Drawing Request Show e325 Recap

May 31, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Thanks for an awesome day of streaming and drawing. Heres all the art I did above! Check your whispers and go download your art! See you guys in APRIL! 10am for some more upgrade production and requests in the afternoon!

Drawing Request Show e234 Recap

May 30, 2017

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As of this post, all art above sent! Massive thanks to Rhaine for dropping the massive support today! Im flattered and honored you like my art so much that you want to snatch it up enough to use a Quantum Token on me! Thank you so much for your generosity. Congrats to Cody Bedrock, RarityTwitcher and Hamiltoons for your giveaway wins today! See you guys tomorrow 10am for more madness.Only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Daily Discipline: Memorial Day Fly By 52917

May 29, 2017

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I have enjoyed a beautiful morning full of perfect weather and sunshine and could hear the VFA do a rifle salute and play taps down on mainstreet.  Walked wally around the block and around our beautiful local lincon park. Only to have a perfect memorial day moment. When we walked by the bottom of the park and were out in a clearing away from the trees. We were greeted by a low flying c130 doing a tight loop around the park. So close i could almost see the pilot and im sure he could see me watching from the park. He buzzed lincoln park (maybe for the VFA now that i think of it) and went around trucking past our house. So cool. Was inspired to depict that moment in my daily practice drawing today. So i drew this this morning before lunch, on twitch stream, as I sit in my studio with our american flag on our flag pole outside the window. Thank you to all who sacrificed to provide this beautiful place to live and live the way we do with the people we're lucky to know and have in our lives. I am not jaded. I am always thankful.

Daily Discipline: Wonder Woman Drawing

May 27, 2017

@wonderwoman @galgadot #wonderwoman #galgadot #dccomics @dccomics #strongwomen #inkscape #dailysketch #warmup #practice #drawing

For today's daily discipline I wanted to do a proper fanart drawing of wonder woman. The daily discipline is a time each day where I try to warmup/ draw something purposefuly and with an emphasis on improvement and doing best I can to a certian degree to keep my skills up or even advance them. I am excited for the new Wonder Woman movie, love Gal Gadots fierce portrayal of her and wanted to do a piece p ulling from the Gal Gadot costume/ weapons but used a few tweaks to use colors and pull some styles from the classic animated wonder woman from the justice league unlimited universe. I liked the sketch so much I decided to have some fun coloring the sketch.
Thanks to those who hungout and saw it happen as I streamed it on Twitch!

Drawing Request Show 233 Recap

May 26, 2017

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As of this post, all art shown above sent! Check your whispers! Thanks everyone for an amazing Friday stream and the best one ive had in a few days!!! The requests were so fun and the drawings ( IMHO ) were on point! Congats to all the giveaway winners, thanks for all the hosts and donations! Congrats to BeezleBubbles, Trayde and Hamiltoons for being the Top 3 supporters of the week!

 From me, Kiwii and Wally have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend, and see everyone back Tuesday with new surprises and more drawing!!!!

The Hat Is Out!! 

Drawing Request Show 232 Recap

May 23, 2017

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As of this post all art sent! Thank you very much! Drawing Request Show 232 was a super rare and fun Tuesday Stream full of fun drawing. We got 8 characters equivalent drawn, did a Follow Goal giveaway when we hit 660, and a Tip Goal when we hit $100 dollar Tip amount! And not to mention we did a Daily Giveaway as well! The first person to ever win the Quantum INSTA token was MinecraftArchitect who at this point can use it at any moment in future streams! And the fun giveaway was voted on by the chat. So the Commando Clucker is now availble to grab by all! Just click below and right click the image and save! Enjoy!

Wish and Pray for me and Kiwi as we go to get that evil gal bladder out of her tomorrow and hoping the whole process goes smoothly from travel to procedure! I will NOT be streaming Wednesday so I can take care of her and since we're heading out early will probably be too ZZZZ to do anything tomorrow. Will rest up and get ready to be at my best on Thursday. See everyone THURSDAY 10am EST for a 6 hour Drawing Request Show! Going from 10am till normal stop time with a lunch break in the middle! See you guys then!! Goodnight!

Click to enlarge, right click the bigger picture and hit save as! (Macs do whatever your equivalent to that is).

Click and then right click and save image to download hires!! 

Drawing Request Show 231 Recap

May 22, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Thank you for an awesome Monday stream! DRS 231 had some great drawing requests and a lot of drawing. Some epic giveaways. One of which hit the game of fate wheel, was forced to go back, and then hit the game of fate wheel immediately again. So good. Congrats to Adrya for the INSTA token win that resulted.

Hit the Game Of Fate twice in same giveaway? What are the odds!? Heres a clip, see you guys tuesday!

Daily Discipline: Kei Nagai From Ajin Fan Art

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #ajin #keinagai #netflix #fanart

Just finished season 2 of Ajin on netflix this morning. Was hyped to do some fanart of the show for today's warmup. Going to try to get back into the daily discipline warmups/ practice drawings. This week going to center them around fanart of favorite anime series I've finished/ watched lately.  This was about 30-45 minutes start to finish 100% in Inkscape. On to some work I'm actualy paid for now lol. 

Drawing Request Show e230 Recap

May 19, 2017

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As of this post, all art above has been sent, check your whispers! DRS 230 was a fun way to end the week. Made up for yesterday's lack luster stream with a fun one full of drawing today. Friday streams are the best. Colored a bunch of things, inked a bunch of things, drew more things. Thanks to all who came out made it a special one. See you guys next week with a few surprises and refreshings!
Special thanks to the top 3 supporters of the week, Epelesker, KingKonigTiger and Trayde!
Have a great weekend. 

Drawing Request Show e229 Recap

May 18, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! DRS e229 was not my best as far as streaming, just exhausted today from a long day yesterday and up late working lastnight. But I intend on getting well rested and refueled this afternoon and knockin this stream thing out of the park tomorrow. I felt like my drawing was lacking too but looking at this contact sheet above i'd say it went pretty well. Hope everyones happy with their requests! See you guys 2pmEST tomorrow for more! Goodnight! 

Drawing Request Show e228 Recap

May 17, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Thanks for all who came out made DRS 228 a memorable one! Todays stream was held in the evening as there were appointments and such to do all day. But the evening streaming was a fun one. Lots of fun. Also released the new BTTV emotes that went live today which people seemed to enjoy. ewRAGE and ewSAUCE. Also hit the 650 follow goal today and had an ensuing $50 giveaway where the fifty dollars were spread over several winners till we hit or went over that amount. Thanks again to everyone for making it a fun one. See you all tomorrow 2pmET for more DRS!

Drawing Request Show e227 Recap

May 16, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! I hit a good stride with this episode of Drawing Request Show and cranked out some really fun drawings. A few of my best yet! Thanks so much to everyone who came out made it a memorable one. Do it again tomorrow! But rememeber, tomorrow DRS will be at 7pmEDT!!! Thats right, evening DRS hype! We'll be going till 10 or 11 for sure! See you guys then and wish me and Kiwii luck on our pilgramage to Pittsburgh for her doctors appointment!

Highlight from today - Vanna for Lynxie being mischievous
Watch live video from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv

Last Drawing Of Stream goes to Epelessker!
Watch live video from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv

Drawing Request Show e226 Recap

May 15, 2017

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Check your whispers! All the above art sent! Thanks to trayde, epelesker, minecraft and kingkonigtiger for your support today! And to everyone who came out had fun with me on today's Drawing Request Show! For now have a great night and see you guys tomorrow 2pmEDT for another show! Checkout some fun clips below from todays stream! 

60sec Drawing Lesson for Bitly

Hardcore file saveout at 30,000 feet! 

Drawing Request Show e225 Recap

@twitchcreates #twitch #creative #drawing

Check your whispers! These finished ink upgrades were done on a special Saturday Drawing Request Show where I focused on chilling and inking. Thanks to those who came out and enjoyed the streamness for a few hours! Just realized I never posted the recap for the stream. See you guys this week for DRS at 2pmET every weekday except Wednesday will be a 7pmET one because of day time appointments. Rawk on!

Drawing Request Show e224 Recap

May 12, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Thanks all for a super fun Friday stream! Thanks to TwoGirls1Game for your host this morning! Heres to doing more next week! Dont forget Saturday ( tomorrow ) i'm doing a special Saturday Drawing Request Show where I'll be working on inks and colors all afternoon! See you guys then!

Live M-F 2pmEDT at twitch.tv/eryckwebb - often times in the mornings as well! See you then!

Drawing Request Show e223 Recap

May 11, 2017

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 #shaman #fedora #lampmonster #beezle

As of this post, all art sent! Well DRS 223 included a morning upgrade session and the Drawing Request Show in the afternoon. This morning I flatted and finished the Beezle Throne piece and then I shaded/ highlighted the immaculate flats I got back from Kiwii. DRS was a lot of fun finishing the epic Shaman piece for Cody and finishing up with a lamp monster creation as a reward for MightyMae's raid! Thanks so much everyone, congrast to the tip goal giveaway and daily giveaway winners! I'll be back at it tomorrow. Commission production ( and then SWchibis if time) in the morning and Drawing Request Show partyin it up 2pmEST in the afternoon.

See you guys then! Heres a highlight from today's raid

Watch live video from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv

Drawing Request Show e222 Recap

May 10, 2017

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As of this post all art sent, check your whispers! Thanks so much to everyone who came out made Wednesday 5/10/17's Drawing Request Show a special one! First one in a week or so I felt was in rare form/ real solid. Loved every minute of it. But just as I had planned to go over a bit to draw more after hitting the follow goal and doing he daily giveaway, my computer blue screened and restarted unexpectedly lol. As we've struggled to cross the 630 barrier we made it to 634 thanks to SamPetersonArt's raid! Thanks mang! I whipped out a 10min troll with axes sketch for him but i feel it probably wasn't my best cause I had my buddies stevie and big brutis bust in my office RIGHT THEN lol. I was trying so hard to focus and crank out the art for the new folks from SamPeterson's community with stevie and brutus running amok in my studio LOL. Congrats to Trayde, KingTiger and Lynxie for your sketch wins. Look forward to drawing for you!
 Upon sending the art and posting this recap I'm running utilities to clean up the computer a bit. ChkDsk and Defrag and RegisteryCleaner and all that. Scanning for malware etc. I'll be all ready to run full bore tomorrow on all kinds of smexy arts. Heres a couple highlights and a picture from today's stream. 
Thanks so much and see you tomorrow 10amEDT for more! Doing some ink production in the morning then Drawing Request Show in the afternoon! Only at http://twitch.tv/eryckwebb

A couple videos from today

Warmup TMNT style ( Twitch censored a brief bit of audio in one spot, sorry)

Incase people thought I just bowed out there and then, heres what I saw when the stream ended suddenly lol. WAS intending on going a good bit longer. The hype was too real I guess.

Drawing Request Show e221 Recap

May 9, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #chibi #starwars #leagueoflegends

As of this post, all art shown has been sent! Enjoy! See you back weekdays for more Drawing Request Show!

Drawing Request Show 220 Recap

May 8, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing

As of this post, all art sent! As of DRS 220 begins a new era in EWG's twitch show Drawing Request Show! First without a Gratitude Wheel. Now when I get support on stream I thanks them with some classic Eryck Webb shoutoutness and some screen-drawing shenanigans. Now the stream focuses more on Drawing.  There is also a daily giveaway. And possibility for bonus giveaways. Today we drew equivalent to 11 pieces. Thats more like it! See you guys weekdays 2pmEST for more drawing requests!

Heres a highlight of the new intro and what not during today's reveal of the new format.

Drawing Request Show e219 Recap

May 5, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #twitch #creative #drawing #cincodemayo #starwars

As of this post, all the art above sent! Thanks all for a rare Friday stream. Was worn out from a long week and allergies, and kind of all over the place after a long week of experimenting with the stream/ business. But I really appreciate and enjoyed the IRL stream panel we had for the first hour of the stream today talking about what did / didnt work on the stream this week. I value all the input and range of feedback I got. Thank you guys! Big ups to all the giveaway winners this week and massive congrats to the Top Supporters this week, Trayde, Leokage, KingKonigTiger, AlexRhaine, Codybedrock, Hamiltoons and everyone else. Thank you so much! 

I will be working hard this weekend to get everything fine tuned and straight so we can just hit the ground running and draw next week! Next week i'll be taking the mornings off from any streaming, just relaxing and tending to Eryck Webb Graphics matters that I've been neglecting. But as always, you can count on Drawing Request Show to go live 2pmEST all week! I am even playing with starting at 1pmEST so we can do a 4 hours stream. We'll see. I think Tuesday I MAY postpone the stream to the evening so Kiwii and I can go see Gaurdians Of The Galaxy. So looking forward to that movie. 

Thanks so much guys, and thank you for all the support an encouragment! From me, Kiwii, Wally and Moobot... THANK YOU! We will continue to work hard to make your faith and support in what we do worth it! Thank you!

Drawing Request Show e218 Recap: The 4th was strong with this one!

May 4, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #drawing #requests #starwars #maythe4thbewithyou #maythe4th

As of this post, all the art above has been sent! Thanks so much to all who came out made this StarWars Day edition of Drawing Request Show an epic one! A 5.04 alert was setup as just a special alert for the day. But a surprise was offered for those who donated that amount. The offer of an 8min star wars chibi character of their choice for only that 5.04 amount. Was a blast to draw for people for so quick and also such a variety of characters. Perhaps something to consider for future streams! Was a blast and we still have a lot more i didn't get done. So I will see everyone 10am to pickup where we left off! Have a great night and see you for an epic Friday ( aka Cinco De Mayo )

Heres a highlight of what happens when somebody donated 5.04 ( and got a chibi of their favorite starwars character in return ) 

Drawing Request Show e217 Recap

May 3, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #drawing #creative #request #stream #twitch

As of this post all art sent! Still getting to know the EryckWebb branding but as far as im concerned except for the name change the game is the same. Commission me off stream or request drawings on stream. Going to make an effort to do commissions/ inks and colors weekday mornings and stream Drawing Request Show during the afternoons per normal. This experiment is not a total flop I will get it adjusted to where it needs to be. But for now I feel like we've gotten some back. Drawing Request Show today was a lot of fun, felt like it used to again. Even despite blowing the circuit an hour into the stream. Had a bunch of giveaways and gratitude wheels. Fun stuff! 

Drawing Request Stream e216 Recap and Rebranding Commentary

May 2, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #drawing #characterart #characterdesign #coverart #trump #demon #scarlett 

As of this post, all art sent! Today was the first day of a new rebranding. No longer is the Twitch stream EWG presents Drawing Request Show and morning EWG Production and Eryck Webb Graphics off stream. Its just all one thing... Eryck Webb. And while many things remain the same, all of them are combined into one brand, that brand is me, Eryck Webb. I am the one man brand. ( Kristina is a crucial part of the business behind the scenes as well ). Through streaming and creating art for customers and fans on Twitch for the last two years people have really gotten to recognize me by the orange hat with two white stripes. So I felt like it should be the new logo.

#rebranding #logo #identity #brand

So over the weekend ( I took Monday off ) for three days I worked and toiled at new graphics and a new plan for my Twitch stream and commission business. Why not make them all one thing? I teased different concepts in the works all weekend. Some are still under way to be released in coming weeks but as of today 10am I launched EryckWebb the brand, in place of DRS/ EWG and anything else. Today felt like a new stream. Like streaming for the first time. There was moments of familiarity and recognizability from past streams but for the most part it felt new, and also felt a bit off. 

I mark today's launch as a bit of a miss. It wasn't bad, but wasn't very good either. I worked on a 6 character comic cover commission piece that took all morning and then part of the afternoon. And only ended up doing about two sketch requests. 

I think going forward I might still keep commissions and upgrades to the mornings and drawing requests to the afternoon. But they will just be called that, it'll still all be under the EryckWebb stream umbrella. Also not sure if the new 4 wheel gratitude/ giveaway system is a hit or not. 

Tuesdays do tend to be slow in chat participation and general activity tho. I'm going to give it a week see what it looks like then. Then possibly rest of the month. Can always do a bit of a return to previous ways. But really want to stop juggling two different identities and have it all as one. If somebody commissions me via my website/ email, then it'll go on the same list as stream requests, and it ll all be done on stream. If they have a problem with it being viewed on stream i may not accept it. Pretty sure I'm going to put my focus and efforts 100% in to what i do best, character art and design and drop the other types of graphic art i previously offered. I want to push my character art and character design as far as i can! 

Well, thank you to everyone who came out, checked out the stream, encouraged me. Its a scary anxious thing. I'm basically starting a new business. But its made of old scraps of the previous businesses. I'm going to tweak things each week in an attempt to make it work better. But will reevaluate everything at the end of the month.

If I learned anything from 8 years of self employment, and two years as a full time twitch streamer, is that you have to wait. There is always a lof of patience and waiting in the beginning before it becomes something sustainable. But at least now I have the benefit of an established stream fan base. Now the trick is not to chase them all off. 

See you guys tomorrow 10am. Will be working on the only comic commission client Im currently working on for Trayde in the morning. And then working on that drawing request list in the afternoon. 

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