ewSICK week 2: Getting back in the practice - streaming 10amET every day

September 30, 2019

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Fired up the stream ( no cam/ no mic ) on Sunday to get a good hour or two of drawing practice in. Since this cold hit me late Tuesday evening I've not really been drawing. I did a few upgrades off cam/ off mic on Wednesday but then the cold got a lot worse and I have been MIA since. Maybe a random gaming stream to pass the time while I wait for this stuff to pass on by.

Sunday I attempted to get back in practice. Something I really like about these sketches. First one is a random elf warrior girl, second one is two minute sketches of some martial artist references. Third one was a 'automatic drawing' doodle of random automotive related parts. Fourth was 30 drawings 30 seconds each in one session. 

I woke up Sunday morning thinking the worst was behind me. But then the drainage kicks up again and I'm coughing constantly. Lastnight was the best night of sleep I've gotten. Fell asleep somewhere between 10 and 11pmET and didnt wake up till near 7am. Woke up feeling like the worst was behind me till the drainage kicked in again. So I know I'm on my way out. But I'm tired of losing stream time and work time to this. 

I'm going to attempt to stream 10amET till whenever each day this week. Leaving it open ended, as sometimes I might get tired after 2 hours some times I may ble able to go a full 4 or so. 

I'll be volleying between practice drawing and working on upgrades. I feel like I'm too rust and too under the weather to tackle drawing requests properly. Hoping by end of the week thats a different story. Maybe earlier? 

I'm sick of being sick. So I'll stream SOMETHING 10amET each morning. However long it lasts. Join me wont you? Thanks for your patience CRew... hate being sick. Such a waste of time and energy. Thought I did try to make use ot if whenever possible with writing my next book and other tasks. But for the most part its a struggle. An annoying ass struggle. Heres to it passing soon!

New book first draft completed! Despite being sick

September 26, 2019

Working on my new book has given me something to focus on occasionally while dealing with being sick. And I'm excited to say the first draft of the book's copy is done and written! 24 pages of clean first draft book writing is done! I'm very proud of how its turning out and coming along. From what it started out as and what its being refined into. This is a new project thats very important to me, and is not part of the Best of Request series. I will officially announce the book soon. Best of Request Volume 4 is slated for next spring at the latest, this will come out later this year.

Time for another nap... *being sick sucks*

This weeks ewDISCORD artjam prompt - Scary, Pumpkin, Robot !

September 25, 2019

For this week's Crew art jam prompt using the three randomly generated words: 'scary, pumpkin, robot'. Look forward to seeing everyones solutions to the prompt! Over on the ewDISCORD !


Was sick today! So I streamed upgrades!

#draw #stream #art
Thanks for a fun, unconventional, Wednesday stream! We went live 10am and worked on upgrade orders till 4pmET! All while I was off cam/ mic because I've caught a cold. Felt better by the end though, and anticipate being back proper tomorrow! See the CRew then!

Twitch Stream Schedule Week of 9/23

September 22, 2019

⏰ Stream Schedule Week of 9/23

Mon - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Tues - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Wed - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Thu - 10amET  Drawing Request Show
Fri - 10amET Drawing Request Show

We'll be drawing, inking, and coloring each day!


Drawing Request Show Schedule Week of 9/16

September 15, 2019

⏰Stream Schedule Week of 9/16

Mon - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Tues - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Wed - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Thu - 10amET  Drawing Request Show
Fri - 10amET Drawing Request Show

We'll be drawing, inking, and coloring each day!


Thank you for a great 2 Year Twitch Affiliate Celebration stream!

September 13, 2019

Great Day, thank you CRew and the rest of Yew for allowing me to Dew what I Dew! Have a great weekend - get your art out soon!

This video was used to announce the stream going live and advertise the special stream. It was also used in parts as the stream's intro video and as alerts triggered by viewer support during the stream.


The clip below is from a memorable moment at the end of the stream. Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming kind words, support and gestures. Means a lot and I will not let you down!

Back at it with a new schedule!

September 11, 2019

#draw #request #stream #schedule 

I was out for the count literally all day yesterday with sinus/ allergy headache and related fog brain. I kept the fluids going and the proper sinus/ allergy meds and are still on them this morning. I did some rough copy writing on my new book ( yet to officially be announced ) when I felt good enough. And that wasn't very good. But it did keep my mind off the discomfort for a bit. Ultimately I rested, relaxed, kept a heatpad on and watched youtube videos/ twitch streams all day. I did manage early on before it got too bad to update the masterlist and send out art from Mondays stream.

Today I'm back, and with an idea I had while off yesterday. Morning Upgrade Inks and Colors and afternoon Drawing Requests, all live on Twitch!! While the morning will be more focus mode production the afternoon will be Drawing Requests and giveaways and stream as usual. This will extend streams across the weekday more and allow viewers to see the other end of the drawing request process.

I had a thought towards the future of the stream regarding this as well. Eventually I'd like to integrate everything under one roof. Drawings, Inks and Colors all on the same list with the option to have all three done in sequence with obvious breaks in between from cooldowns if a buyer pays for all at once.

That'll take a little figuring, but for now, I'm getting ready to rock it this morning! A hot shower, and some fresh sauce and I'll be ready for an extended Drawing Request Show going live at 10amET on Twitch!

Sinus/ Allergy Fog/ Headache Affecting My Drawing

September 10, 2019

A lil' warmup attempt this morning. Probably recognize who I was trying to draw haha. Two diff attempts. Never really got it to pop off right. This sinus/ allergy headache and fog throwing me off big time. Going to refrain from drawing today and just rest up. Try again 2morrow!

Eryck Webb Twitch Stream Schedule for Week of 9/9

⏰Stream Schedule Week of 9/9

Mon - 1pmET Drawing Requests
Tues - 1pmET Inks N Color Wurk N Lurk
Wed - 1pmET Drawing Requests
Thu - 1pmET  Inks N Color Wurk N Lurk
Fri - 1pmET Drawing Requests


Stream Schedule Week of 9/2 + ewARCADE

September 2, 2019

⏰Stream Schedule Week of 9/2

Mon - No Stream

Tues - 1pmET Inks N Colors

Wed - 1pmET Drawing Requests
        - 8pmET ewARCADE - Game TBA

Thu - 1pmET Inks N Colors

Fri - 1pmET Drawing Requests


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