New EWG Livestream Events Scheduled!

March 19, 2013

Coming Broadcasts:
  • Wednesday 3/20-8pmEST - Rugby Rhino and Masquerade CommissionsDemonstrating Digital Inks and Colors - Two Full Color Character Commissions Created Live!
  • Wednesday 3/27-8pmEST 4 Fighting Game Character Commissions At Once!
    Demonstrating Digital Inks and Colors  - Four Full Color Character Commissions Created Live!
  • Wednesday 4/3, 4/4 and 4/5-TimeEST TBD Chemo/Hospital Fundraiser Event
    Open Commissions Event  - $15 and $30 options. Will draw in real time upon ordering
    (only accepting orders for this event during event times!)

I invite any art enthusiasts, EWG fans, any students o' the form and peers to come out hang, chat and talk comics, OCs, purple dragons or whatever during any of these events. As I am seeing a lot more comic work that is production heavy during the day, I will be attempting to schedule character art for Wednesday nights as I am hoping to keep Wednesday nights a regular Live-stream night.

Hope people come out and hope this is eventually something fans/ customers can look forward to every Wednesday!

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