22516 Cool Down Session

February 25, 2016

#twitch #cooldown #freesketch #freestyle #sketchrequests 

Ended this afternoon's stream with a 20 minute freestyle cooldown session. At the end of my streams I like to end with a 15-20 minute cooldown session dictated by viewers/ chatters still with me at the end. Chatters can call out any word combo, character that is not an OC or object/ vehicle or theme that I then draw there and then to my satisfaction. So folks are encouraged to stay till the end of the stream, because once I do this the file is hires saved and availble to download via google drive link. So heres this one, 20 minutes with suggestions by SaltyRoo except I did the batman/ hellboy. He pulled out some awesome characters i either 1, havent heard of 2, havent thought of in years or 3 ever drawn. So it was a lotta fun. Recognize any of these?
The hires is available for at least today here:

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