Batman - Warmup 2/29/16

February 29, 2016

#batman #dccomics #dcentertainment #sketchbookpro #wacom #warmup #sketch

A warmup sketch in +SketchBookPro this morning of Batman taking a few liberties with the design. Rendered it in a 'finished pencil' kinda way. The face is mainly the rendered area and it gets looser as it goes out from there. Streamed the warmup had a couple folks come check it out. Alright, well despite battling a migraine this morning (bet Batman has a lot of those) I am pushing through and attempting to have a productive Monday. If you'd like to see it start to finish check out the recording while its available here:

Jet Pack Girl - 22816

February 28, 2016

#jetpack #flyinggirl #jetgirl #spacesuit #sketchbook

Finished artwork just for fun tonight of 'Jetpack Girl' done on stream on Twitch with a momentary interlude of a 15 donation sketch. Fun time all around. Needed to unwind and do this today was very refreshing. Tried some things texture/ aesthetic wise, not sure if it worked but this is what I got haha.
Check out the recording of the stream available for a limited time on the EWG Twitch channel here:

Battle Mount - 2-27-16

#sketchbookpro #autodesk #robot #mech #mecha #pilot #battlebot #robot #wacom

Wanted to do some freestyle drawing tonight before going to bed, enjoyed firing up a Billy Idol best of album and opening Sketchbook Pro and going to town on this. Random mech design, no doubtedly influenced by Creature Box designs. Learned some new things, and getting to really like some of the aesthetics acheived using sketchbook pro.
Fun stuff, definitely on a robot kick lately. Can check out the stream of this here for a limited time:

Learning To Fly - Bots N Birds 2 - 22716

February 27, 2016

@wacom @samsung @autodesk #sketchbook #galaxynote10 #robots #birds #drawing #twitch

A personal piece I illustrated on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 with a Wacom Bamboo Smart stylus and using the Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile app. I think I got the idea for the aesthetic style from some of CreatureBox's sketches where they drew an ink drawing and used ball point pen or pencil for texture/ shading and wanted to play with a similar approach. Was a lot of fun and relaxing to work on and it was cool I could do it live from my tablet in my dining room then bring it upstairs midway through the shading portion and plug in the charger and keep working with it upstairs in my studio. This is the best attempt yet I really like how the aesthetic style came out on this one. A big difference is this is a higher res canvas then the previous one. Though the series for the moment is 'Birds N Bots' cause that just seems to be the trend with these, I thought of this one as the title 'Learning To Fly' and had the Pink Floyd song in my head the whole time.

Streamed it on twitch live, and you can see the video for a limited time (only stays up for a few weeks) here

Something So Tiny - Bots And Birds 1 - 22616

@wacom @samsung @autodesk #sketchbook #galaxynote10 #robots #birds #drawing #twitch

A personal piece I illustrated on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 with a Wacom Bamboo Smart stylus and using the Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile app. I think I got the idea for thi aesthetic style from some of CreatureBox's sketches where they drew an ink drawing and used ball point pen or pencil for texture/ shading and wanted to play with a similar approach. Successful in some regards kinda subpar for others. But a fun piece to work on.

Streamed it on twitch live, and you can see the video for a limited time (only stays up for a few weeks) here

22516 Cool Down Session

February 25, 2016

#twitch #cooldown #freesketch #freestyle #sketchrequests 

Ended this afternoon's stream with a 20 minute freestyle cooldown session. At the end of my streams I like to end with a 15-20 minute cooldown session dictated by viewers/ chatters still with me at the end. Chatters can call out any word combo, character that is not an OC or object/ vehicle or theme that I then draw there and then to my satisfaction. So folks are encouraged to stay till the end of the stream, because once I do this the file is hires saved and availble to download via google drive link. So heres this one, 20 minutes with suggestions by SaltyRoo except I did the batman/ hellboy. He pulled out some awesome characters i either 1, havent heard of 2, havent thought of in years or 3 ever drawn. So it was a lotta fun. Recognize any of these?
The hires is available for at least today here:

Dig Dug FanArt Complete

February 23, 2016

#digdug #twitch #stream #fanart #videogame #8bit #classic

Thats it for this week's tuesday edition of EWG DoodleStream! Got this DigDug retro videogame fanart all wrpaped up and really enjoyed working on it. I hope you enjoyed seeing the process start to finish. If you missed it, a process piece and video will be featured on this site soon. But for now, time for bed! Good night, and see you Thursday for another doodlestream where I'll be speficily taking doodle requests convention style - the open table for art requests without the convention.

Mikey TMNT practice sketch

February 20, 2016

#Mikey #Michelangelo #tent #samsunggalaxynote #twitch

Streamed from my Samsung galaxy note 10.1 this afternoon using Gusher app and streaming to twitch. Then towards the end when I went to add some orange accents it started crashing ( sketchbook mobile ) so left it the way you see here. Good practice, a content Mikey enjoying the day like I've been doing today.

Been sunny and warm and great hanging outside with the wife and dawgies and even getting our hands dirty with some weeding. Looking forward to a church dinner tonight then a Sunday dinner at me and Kristina tomorrow. Some nice contrast to balance out the time working with some actual time living away from work ;)

If you missed it, head over to and check it out. There's also other past streams to watch!

Slew of Character Art Done This Evening

#digitalart #characterart #twitch #stream #inkscape #photoshop

Heres a look at a batch of character arts I got done tonight. 3 of which were already flatted thanks to my wife and partner in EWG crime Kristina. Then 3 were sketches from DoodleStream sessions on twitch that I finished inked and colored and then finished shades and highlights on the already flatted pieces. The one was just to be inked not colored but it made up for it in details I tell ya. All in all a great way to end the week. I didn't get to everything I wanted to today/ this week but got pretty darn close. Going forward I already have a better schedule mapped out for the next 2-3 weeks of work. So if your worried about 'wheres my cmmission' i can tell yuo more specificly. As always you can check the order tracking page as well. Alright, have a great weekend - and pick it all up next week! Will be looking forward to having folks out to Doodlestream 9pmEST on EWG twitch channel for the completion of that dig dug tribute piece and then thursday might do a straight up sketch request session. Who knows, have a good one!

Good Morning Have A Good Friday

February 19, 2016

#twitch #work #playlist #todos #commissions #schedule #roster #queue

Good morning! Getting to work on this short list of todos here at the end of the week. Will probably stream most of the day while working on stuff, so feel free to come on out ask questions or just watch the art.

Had a good DoodleStream lastnight, made some serious progress on the DigDug fanart piece i'm doing as a homage to one of my favorite classic shootemups. If you missed it you can see the broadcast here. Retro Videogame Fanart Part 2: (ignore the plugged-nose voice, its that time of year folks!)

And come out check me workin live today and anytime on EWG Twitch channel: - I made some adjustments to the tip/donation tiers, and tried to make the info more clear to understand. Also added a note about general chat requests anytime i'm lookin to do a warmup/ cooldown or just sketch interlude. But donors will always have more priority.

Have a great Friday, end the week on a high note! Go Go GO!

DigDug FanArt Finished Inked - Colors Next Week

February 18, 2016

#digdug #fanart #twitch #stream #art #videogame #namco #pooky

Enjoyed the live Twitch broadcast of the progress on this personal piece, a fanart homage to DigDug - a game that has been with me since childhood, and now still thoroughly enjoyed on the Wii! Heres just another look at some of the steps so far. Its now finished inked and will get digitaly colored up next week on the next DoodleStream! Broadcasting 9pmEST Tues and Thurs! Hope you can make it out! Goodnight!

Thursday ToDos And Outlook


#todo #playlist #schedule

Got lots to do and getting to it! Thank you everyone for your patience in me as I start your order or work to get it done. After getting massively behind around the holidays, long hours and hard work are paying off and many of you are starting to see the results.

In 2016, the goal is to perfect the management of the commissions to improve the workflow of the production line every day of the week. I am hoping to start offering 2 week turnarounds on some projects in the near future. 

As always you can refer to the Order Tracking page to see what stage your order is in. If you have any more specific questions never hesitate to email me directly.

Thanks for all your orders and support, I can't do this without you! Looking forward to the busy day ahead, and unwinding with some DoodleStream on EWG Twitch channel tonight! See you then!

Good Morning! Getting A Jump On Work This Wednesday Morning!

February 17, 2016

#schedule #playlist #queue #roster #lineup #commissions

Good Morning! Getting a jump on work this morning, took a few minutes to line up the work I'm looking at for the next two weeks. So clients that recognize their orders here can be assured if your not finished by the end of next week you'll at least be halfway there with a proof by then. Or for some large orders like dmi and csullivan you will have your jobs started! Remember that big whiteboard w/ the added on sticky note cause there was so much to do? Well I've been working hard all month to knock it out and now this is about where EWG likes to be with about a 1 month back log to keep it coming in and getting sent out at a nice pace. Comics and some other jobs will have priority because they just require a super fast turnaround but basically will be doing in order of oldest to most recent from here on out. Will be streaming whilst working at random times during the work week, and 9pmEST Thursday night continuing my fanart piece in progress and taking donations for doodles on the EWG Twitch channel
Have a great humpday and rest of your week!

Tuesday 2/16 DoodleStream Recap

Fathom Redesign for Oboe - 15 min doodle to be finished out in ink/color within the next week

Soldier in action for KingTiger 15 min doodle to be finished out in ink/color within the next week

Powerstar flying in orbit for TamTam 15 min doodle
And Oboe was first to guess the mystery game I was doing a fanart of, so got a free 15 min doodle

#twitch #digitalart #inkscape #sketches

Heres the 4 15 minute sketches I did tonight on Twitch! Also started a fanart piece I'll be working on T/Th 9pmEST this week and coming weeks till complete. Maybe have it done by end of next Thursday. Its a fanart tribute to DigDug which has always been one of my favorite games. 

All in all it was a great night. I didnt get very far on my fanart piece cause I had these doodles to work on :) And enjoyed chatting with the viewers. Will work on it more in days to come. Hope to see ya then. I recorded this session and might put up a video at some point soon but for now, this gives you an idea of the kind of art I am slinging around on on the Twitch stream!

After a couple layout sketches I settled on this one

Will be pretty dynamic, a monster in back getting squished by a rock, a dragon blowing fire another monster jumping down at digdug and digdug jackhammering away to escape, or is he getting ready to switch to his airpump at the unsuspecting monster... who knows?!

Come out to EWG Twitch stream 9pmEST Tuesdays and Thursdays to see the progress on this piece as I digitaly pencil, ink and color it! And any donations received get a doodle sketch in return!

Good Morning! See You For Doodle Stream Tonight!

February 16, 2016

#twitchcreative #twitch #fanart #videogame #doodlestream 

Good Morning all! Getting going on some client work all day but looking very much forward to tonights DoodleStream and the one on Thursday as well! See folks out at 9pmEST! Grab a seat early and get your donation/ sketch request in ahead of the pack. I also use this time Tuesday and Thursday to decompress and work on my own drawing. The theme for tonight will be a retro video game fanart of a game I used to and still love to play to this day and have always wanted to do a fanart of it. I did a BubbleBobble fanart near the end of 2015 and this will be a fun one to do next! But if you want to see what game it is, you'll have to come out and see it. 

Each Tuesday and Thursday I will be doing a themed drawing of my own, all while taking donations which enable viewers to get from 1 minute to 15 minute doodle sketches. Plus if they want it finished for 24 or 36 dollars i'll schedule it to finish up all squeeky nice within the following week.

Anywho, come on out, enjoy the rants about movies videogames and comic stuff and get some sketches or watch the one I'm working on be created from the ground up!

See you then! Have a great Tuesday!

See my streams on

Get notice when I go live during these and random times on 

and the journal/ activity area of

RoadRunner Slot Commission

February 12, 2016

#roadrunner #championsonline #superhero #hero #speedster #utah

Thats it for this week. Above is the last slot of the week! Was a boat of fun and I enjoyed having Oboe out on the stream watching the creation. Also 2-4pm today I had DoodleStream session live and got one bite. The ping and black sketch below as my warmup before doing the doodlestream and the above slot commission. I like her retro vibe, women had some cool stylies back then. And then got a sweet 'witch' superheroine commission that i did a 15 minute sketch of and will finish in full black and white inks on Monday. I have a lot on my plate and will be devoting 100% and a couple hours tomorrow (saturday) to getting a comic project done as well as knocking out character art. So I will not be opening up slots for next week. I may however do two dedicated doodle sessions tuesday and thursday in place, or a live commission session. If you have a preference, comment below. 
Have a great weekend and see you all back at it on Monday!

My warmup at the start of today's 2 hour DoodleStream

A prview of the witch character I enjoyed doing a doodle of today. Finish it up on Monday!

Zelda-Ish Warmup

#zelda #link #elf #knight #warrior #sketchbookpro #doodle #warmup #sketch

A quick 5-10 minute sketch done live on the EWG Twitch channel before diving into pencil page work - got pages to pencil! Tally Ho!
Streaming all day today and taking live doodle donations at 2pmEST till quittin time!

SuperBowl 50 Result - warmup sketch

February 8, 2016

#superbowl #superbowl50 #broncos #panthers #sketch #warmup #inkscape

Despite mediocre commercials and very slanted towards the broncos offials I enjoyed the game and the resulting win. I wish the panthers had tried harder for it. But their whole attitude towards the game could be summed up by mr 'golden boy' mvp quarter back of the panthers avoiding diving into the scramble for a fumbled ball. That must be their whole attitude, not afraid to get in, get banged up and get dirty. They didnt want it bad enough I guess and were out classed on every level. Good job Broncos, and congrats Peyton Manning on one heck of a last game. If its his last!

Archer OC and PuggleFormer Megatron Video

February 5, 2016

#mtmte #transformers #puggles #puggleformer #archer #championsonline

New video is up from lastnight's 2-up slot commission stream. Get an idea of how the slot commissions are created! As of right now there are 3 still available. Any orders received after slots are full will automaticly be pushed to the next week i make slots available! 
Thanks! Enjoy the video on the EWG youtube channel below:

EWG Doodle Stream 2-3-16 Recap

February 4, 2016

#livestream #twitch #commission #doodle #liverequest #broadcast #quicksketch #inkscape

The first EWG DoodleStream event was a success! I advertised a few days ahead of time to try to generate more interest and participation but did not receive the crowd quantity I was shooting for. But the folks who did join in the fun were great and donated dollars and requested great doodles. The sheet of random doodles above is from in between requests when I was free-style drawing whatever came to mind. Everything from krang to pokemon and wiley coyote. A couple of the headshots at bottom were for the viewers who donated at least a dollar, I did a quick 'minute' sketch. These were savage dragon, venom, and brock samson. One viewer requested megaman, but I never did see that dollar come through so no megaman. Below are the pieces requested for $6 donation or more!
'Wendy' from Gravity Falls for DaCommissioner thank you for your donation!

Melanie ortiz from ghostbusters comic having a close encounter of the ghostly kind and not too upset about it, for DaCommissioner  thank you for your donation!

A sweet robot OC for Robaschi whom I did a piece for earlier today, pre show as well.  thank you for your donation! He got this doodle sketch done in about 10-15 min and will have it finished inked and colored within the next week!

Salty Roo who i've done a few commissions for by now - with a hot rod rat fink vibe. Kangaroo skulls and suicide shift knobs to boot. Whats in that kangaroo jump juice anyways? For SaltyRoo  thank you for your donation!! He received this doodle and will receive a finished inked piece within the next week!

These are doodles for donations received previous to the event. AerialAxiom thank you for your donation!! He received the doodle of his warrior crab claw staff character. And will receive a finished inked and colored version in the following week! Robaschi thank you for your donation!! They got a doodle of their kid oc ready for adventure!

This overall was a good learning experience, and generaly a success. But I learned some things to do differently next time. I also will be experimenting with days and times to see what works better for traffic and such. Eventualy, I would like to see lots of shoutouts in the chat of subjects and themes to doodle and a healthy amount of donations for doodle requests! But it will take time to build up an audience for that sort of thing. All in all, a good first try and I have some notes to take with me for next time. 
Get everyone their finished pieces in the coming week! Should have them all wrapped up by Wednesday! Enjoy the rest of your week! Goodnight!

The screen configuration as seen by viewers during the event

EWG DoodleStream - Happening 8pmEST TONIGHT!

February 3, 2016

#doodle #stream #twitchcreative #artstream #twitchers #twitchstream #donate

EWG's first DoodleStream event! 
Happening Tonight! 8pmEST! See you there!
Get your free account/ follow the channel early! 

Sometimes Just Happens...

February 2, 2016

#business #businessethics #notworkingout #queue #customerservice

About once every 6 months I get a customer I just can not work with on any calm respectable level. And refund them just to get rid of them.

Keep Calm, EWG is a one man, two dog and part time flatter girl show. If you're in the queue, you'll get your art.. Can only draw so fast.

To my regular clients and supporters, who extend faith, confidence, creative liberty and patience in me weekly. Thank you! Goodnight.

Autodesk Sketchbook on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Max Printable Resolution

#autodesk #samsung #galaxynote #sketchbook #pixels #resolution

Couldn't understand why I'd work with a hires file and kept accidently ending up a lowres by the time I got it to my computer. After some experimenting and trial and error, I realized the problem. 1.) I AM able to use a verticle canvas of 2830 high by 1831 wide pixels (which translates to 39.306 inches heigh by 25.431 inches wide at 72dpi ) and the horizontal equivalent, work in autodesk sketchbook mobile on my tablet and transfer it to my computer and turn it into 11 x 17 at 300 dpi with no visible quality loss. What was happening is I'd transfer that to drop box and download it to my desktop and when i open it it'd be 800x1200 (roughly) and horrible quality. Not usable at all for hires commission orders. Not nearly printable. So if it started out hires and printable, what the heck was going on? Well turns out, if you rotate your canvas in the Autodesk Sketchbook gallery, it'll downsample the resolution when it resaves it at the new orientation, overwriting the previous version. And you just lost your hires work cause it over writes it. So 1, you are better to rotate/ crop it in Gallery or Photo viewer outside of sketchbook, or two, what im giong to start doing is just leave it's orientation alone cause you can rotate it while your drawing on it, and it doesnt matter how its oriented in the gallery. But if you dont rotate it in the Sketchbook gallery it stays hi quality. Also for the longest time i was using 2550 x 1600 but tonight i discovered i could max it out at 2830 x 1831 - outstanding! The two image croppings above are 100% size, at that resolution and opened up in photoshop on my computer after transfering them from my tablet and they are damn crisp! So, just a tip to new sketchbook mobile users out there, dont rotate it in the gallery if you care about your resolution. Do it in the Gallery App or Photo app that came with the tablet, or just wait till you get it to the computer! You can just rotate your 'piece of paper' when your workin on it anyways so who cares about its orientation in the sketch book gallery. Dont confuse the autodesk sketchbook gallery of works youve done with the gallery on the tablet for all your drawings, photos etc. The tablet gallery wont automaticaly downsize your photos and it wont do it to the art. 

Also, i highly recommend the Wacom Bamboo Smart stylus. It is a fine upgrade from the standard Spen. It is seperate and theres no compartment to attach it to the tablet, so often on the go i'll just use the spen. But I had long ago messed up the flimsy plastic button on the spen and couldnt use the air command feature anymore. Well the Wacom Bamboo Smart has a button and low and behold it works with the air command so I can use that again. Plus it has a much more natural feel in hand and reacts with the art tools and pressure sensitivity better. Shway recommend!

As I said to my wife today, I've been using it for around 2 years now and I still am learning new things about it. Great tablet, recommend. Probably half the price of a iPad as well. Or that new Surface Pro 4 they are billing as a 'creative tool'. Sure, I'm sure it is. But 2500 for a surface pro i might as well go get me a big 24 inch wacom cintiq!

Imp - Slot Commission

February 1, 2016

#imp #championsonline #mmo #mmorpg #commission #digitalart

Finished slot commission, one of two done today, this of the client's friend's character IMP. Fun nightcrawler/ spiderman vibe had a lot of fun working on it. Both were fun will post the other one a nother time. Thats it for today. Didnt get to everything I wanted but will work a bit more tonight see how far I can get. Comics tomorrow though! Goodnight!

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