen too. Well I found a an opaque white paint pen called 'Painters' and also wanted to try another. I found a Sharpie oil based paint pen, figured sharpies were usually good so tried that too. I also picked up some new Pigma brush pens cause the ones i had were drying out and the tips were bad. I did a lights ketch in pencil and then inked it with one of the new brush pens. Filling in large black areas with a bigger black marker i have. Then I used the painters paint pen to go over it do white details and white out areas that i wanted to 'perfect'. To my surprise its not a perfect disappearance like if i was to do it digital, but its heck of a lot better than a 'white out pen' or any of those. It would go down bold and smooth and i could even taper the end with the right hand gesture. Then I tried the sharpie oil based pen. Total crap. Doesn't cover very well at all, doesn't come out smooth and bold and the oil based-ness just beads up and makes a wierd texture when it goes over top the waterproof pens and alcohol based black marker. So, I stuck the finished piece (once it dried) in the copier and it printed out a low-quality (i did not turn the quality up) black and white copy. It did a great job of producing a black and white image hiding all areas i went over with the Painters pen as if the line art was that way before I used it. Where the Sharpie one had been still showed up in the copy.
Printout copies are great to use alcohol markers on as the lineart doesn't bleed, so i proceeded to color the piece, THEN (and this is REALLY what I wanted a white pen for) I went over and did touch ups and highlights and shines. The Painters pen did even better at this, with barely any see-through and brought the colors to life with bold highlight effects. The sharpie pen barely went over the markers at all and i pretty much gave up a few strokes in. The Painters paint pen is the best and I will be using it from here on out :)
My traditional art endeavors got a little upgrade today :)

Cory Brawlin - Warmup Sketch

@tnccomics #sketchbook #sketch #warmup #digitalart #tnc #streetfighter #brawl

Warmup this morning to get the ol' hand working. Inspired lately to see how far I can push my pencil work and rendering. Can see that especitaly around the face on this piece and the fore-front hand's knuckles.
About 30 min
Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
Wacom Intuos 2
Fantastic Plastic Machine playing whilst

JB sketch. Daily discipline

August 30, 2015

#samsunggalaxynote #sketch #sketchbook 

A sketch I did this morning whilst having coffee. Looking forward to the wife and I going to pat catans art store get some new brush pens and maybe a white paint pen. 
And browse :)

Give Em The Finger - Personal Work

August 29, 2015

+Gary DaFinger @WFNGR696 #rockabilly #stonerrock #rock #redhead #robot #sludge #stoner #doom #amps #fuzzbox #barrel #exhaust #battleaxe #uzi

Finished personal work of an idea I was inspired to do from a post several weeks ago by WFNGR on their Facebook page. They had done a Photoshop mashup of their computer box and some random robot legs, arms and head and jokingly stated it was their mascot. They also had mentioned something about 'thought about doing a bad ass redhead but ended up with this instead'. I thought 'why not both?' and this piece came to mind and I was compelled to illustrate it. All the while enjoying the wide variety of genres and bands on the net radio station itself.
Penciled in Photoshop, inked in Inkscape and colored in Photoshop with various textures from my ever growing texture library of textures from around the web.

Fun stuff, hope WFNGR digs it, if they toss me their email i will toss a hires copy to them! Rock on sirs! I did not do a YouTube recording. I did however stream most of the work on this. And took work in progress shots along the way. So might do a process section post at some point showing the steps on this. Till then, enjoy and have a good night! And definitely check out ... very refreshing and exciting rock that you don't hear anywhere else. Discover something new that just tickles the ol' fancy on a regular basis.

Have a great weekend!

Super Chibi Science Guys - Sketch

August 28, 2015

#science #planetarysociety #sketch #scientists #superheroes #caricatures

A sketch of a work in progress, chibi-style/ caricature style of 4 of the science communities most modern fore-front dudes as super heroes. Maybe with Sagan at top sort of the leader and the other three heading into action! see if I cant get this one finished today.

King Louie - Sketch Dailies Warmup Sketch

@Sketch_Dailies #Sketch_Dailies #KingLouie #JungleBook #Disney #SecretOfFire #Fire #aztec #mayan #samsunggalaxynote #sketchbook #autodesk #warmup #sketch

Sketch of 'King Louie' from Jungle Book, for the art prompt today. Lately just really enjoy drawing apes for their proportions and overall physical design I guess.
I gotta find a better means of recording my work on the tablet, I realize the video on the EWG YouTube channel shown below isn't the most crisp clarity but I had it focusing as far as it would focus. Will try to find other methods of recording it. I wanted to show the actual hand at work not just time-lapse of the canvas. Done on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 with Spen in Autodesk Sketchbook. About 30 minutes, sped up to about 5.

Thanks for looking! Leave comments/ questions below and I'll reply promptly and accurately as I can :) 

Inkscape Sketch Session

August 27, 2015

#sketch #inkscape #doodle #raven #spidergwen #gargoyle #tmnt #ghostbusters #car #monster #kirby

An hour or two doodle session just sketching whatever came to mind on one big canvas via Inkscape and occassionaly something shouted out by folks in the chat like Raven, the ghost buster girl and spider gwen.

Fun stuff. Depositing this in the Sketchbook Section!

Super Fishin Bros - Tshirt Graphic Inks

#supermariobros #mario #mariobros #supermario #fishing #wrangler #chibi #fishingboat #gonefishing

Inks for a tshirt graphic in the works. The client wanted a caricature of a friend mixed with mario and I came up with this mario/chibi/caricature hybrid. Like how the inks came out so thought I'd share. Colors to come. Pencils were done in photoshop, and inks were done in Inkscape. 

The Smart One - Tablet Warmup Sketch

#tmnt #utmnt #ninjaturtles #donatello #samsunggalaxynote #sketchbook #sketchbookmobile #spen #sketch #warmup #dailydicscipline

Warming up this morning on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014, in Autodesk Sketchbook. Channeling my best 'CreatureBox' impersonation it seems with the inks and textures. Wanted to do a more true-turtle-esque picture and throw on a bandana. Also in thinking about it, its funny how the turtles ended up looking 'likeable' enough but most of the other mutants turn out horribly disfigured or impractical. Especialy in the new Nickelodeon cartoon. 
Alright, fun stuff. Mostly with a brush tool with blacks/ near-black grays and whites and then a single color layer of purple. 

Fun stuff, onto ink some ninja turtles for nick now.

Spider Cuz - July Sale Chibi

August 26, 2015

#inks #chibi #colors #spiderman #spidey #marvel #webslinger #web #spiderweb #spider #commission #caricature #fanart

Finished fanart-chibi-caricature commission of client's young cousin as spiderman in a pose paying homage to an earlier work I did for them with Shazam. Liked how hte inks came out and then the final colors. All in all had a lot of fun with this one. Hope they love it. 

SpongeBob SquarePants - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

@sketch_dailies #sketch_dailies #sketch #spongebob #nickelodeon #drawing #sketchbook

This morning's warmup was inspired by the prompt over at - I think it was a day or two ago but sounded fun regardless. Totaly just went with whatever came to mind, thought a textured gritty sponge with a not so 'big eyed' facial expression, and some big square pants. Fun stuff. Done completely on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2015 in Sketchbook Mobile - and recorded and uploaded to the Desktop computer to make a video. This video is not sped up its in real time but only recorded the strokes and activity not the pauses. So is only about 2 minutes 30 seconds for the actual drawing. Enjoy!

Subscribe to the EWG YouTube channel for weekly videos like this and feel free to check out more work on YouTube and here in the Art Gallery!

Dynama - July Sale Order Under The Belt

August 25, 2015

#electric #power #spark #superheroine #championsonline #inkscape #photoshop

Finished July Sale Commish of 'Dynama' - a neutral faced android lady with electric power armor to boot! Had fun with the electricity. One more under the belt in the small bundle of July Sale commissions I still have left to do!

Vector - July Sale Order - Completed

#originalcharacter #characters #superheroes #characterart #inkscape #photoshop

Finished July Sale order of 'Vector', character created/owend by RodCom - thanks for the commission sir! Streaming live on Picarto right now! Working on a couple more tonight! (As of 8:45pm EST) Hope you'll come have a seat!

Vector - Base Sketch - July Sale order

#sketch #figure #characterart

Liked how this character art for RodCom is coming out, of his OC 'Vector'. This is the loose base sketch, pretty much ready to ink and color. I am going to add a few notes about his costume for the inking stage but yeah, digging it so far. Again, most of these July Sale orders I'm doing in the theme of providing a solid 'profile pic' or 'character design' portrayal. So they're all mostly standing poses w/ some embellishment here and there to mix them up but pretty straight forward for the most part.

Getting last of the July Sale orders squared away. Yeah I grossly underestimated their time to complete but getting them done one by one. Don't want to rush them either really just tryin to keep them all coming out as good as I can. I think for the most part customers understand. That and I lost a good week from a death in the family so that will knock the wind out of everyone for sure.

15 Min Posemaniacs Sketch Drill and Video - 82515

 @takayukifukatsu #posemaniacs #sketch #warmup #practice #drilling

Wanted to share the love for '' which provides a large and growing library of figure poses for artists to use as reference. I also more specifically love the 30 second interval program that can go faster or slower than that depending on your preference. I like to set a second timer for 5 to 15 minutes or to a half hour and just fill a canvas full of figures, switching every 30 seconds. It gets your hand warmed up, your brain working faster and if you do it regularly, there's no way you won't improve. I recommend it to aspiring and professional artists alike. After all, no matter where you are on your creative journey, your still a student. Know what I mean? Check out the image of the canvas I did from this morning's 30 seconds per figure / 15 minutes for whole session. And enjoy the video of it in real time. I sped it up a bit of course so that its more around 5 minutes but the session was actually about 15.

Thanks for checking this out! Please feel free to comment/ ask questions below!

Good Morning! Crowd Funding Reminders

August 24, 2015

#crowdfunding #comic #campaign #publishing

Good Morning! New week, new chance to knock what you do out of the park. Help EWG and its associates knock a few projects out of the park by lending your support today! Heres a reminder of a couple Kickstarters and IndieGoGos going on right now. Last but not least some Patreon pages where you can show your continued support for the passion projects we're putting out on a regular basis. Thanks for any and all consideration and see you on the interwebs!

Ungrounded: The First Revolution
(Ungrounded Sequel)
Kickstarter for upgrading additional content:

UTMNT #1 Print Run 2
(Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Comic looking to print more physical copies)
Indie Go Go fundraiser:

UTMNT Ongoing Support
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Patreon UTMNT support

Galvatron and Nova Prime: Heroes

August 20, 2015

Revised the image below - I had used Lio Convoy (Maximal) color scheme when I was supposed to use the Nova Prime (Autobot) Scheme above. Gave me a chance to tweak some saturation and other things as well. 

#transformers #novaprime #galvatron #robot #drawing #art

Finished July Sale order of Galvatron and Nova Prime together ready to take it to the enemies. I've been drawing these guys in black and white all year but this was the first time I got to color them. Fun stuff! Thats it for this evening. Hope Pete over at Fun Publications digs the piece!
Outta here, pick up work in the morning.

2015 Sketchbook: Latest In A Long Tradition

#sketchbook #art #drawing #sketchbooks #practice #bookcovers #discipline #skill

Was doing a Skype chat with some fellow art comrades last night and mentioned something about filling about a sketchbook a year, though in truth, my latest one is about two years of content. But it got me thinking that I never really shared anything about my sketchbooks before. I've got at least one for every year going back to like 1993 or so and I've kept everyone. About 10-15 years ago I started enjoying wrapping them in either paper to draw on or some kinda of funky cardboard signage and making them even more personalized. Here's a look at my latest one. And a quick glimpse at past ones and my growing collection of personal sketchbooks.

The front cover of this year's sketchbook. I liked the pizza hut symbol and all the typography thought it would be cool to wrap my sketchbook in. The front and back are essentially the same but the front I turned the 'hut' symbol into a 'bump on a log' hat and put my signature on there. 

A look inside, some storyboarding and page layout thumbs with dialogue and notes

Character sketches and notes on another spread from in this sketchbook

Designing a bird character for a greeting card I did,k and various tests/ practicing and bleed through of some alcohol markers

Last page of the sketchbook, I made a pocket in the back cover for my 'bleed through' paper and to hold other paper later on. That way, when I go to use markers i grab it out of the back and put it behind the page I'm working on so i don't get markers going through 5 or more pages of blank paper

The back cover, oriented different so not to confuse with the front. Both front and back covers are bound with duct tape which I thought gave it kinda a cool look with the black and red and that's about it. This sketchbook at this point is about 60% full. Long way to go!

This is a tradition I've had with my sketchbooks for at least the last decade or so. Hardbound 8.5x11 sketchbooks and then cover them either in paper and illustrate on them or cover them in a cardboard with interesting design/ signage qualities. 

 These are the rest of my sketchbook collection going back to the early 90s. Many were never customized. Again that's something I basically started doing in college. Why I never did it before that is beyond me. Its a very enjoyable fulfilling thing. Just makes it more 'mine'.

And finaly here are the last of my sketchbooks. 8.5x5.5 in size and one thats more like 3.5 x 5.5 which used to go everywhere with me on trips and such. 

Every one of these sketchbooks is probably 80% if not completely 100% full. Most I'd fill, then go back and fill in blank pages that were left. But several I stopped and started a new sketchbook before I finished it 100%. 

Thanks for taking the time to look at this ongoing tradition I have, of filling about one sketchbook every year. I can definitely say that my artistic growth in part, would not be where it is today if it weren't for this annual discipline of love.

Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments below and thank you again for checking it out!

Galvatron and Megatron - July Sale Sketches

August 18, 2015

Shattered Glass Galvatron

Shattered Glass Megatron

G1-esque Evil Megatron

Just some wip transformers July sale pieces purchased by a fan of my current run on transformers collectors club comic I'm working on this year for Fun Publications/ Hasbro. The heroic, Galvatron at top and Megatron in the middle with an evil Megatron on the bottom. Drawn in AutoDesk sketchbook on my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet. Fun stuff hope he'll dig them. Shot them over to my desktop to ink and color next. But Stopping for now. Filing this post under Sketchbook as these are prelim sketch pieces. The finished works will be under Client Work. Look for more like this in the Art gallery on this website! Might work more tonight. Have a good one

Fighting Yank - Finished Character Art Commission

#characterart #commission #fightingyank #inkscape #photoshop #digitalart

Finished character art commission of 'Fighting Yank' for J Lemar - hope he digs it! This was done 11x17 300dpi canvas, penciled in photoshop, inked in Inkscape and colored in photoshop. 
Any questions, comments can be left below! See more works like this in the EWG Art Gallery on  this site! Onto the next piece! 

WoodStock - Sketch Dailies Warmup

#Sketch_Dailies @Sketch_Dailies #Woodstock #Sketch #Warmup #Drawing

My take this morning on 'Woodstock' from Peanuts fame. Done while listening to the news on the TV sipping morning coffee on the couch drawing on the tablet.

Excited for a couple rainy days... always kinda helps me focus more. I find rainy days calming and tranquil. Alright - time to get to it! Thanks for checking out this sketch. Will be filed under 'Sketchbook' in the Art Gallery on this site.

Good Morning! New Week, New Production Plan

August 17, 2015

#production #workflow #calender #gameplan

Good Morning! Its the beginning of another week and a chance to get on the ball once again. I've kicked the allergy meds and their withdrawal effects, had some really nice low key days off and hit the ground running feeling 100% this morning. Before I dive into some of today's TNC work (as you can see in the picture) I wanted to map out the week and make sure I had a heads up on what needs done and where I want to be by the end.

Part of what I believe has helped the success of Eryck Webb Graphics is the transparency. I'm not hiding anything from anybody, and if you ask I'll answer to the best of my ability. In that same theme I thought colleagues, clients and fans alike would get a kick out of seeing what a typical week looks like for me.

This white board hangs above my desk by my ninja turtles calender and is my guideline for the week. I try to keep it as realistic as possible but sometimes something comes up, something gets in the way or one of these items just takes twice as long as I've allowed for. So, if your in the queue, you can look see if your on there. Most everyone is. Comic jobs are in the morning, character art/ other jobs are in the afternoon. I will be relieved to get the July sale orders done for a while and have a bit more relaxed schedule for a bit. Till the next sale anyway :)

Have a great week!

Any questions or comments regarding this post and my production schedule can be left below I'll answer as soon as possible.

July Sale Order Status - Completion Push Back

August 12, 2015

I know everyone's looking on in fear, but the situation is just what it is. Despite my best efforts to plan and pace myself to get July Sale orders done by end of this week, I lost many days to family viewing/ funeral stuff, and ensuing other family stuff and then post-all-that exhaustion. So, the new tentative completion of all July Sale orders will be by next week, August 21st!

Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm sure in most cases it won't blow out anybodies plans. Who knows, I may get them done earlier.

Please do not email me every day asking for their progress, I will be doing them majorly in order of received, and you can view where you are in line on the EWG Order Tracking page here: 

Thank you and have them to you soon! 

Stay tuned to EWG Twitter/ Facebook/ Deviant Art for announcement of Livestreams. Currently, Livestreams will only feature July Sale orders!

Rest and Reload-itating

August 10, 2015

Sometimes you draw your arse off in a fury of motivation and/or determination. Then some days you just don't want to pick up a pen. Today was one of those days. I did get a small warmup for my sister-in-law done today. Other than that, nothing. I partly blame the sinus/migraine headache I woke up with, and then the fog I was in from the meds I took for them. But a movie that provided some creative fuel for me today, was 'Journey To The West' on Netflix. An often comical but more often than not epic kung fu mythology epic by the fellow who did Kung Fu Hustle. Telling the story of Journey To The West and the Monkey King. Not sure how close it is to the original mythos but definitely inspired stuff. I recommend! Anywho, spending some time this evening revisiting my ol' pal the digital canvas. Hello ol' friend, its been about 4 days or so without touching you because of funeral/ viewing/ family stuff, but I told ya I'd be back.

Dig It - Minecraft themed VLS shirt art

#minecraft #digging #digit #learning

A sneak peak of some art I did this morning for Village Learning Center, some art to be used on a tee or poster or what have you! Stylized, 'cutiefied' miner and pick axe. The mound hes getting ready to dig down into has Village Learning Center logo. The letters of course are Minecraft-esque. 
Fun warmup. Finding myself having a hard time getting back to work after the past couple days off. This and a couple other more personal projects will help remedy that. Just a preview for now as this is still pending final approval and all. Didnt really draw anything during that time, which is never good for staying in the groove. 
But heres to getting the groove back. Kick it stella!

Raph vs Mousers - UTMNT

August 6, 2015

#raphael #raph #tmnt #utmnt #teenagemutantninjaturtles #mousers #webcomic #fancomic #fanart

Stand alone illustration done for webcomic depicting UTMNT Raphael vs some mousers. Do believe its the first time I've drawn those little buggers, so had a ball with this one.

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Thanks for your help. 
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