HnH Podcast 300th Episode Poster

May 28, 2014

The historic 300th episode of Horseshoes-HandGrenades airs 6.3.14! Come hang in the chat watch the live video broadcast!
This is a promotional poster I designed to promote the 300th episode event. Also featuring the bundled jobs of the new redesigned logo and new mascot designs for the show post 300!

Have a Good Memorial Day Weekend

May 23, 2014

Out for the weekend! Have a great end of the week and a nice long weekend! I'm hoping to get some proper relaxation done - but I don't think that's going to happen. Either-way will enjoy time away from the studio. Lets see how long it lasts before I'm back in here drawing it up again this weekend! Hey, love what I do. What can I say.

Have a good one, burn some meat, take a moment to observe and honor the military this day is truely about and see you on the flipside!

May Live Sketch Night A Wrap

May 22, 2014

See the finished works, the full video from the session, and previous 'preview demo' videos of work start to finish at the Livestream event page here:

Above is the 3 pieces and a couple WIP screenshots from tonights Livestream event 'May Live Sketch Request Night'. The event was a lot of fun. I believe it was good exposure and a good opportunity to showcase my skill and speed with a variety of subject matter. There was only one purchase, by a wonderful client who came out and snatched up some awesome Spider Girl art! After that I doodled Howard the Duck for fun waiting for orders, and then a gift for TnC of a crazy Cory vs Steve picture. Perhaps TnC meets The Goon or something. Anywho, would havel iked to get more paid orders but the overall exhibition was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed just cutting loose doing whatever on the howard and cory pieces. Really happy with the Spider Girl piece as well. Will try to do a live sketch night once a month! So those who were interested but didn't make it out.. stay tuned!
Thanks to Livestream for posting the event when it went live, and also for have a great thing like the event page that can be followed and host images/ videos related to the event. I think that combined with the producer application is a great step forward from the problems I faced with 'procaster' and just using the old Livestream interface.
All in all a nice night - no technical difficulties - just draw draw draw and had lots of fun doing it. 
Whats not to like?

Yoga logo scratch sheet concepts 1

May 21, 2014

Some yoga logo design concepts - filling up a scratch sheet of ideas pushing it in every way i can think of - still centered around the central idea of a flame + yoga .. seein what i come up with. Round 1 off to the client to see what they think. Which do you like best?

EWG Dewd - Sketch Night Preview 3

Here is the final preview for tonight's Sketch Night event. Have $22 dollars ready in paypal and when prompted can send it with a picture reference and I will do a quick black and white inked sketch! Some limited gray tones are also optional! But they will be kept simple. Can order more than one to get in on the deal (usualy currently a 30 dollar value and several week turnaround) but only one will be done per customer during the event. Others will be done Friday off stream.
Must follow or login to event at to participate/ watch/ purchase!
Also check out the 3 preview sketch videos on this event page giving you an idea of what you'll be seeing!

Happy McDonalds Mascot Reworked Concepts - Take 1

May 20, 2014

In response to the creepy new mascot McDonalds just released - I thought I'd experiment with how I might design a character based on the smiley faced happy meal box. Here's about 15 min worth of cute ideas I had - mainly I wanted to make the arches ears and went from there... what do you think? I want to play with this more later on. But anything I think is better than the creepy thing they came up with!

Leo Lookout - 20 Min Warmup - May Live Sketch Night Preview 2

May 19, 2014

Finished this second preview for a 20 min warmup this morning. This is what to look forward to on Wednesday's May Live Sketch Night - $22 digital inks sketch with some gray tones (where applicable) - first come first serve. Follow the Livestream event here for future previews and for updates on the event!

New TNC - The Force Is Strong With This One!

May 16, 2014

#webcomic #cartoon
Brand spankin new @TnC out today! Dew it! Dew it!
Created/Written by Cory Matthews
Drawn/ Designed by Eryck Webb
The Force Is Strong With This One!

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Sonic May Sketch Night Preview

May's Live Sketch Night is next Wed, 5/15/14, at 8pmEST till 12pmEST.
The event is happening at the new EWG Livestream event page:
The above art was done and added to the event to preview what you get / the process that will be used during the event. You can view the 15 min video and comment/ ask questions on the event page as well.

$22 bw digitaly illustrated ink sketches (A $10 savings on regular EWG inked work!)
first come first serve. Only accepting orders during the event, no preordering. Have your one solid picture reference and $22 paypals ready! Will be +1.00 added on so total to send will be 22.00 - but will remind folks of this at the event. Can order more than one, but only one per person will be done during the event!

$22 Live Sketch Night - Set For May!

May 15, 2014

May's Live Sketch Night is next Wed, 5/15/14, at 8pmEST till 12pmEST - - $21+1.00 paypal vendor fee - so for $22 total, you get hiquality digitaly drawn black and white ink sketches - doing one at a time, one per customer. Only accepting orders during the event, no preordering. Have your one solid picture reference and $22 paypals ready! Can order more than one, but only one per person will be done during the event! See examples of what to expect below, and follow the event Livestream page for updates and demo previews of Wednesday's event!

This event is happening at the Livestream event page -

 More examples here:

See the making of this Sonic pic here

See the making of this Leonardo pic here

Warmup Girly - 45 min sketch

Post lunch warmup this afternoon - just turnin on some upbeat music, drawin a cute girly. Saw a cool fitness-model woman posed like this really liked it, didn't use the photo at all just from my head - so sorta emulating that pose/ effect, the animes tyle face and the socks n stuff is just me havin fun, drawin what i thought my look cute on this cute girly sketch. 
Had a lot of fun drawin this, playing with tones and the rendering and then the design aspect of the canvas carrying into the figure itself. Don't draw this smexy stuff much lately so fun to cut loose and indulge on occassion. Brush tool/ wacom intuos 2/ photoshop 6 about 45 min.
Onto the job stuff once again

Morning Stream starts in 20 min

Good Morning! I mentioned lastnight, will be penciling two pages on stream this morn at 8amEST (about 45 min) here -

There will be no Thursday Night Livestream this morning - but stay tuned for a 'Live Sketch Request Night' next week. Most likely bw sketches for $21 each.

Progress shot of two previous pages inks

Spidey Heads Up - 30 Min Warmup

May 13, 2014

Post-Lunch 30 min warmup sketch - felt like drawing some spidey! All drawn/ inked/ shaded in Inkscape with wacom intuos 2

Megatron Warm Up

May 12, 2014

Its Monday, and after a long weekend wanted to get back in the ol' drawing groove. So I definitely needed to do a warmup. And perhaps from visiting back home for Mothers day and also seeing my sister whilst, I drew one of her favorite characters as a warmup. Megatron from Transformers Prime! - Only had timef or a bust/ head but was fun to do the ol' painterly gray tones. Onto lots of character art and comic art all week!
About 45 min with wacom intuos 2 and photoshop with brush tool set to stylus opacity using various blacks grays and white

HnH Mascot Concepts First Round

May 9, 2014

First rough brainstorming and sketching on some new Horseshoes and Handgrenades podcast mascots and brand development. Want to take the designs MUCH further but they are happy with these initial ideas. Gonna push it in every direction I can till I nail it down in some awesome way I can't see yet.

Boom Unit Mascot - Concept Sketches

First round of exploring design and ideas for Boom Unit mascot design commission. Theres a thing here and there about each one i like but not one in particular on the whole. Will see what the client likes and go from there for a couple more solidified designs.

Wolverine - 30min Warmup Sketch

#wolverine #marvel #xmen #warmup
30 minute timed digital pencil/ inks sketch warmup in Inkscape. Wanted to just draw a popular character in my own style, take some liberties with the design, have fun with it. I think I started drawing hulk, thought about going in the direction of batman, and then wolverine came out. I like this costume design. The idea that his main top there is a jacket/vest he can pull off maybe have a sleeveless black shirt underneith that goes with his cowl. In a fight he can take it off maybe look even more badass. Anywho. I also thought the long claw thing was ridiculous and the leverage of having them that long would most likely work against him. I thought he'd be like a lion or tiger shorter, ripping, shredding claws not so much for stabbing. I also always feel he should be topheavy. All chest and arms. A real mauler. I think a hero can have a cigar as part of his character and not be a bad influence on kids. Its up to the parents to go 'he does it cause he regenerates and it doesnt kill him, it WILL kill you'. Anywho! Onto some mascot design and such then out early for the weekend!
Lovin this weather lately how bout you?

Fire Emblem - Lissa - Thursday Night Livestream

May 8, 2014

Another in the series of Fire Emblem fan art commissions I'm doing right now. This one of the character 'Lissa'. This was done 5/8/14 on Thursday Night Livestream session. Had one or two people stop by. None of which really chatted. Must be a special on TV tonight that I don't know about or care about. Internet seems dead. Ah well, got some extra work done either way. Goodnight and have a great weekend!

8.5x13 penciled in photoshop, inked in inkscape and colored in photoshop

Enjoy some screenshots of the process below!


Thursday Night Livestream - Tonight!

Tonight 830pm-1130pmEST
Exclusively on the EWG Livestream page:

Featuring at least 2 Fire Emblem fan art commissions demonstrating digital pencils, inks and colors - EWG style! See you then!

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