Happy Easter

March 29, 2013

Well I ran into a lot of issues this week which resulted in delays. Not the best week in EWG history by any means. Alas it is complete. Also the Deviant Art 'Vote for your special' poll is complete. Will launch the sale Monday. Happy Easter and see you after the weekend!

IGPX Fan Art - Takeshi of Satomi

Kinda excited to have finished this, a tribute to IGPX main character Takeshi Jin of Team Satomi. I always liked their colors and their logo. And really like the series. Probably best series to come out of Cartoon Network's studios previous to the current era of programming. Big fan, have the season 1 box set, never seen season 2 but its on my to do list for 'eventualy'. And love having an excuse to do up some proper fan art. This piece is posted on Facebook and DeviantArt as well as http://thecomicartalliance.blogspot.com site.
Anywho, was a good cooldown piece for lastnight and fun warmup to finish up this morning. Check out the original promo of the show below. Voiced by the legendary PETER CULLEN. This promo gives me tingles man. The show was awesome, CN should bring it back.

Characters and Logos are of course property of Cartoon Network and art is by EWG

ORDER STATUS chart updated

March 28, 2013

Just a quick heads-er-upper that the EWG Order Status page has been updated. Will try to make sure its updated at least once or twice each week so clients know where their processes are at. And of course don't hesitate to email or message me so I can let you know that way. But can save us all some time in general and just check the status page.
Check it out: 

Livestream Event Tonight! Stop Monkeying About!

March 27, 2013

Thats right, its Wednesday. And I sometimes refer to it, 'Watch EWG at WORK Wednesday'. Got a slew of character art commissions lined up for tonight. 

All starts recording/broadcasting at 8pmEST tonight! Come listen to the tunes, watch the art, start heated debates with other comic art enthusiasts in the chat, whatever you like. And thanks in advance for coming out! Here's a direct link to the EWG Livestream page.

Or just click the button on the featured menu on the right side of this website!

See you 8pm Eastern! Don't be late! ;) 

Survey Time! - Vote on April's Special!

March 25, 2013

Fan/ Customers choice - vote which of these three options for an early April special you rather see happen!


Bumble Warmup

[Click To Enlarge]

A 20 min warmup this morning inspired by the snowy landscape out the window that developed overnight. Dontcha know? Bumbles bounce. Also inspired by the fact that today is my wife, Kristina's birthday and shes a big fan o' the original Bumble from Rudolph Red Nose Reindeer. She loves the Bumbles! Bumbles Bounce!

Workin a bit today then spending time with my wifey for her birthday. Working till about noon and making a chinese food run and then give her her present later.

Riding the Storm! - Warmup

March 22, 2013

[Click To Enlarge]

Morning warm up to get things moving today, featuring EWG Dewd riding for glory upon the mighty vessel WACOM! (Drawn while listening to Running Wild - Riding The Storm)

"...Face in the wind, we're riding the storm
We'll stay our course whatever will come
Wandering souls in the sea of the damned
Death or glory, oh, oh we're riding the storm
Cracks in the planks, the rigging moves upwards and
Staggering masts, the pounding splash of the prow
The wind in our sails, our flag flies high on the top
From a stormy horizon we get our course
The cry of freedom..."


Lingerie 5000 - Warmup Sketch

March 21, 2013

Click To Enlarge

This mornings warmup. Sorta same cyberpunk style as the B-29 Bass piece but something more in the sensual/ sexy direction. A beautiful naked woman with a big head of wavy hair. But with massive mechanical 'lingerie' on lol. About a 30 minute warmup. 8.5x5.5 300dpi with brush tool and opacity set to stylus. Started sketching in white and then did the lineart in black overtop and then filled with black and white back and forth till got it where i wanted.

The Juggler From JuggleTown

March 20, 2013

A quick message to all clients currently with orders in the spool! Thanks so much for your patience. I just have a lotta juggling going on right now. I'm hoping to get a lot of smaller projects out of the way so all I'm doing is the two or three comic jobs I'm committed to right now.

Will officially start taking less commissions except for occasional spots I might be able to make available in a given week. My ideal right now is to wrap up a bunch of orders so I can put my best work into the two or three comic jobs I got going now and knock those out of the park.

But till then, I will be making the comic jobs priority each week, and working on everything else around it. Not that they're less important, just nature of time requirements. Comic pages are production hogs. Very labor intensive. The whole idea behind my business is labor intensive anyways but comic jobs probably take up the most time and resources. The other ones are actually more freestyle and relaxing comparatively.

So that's the word. Please be patient, I'm getting as many done each week as I can!

Ungrounded Pg6 Panel Process

Wanted to share this page I finished up this week. But as I don't want to spoil any of the awesomeness in Ungrounded, just showing this panel that I thought had a lotta impact and energy to it (yuk yuk). 

1. So at bottom is the gesture i really wanted to get the pose/ angle on this shot right so i tried a couple different gesture sketches and loved this one. I worked loose on a larger canvas so as to really come up with something fluid.

2. The digital pencils refined over it enough to ink over. I pretty much kept the background and lightning effects loose/ and fleshed those out in the inking step

3. The inks, all inked up line art and black fills plus some extra hatching and details and breaking up black spaces with white hatching

4. The finished colors. Flats and effects, figuring out how to handle the shadows based on the electricity. Fun stuff!

New EWG Livestream Events Scheduled!

March 19, 2013

Coming Broadcasts:
  • Wednesday 3/20-8pmEST - Rugby Rhino and Masquerade CommissionsDemonstrating Digital Inks and Colors - Two Full Color Character Commissions Created Live!
  • Wednesday 3/27-8pmEST 4 Fighting Game Character Commissions At Once!
    Demonstrating Digital Inks and Colors  - Four Full Color Character Commissions Created Live!
  • Wednesday 4/3, 4/4 and 4/5-TimeEST TBD Chemo/Hospital Fundraiser Event
    Open Commissions Event  - $15 and $30 options. Will draw in real time upon ordering
    (only accepting orders for this event during event times!)

I invite any art enthusiasts, EWG fans, any students o' the form and peers to come out hang, chat and talk comics, OCs, purple dragons or whatever during any of these events. As I am seeing a lot more comic work that is production heavy during the day, I will be attempting to schedule character art for Wednesday nights as I am hoping to keep Wednesday nights a regular Live-stream night.

Hope people come out and hope this is eventually something fans/ customers can look forward to every Wednesday!

B-29 Bass Warmup

Click to Enlarge

Just finished this warm up that went from about 930 to 1015 so about 45 or less. Just sat down and drew whatever I thought would be fun. I came up with this, wanted to do a cyberpunk type girl with massive sci-fi headgear and the like and have fun with the overall design. I see this as some WWII-esque B29 future DJ 'B29 Bass' - her collar is a mp3player her headset is wireless and her chin strap is a microphone and her shoulder openings are speakers or something. Dunno! Just had fun with it. Alright, but I  think 30 min in I officially started feeling that 'groove' so I say I'm warmed up and ready to tackle today's Ungrounded work. Going to try to do one page a day see how that goes and everything else around it. 
Also thinking about eventually collecting up all my gray toned sketches styled like this into a book and releasing it this year and call it something like 'The Gray Area' or something. We'll see... alright have a great Tuesday!

Shotokan Karate Tshirt Graphic

March 18, 2013

Heres the final design (pending final approval from client)
Started with three layout ideas

I started going ahead with this, but it was too far back, too 'ok cool, so theres the form'

This one had way more 'punch' to it as this shirt was meant to be aggressive

Inks done in inkscape for final art. From this point it was transfered into photoshop, and all the type and background and other graphical effects were added. Del even stopped in to give his blessing while I was working on it tonight on livestream :) So from this point you end up with the final art above. Next step, Tshirt printing!

Chev Chelios...er maybe? And New Site Design

Did this warmup this afternoon, was meant to be a tooned up version of Jason Statham's 'Chev Chelios' from the crank serires. But came out more... middle eastern thug or something haha. 
Ah well, also gave me a chance to post something new up! And give a shout out to check out the new EWG website design. More content, better arranged and also my personal fav, a very VERY functional search bar option :) Paruse the articles, leave comments and feedback, or check out the various sections of the site, now categorized as 'artwork' for all personal and work related posts as well as related events 'news' for the notebook updates on thoughts and ideas and releases for announcements and 'inhouse' for stuff related to the inner workings.

Have a great week

Gettin straight to work this Monday morning. Will be mixing up my day order a bit, with other commissions Mon/Wed and Comic Page work Tues/ Thurs/Fri.

Been off coffee 3 days now, its going good I think.

Careful in the weather out there, its gettin nasty again.

See ya Friday

Happy St Patrick's from EWG

March 16, 2013

Click to enlarge!

Looks like not much work will be getting done till after St Patties! The dwarf bots usually are a big help around the studio but at least one seems adamant about celebrating this year!

Happy St Patties from EWG!

Average Comic Artist Page Production Rates

March 15, 2013

Thought I would cap off the week with this interesting article I found about professional comic artist and how many pages they produce a year/ month/ week. As I was wondering if my five a week goal was too ambitious. I think if it was aboslutely all I was doing at this moment in time it would be fine but its definitly a little harder. Crazy to think 75% of comic artists produce 3 pages a week? 2 months to produce one book. Not too bad I guess. But I'm trying to be that 3% :) Bryan hitch is a beast with tons o' detail so I can imagine on Ultimates he did 2-3 pagse a week look at the work it speeks for itself.

Heres the article, thoughts/ comments questions are welcome and encouraged! What are your thoughts on this?

Have a great weekend, see you next week to start all over again. have a safe St Patties and so forth!


Last EWG LIVESTREAM of March a Wrap

Thanks to those who stopped by tonights Livestream event! Hope you enjoyed the demonstration of two different EWG commission types and rockin out with me to the tunes. Had a fuzz-rock playlist for the first one, and a featured deadmau5 concert for the second. Good stuff! Check my gallery for the pieces (Aquaria and Pinky Pie)

Will hold another livestream event in April! Stay tuned to EWG Twitter and Facebook for impromtpu live broadcasts while working but other than that, nothing official or planned till April. And yes there is definitly a Livestream event planned for early April - stay tuned for the release.

Thanks for your support, and goodnight!

EWG Livestream Demo Tonight!

March 14, 2013

The above ad says it all! Hope to see a great turnout tonight! As this will be the last demonstration of EWG work till at least April! Only othertime I might have livestream on is when I'm working late and its nice to have people come in and chat a bit to help keep me goin. But other than that, this is the last official scheduled event where you can see the recording happen live start to finish for at least a month. 

Click the 'EWG LIVESTREAM' button on the left of this website, or just click this link
http://eryckwebb.blogspot.com/2013/02/ewg-on-livestream.html if your watching, be sure to say 'hi' in the chat if not get in on some convo with other watchers. Always a good time. 
Alright, this event is scheduled from 8pm-12am but that could go longer ya never know :) 

Happy Thursday

Slept in an extra hour this morning. Woke up to some gorgeous sunny blue skies. Both the wife and her mom are sleeping well so not to disturb them I snuck around, got a cinnamon roll a big mug o coffee and getting to work! Laa tee daaa... will have to take the dog outside for a walk in a bit.
Lots to do today, going to try and get some other orders like a 2 page comic commish, a martial arts shirt and other such materials sout the door today. Will tackle more ungrounded tomorrow all day.
Don't forget theres a 8pm Livestream of DWald's sexy female heroine from a MMO he hhplays. Will be doing her up in full color commish style to night at 8pmEST, come out ask questions, take notes see it go from start to finish yada yada. When I HAVE to work late to meet production goals I turn on livestream and invite people to come in, keep me company and enjoy the show but if tonight doesn't see a very big response I'll probably not be doing another scheduled live event for at least a month or so. But honestly, if nobodies coming out then why bother. My thanks of course to the two or three regulars out there but...

A hero to save us

March 13, 2013

Thought it was cool that during drawing this scene for Ungrounded, the net radio station I was listening to suddenly started playing 'Hero' by Chad Kroeger ... thought it was MOST appropriate. A man wants to be the hero the world needs, and remains adamant despite the mocking of the audience. Great stuff.
Hopefully Patrick won't mind me posting this, just thought it and the YouTube clip of the song below went well together... and really sets the tone for the whole comic. This'll probably the last thing I blatantly share without prior permission but. Yeah... get ready. This stuffs going to be great.

THOTH - Pre-page pencils warmup

The Egyptian god THOTH, a character design I wanted to do a test drawing of after a design sketch I did this morning. Egyptian but whose to say he cant be bigger more glorious than Egyptians usually depict him? And instead of a bird head I made his mask sort of mimic that. With his symbol for his helmet and also goes on his staff. My own original design but taking notes from Jack Kirby for sure! He designed the most intimidating regal and mighty looking god-folk ever. The crane that represents THOTH is symbolized on his chest emblem, and then I use the half shut eye on his helmet and his collar and belt. Think there's definitely some metaphor behind having the half shut eye on him. He may have ended up more Aztec looking but still I think there's a divinity to how hes presented that translates to many of those types of cultures.

Halo Master Chief - Livestream Commission

Got this wrapped up on tonight's Livestream commission exhibition. Showcasing a full color, one character full background commission. The character and the world and the ships, well Halo in general I have never done anything of before so I think that aided in slowing me down a bit. Plus just struggling the past day or two and everything seems to be taking two or three times as long. That being said, pretty darn happy with this, and it was fun working on some elements I don't do too often. Like the planet with in an orbital ring, and the ships and stuff n stuff. A monster but the price budgets for 4 hours of work and I went just a hair over. Purely my fault as I was fumbling a bit with various aspects of it. Could have been a lot quicker. But I got it done and did the best I could :) Goodnight! Enjoy the video of the whole process below.

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

Warmup Art, Livestream Schedule And More

March 12, 2013

Hope everyone's having a good week so far. I have had a weird morning and day yesterday. I think male PMS may actually be a real thing. That or manic depression haha. But whats the cure? ART! And... lots and lots of coffee :) That being said, sorry if I seemed short with anybody in the past day or so. I think my psychology follows the phases o the moon sometimes. I swear. THAT being said, here is some fresh warm-up art this morning. 

One of my original characters I've had FOREVER but have kept on a shelf for too long. Hes one of those characters that is just so epic he stews for years before he sees actual green-light  Hes one of those characters that I approach it every couple of years and go 'nope, not time yet' and i figure after much technical growth, brainstorming and years of artistic growth, I will one day approach him again and go 'it is time.' I feel like its close, as this is perhaps my best rendition of him to date. Perhaps, with my business and everything pushing my skills where they've never gone before, I am almost at a level that can do proper justice to this guy and his story. His name is Malcom, an amphibious kangaroo-like "cigar" smoking bad-ass from outer space who doesn't talk, much? But his actions speak volumes. And he is coming. I am pretty sure after Jumping Boy. You'll see a WHOLE lot more of this guy.

Working on Ungrounded all week, most heavily on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (penciling inking two pages on each) with followup finishes after proofing on Tues/Thurs etc. To achieve better balance between work and downtime, I will be halting work in the evenings in most cases. And will only work in the evenings if I have daily to-dos that require me to work over. There for I am canceling the 'open live-stream table' for next week and this weeks Tuesday and Thursday night Live-streams will be the last ones for a while. 

So with that, I invite people who are interested in seeing comic art happen live, come out TONIGHT and Thursday night, 8pm-12pm for two more sessions that will be the last for a while. 

Tonight (3/12) Doing MASTER CHIEF from Halo w/ full background full color illustration
Thursday (3/14) Doing a sexy female original character full color no/simple background

Both starting at 8pmEST - see you then! Feel free to chat it up in the chatroom, I will chime in when possible, but as always will be hard at work on the art of course :) 

Alright, so that's the word for the week. Thanks in advance for everyone's support. There will be more Livestreams in the future, but might only get to do one a month, and they'll be a more purposeful event of more interest to fans. We'll see what that ends up being. 

comments/suggestions and more are always welcome (comment below!)

Go Go Power Rangers - This Morning's Warmup

March 11, 2013


This mornings warmup featuring the original, RED RANGER
I was always a fan of the original series, with its 80s rock anthem blasting while giant robots beat up on giant monsters.
I just wish it was taken more seriously/ produced better. I think the idea of the ranger legacy and the overall morale stories were great.

Ah well... if I had to pick a fav it was Red Ranger

This just a loose warmup to get ready for work this morning.

New 52.. maybe for you but not for me

March 10, 2013

I've concluded I officially don't care for the New 52 character designs. I find myself genuinely not wanting to draw them. They're overly complicated and a lot of the choices just make me scratch my head. Not a fan. I understand the more grown up look of guys in pants instead of 'speedos over tights' and i'm fine with clothing and body suits but, whats with all the lines and unnecessary marks and details. Its like the designer thought 'lets make EVERY character as hard to draw as Spiderman!' Plus, whats with superman. Does his cape come out of his collarbones? I think some like powergirl's design looks really nice and green lantern and what not. But batmans is like 'hey hes too simple, lets add tons of seams that will drive artists nuts' but you know why green lantern and powergirl work, they are straight forward designs, and they aren't laced with unnecessary details. Don't even get me started on Cyborg. 'Hey lets make him an even MORE terminator looking-unrelatable-robot guy with way more details than he had before'

And thats your sunday morning rant from yours truely. This came from me sitting down to do a Comic Art Alliance piece for 'new 52' this morning, and I KNOW... I KNOW... i am the one who mentioned doing new 52 for a theme in passing, but only recently have i really looked at the designs and I have to say... when I sat down this morning and was like 'alright who do i wanna draw' ... i just didnt. they're not fun. i dont wanna draw them. if i want this kinda torture i'll go figure out how to draw movie iron man's armor.

Still, I will figure out one of the ones with visual design I do like for the theme. Maybe powergirl or somethin

Updated LIVESTREAM Schedule

March 9, 2013

Coming Broadcasts:
  • 3/12, 9PM-12PM - MASTERCHIEF from HALO - FullColor BG Commish - LIVE RECORDING
  • 3/14, 9PM-12PM DWald Female OC - FullColor NoBG Commish - LIVE RECORDING
  • 3/19, ALL DAY EVENT - Open Table Commissions. $15 chibis, $30 normal. No Backgrounds. No excessive details (tattoos, more than one gun or prop). Some exceptions may apply. Watch them happen live. First come first serve. Follow up session to complete any remaining orders will be 3/21. No orders excepted for this until 3/19. No orders for this accepted on 3/21. Have your paypals and single image of reference ready to go ahead of time :) 

New Livestream Sessions Scheduled

March 8, 2013

Hope to see familiar faces and new ones as well. Tonight will be my attempt at getting a Livestream session in before this week is over :) And next week features a Tuesday session and a Thursday official sessions.

See you then! Come observe, chat, ask questions, study, or heckle. The choice is yours :) Look forward to having you.
  • 3/8, 9PMest-tillDONE - RugbyRhino and MyLittlePony Girl No.4
  • 3/12, 9PM-12PMest - MASTERCHIEF from HALO - FullColor BG Commish - LIVE RECORDING
  • 3/14, 9PM-12PMest - DWald Female OC - FullColor NoBG Commish - LIVE RECORDING

Final thought, an interesting article to ponder on

March 1, 2013

"...Artists have always feared that they are unappreciated and that the march of progress comes only from business, science and their machines. 1984 was imagined by an artist projecting these exact fears. Our guest essayist suggests the computer will never be our master, but only the super high speed counting machine it was meant to be leaving humans with only one pure task— being creative..."

Read this interesting article on Deviant Art, would love to hear what you think about it - 


Have a good weekend. Heres hoping Monday I get to come home with my wife in tow. Staying with her at the hospital over the weekend cause I miss her and to give her mom a break.

Batman, Spidey and Deadpool (Captain America too)

Got these commissions finished up tonight. Spent all day doing comic-page related work and other business but was nice to work on some fan-art style character commissions. One I def wanted to get done tonight was the Spiderman/Batman one. Read more about each of these by clicking the image it'll take you to Deviant Art where you can read the notes below the artwork in the 'artist statement' area. 

The deadpool video should be up in a while, the Bat/Spiderman pic video is up - http://www.livestream.com/eryckwebbgraphicsart/folder - plus a boat load of others from previous work.

Time for bed!

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