Wolverine - 30min Warmup Sketch

May 9, 2014

#wolverine #marvel #xmen #warmup
30 minute timed digital pencil/ inks sketch warmup in Inkscape. Wanted to just draw a popular character in my own style, take some liberties with the design, have fun with it. I think I started drawing hulk, thought about going in the direction of batman, and then wolverine came out. I like this costume design. The idea that his main top there is a jacket/vest he can pull off maybe have a sleeveless black shirt underneith that goes with his cowl. In a fight he can take it off maybe look even more badass. Anywho. I also thought the long claw thing was ridiculous and the leverage of having them that long would most likely work against him. I thought he'd be like a lion or tiger shorter, ripping, shredding claws not so much for stabbing. I also always feel he should be topheavy. All chest and arms. A real mauler. I think a hero can have a cigar as part of his character and not be a bad influence on kids. Its up to the parents to go 'he does it cause he regenerates and it doesnt kill him, it WILL kill you'. Anywho! Onto some mascot design and such then out early for the weekend!
Lovin this weather lately how bout you?

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