10 Slots Open For 4/4 - 4/8 - Get Em While They're Available!

March 30, 2016

#characterart #commission #slot #oc #fanart

10 Slots available for next week (4/4-4/8)! Thats two characters a day. Special slot-only pricing! When you purchase a slot, get a one character, no background commission, digitally penciled, inked and colored! One week turnaround and a few bucks off? What are you waiting for? Only available till Monday 4/4 when they will be lined up and started on! 
To get one, send $38 via paypal to eryckwebb3@yahoo.com and you will get a confirmation email within 12 hours if not right away and locked into the next spot! Buy more than one! (Price does not change).

View Slot availability and grab one on the DeviantArt list here: http://eryckwebbgraphics.deviantart.com/journal/Slots-For-4-4-4-8-OPEN-599746345

Thank you!

Draw Request Show - Episode 3 Recap

March 29, 2016

#twitch #twitchcreative #request #draw #characterart #stream

Had an amazing episode 3 of EWG's Drawing Request Show! Oboe rained supreme w/ the requests tonight and I enjoyed drawing a new character of his 'fox' that I had not before. Did an emotional one for KingTiger and got a 'Eryck Freestyle' in of a 'tombraideresque' type chick. All in all a fun night. Not nearly the 6 hour epic that the last episode was, this one lasted from 7pmEST till 10pmEST!

At the end of the stream, did the traditional pencil drawing giveaway where I giveaway a commission-level digital pencil drawing which will happen next show! Congrats to Oboe who won that as well! Big thanks to Oboe for being the current top donator on the EWG stream and for being the biggest contributor tonight! Glad you won the giveaway, you deserve it!

Got some ideas and mods to tweak for Episode 4, see you out Thursday 7pmEST for another, Drawing Request Show!

If you missed tonight's episode, check it out on Twitch here: 

EWG's 2016 Easter Egg Hunt

March 26, 2016

#easter #egg #hunt #easteregg #egghunt #sale #discount #special
This Event Has Ended! Thank You For Playing!

The annual EWG Easter Egg Hunt is back, and as of this posting, has begun!! This year we're taking it up a notch!!!! There is still a 5% discount for every egg you find, but this year, instead of only 6 eggs as in the past, there will be 20 eggs! Your math is right, if you can find all 20 you will get 100% off one invoiced character art order with some simple background (up to 2 characters in either 2 seperate pictures or together in one) that you may use anytime until the end of the year. So start hunting! But trust me, the Easter Bunny has not made it easy. Tell your friends because it only lasts 24 hours! It has begun as of 11:59pm 3/26/2016 and ends 11:59pmEST 3/27/2016

Happy Hunting!

Rules Of The Egg Hunt

- You must find the eggs in the specified time to receive the discount.
- Send an email to eryck@eryckwebbgraphics.com with the COLOR and PAGE TITLE of each egg.
   (each egg is accompanied by a label you can copy and paste)
- You may also take a screenshot of each egg and its label and send that in.
- You can turn in one egg, or all 20. You have 24 hours to turn in as many as you can.
- You must use the earned discount by the end of 2016. It does not carry into the new year.
- The discount can only be used once per customer.
- The discount must be used as a total sum.
- You can apply it to a friend's order, but it will be considered used and you will NOT
   be able to use it again for yourself.
- It applies to one EWG invoiced paypal order.
- No helping others find it. If there is any reason to believe there is an attempt at fraud, Eryck Webb Graphics retains the right to deny the discount to that person
  without justification.
- You must email your screenshots/ descriptions by 11:59 pm EST on Easter Sunday
  (March 27, 2016) to qualify.
- The event posts/launches at 11:59 pm EST on March 27th and only lasts 24 hours!
- If you have any questions or concerns email eryck@eryckwebbgraphics.com
- This discount can not be applied to livestream commissions or weekly slots

EWG Drawing Request Show Episode 2 Recap

March 25, 2016

*click to enlarge*
*click to enlarge*

#twitch #twitchcreative #art #stream #digitalart

This is the second in this format I've done and the best yet for sure. This is the first real official 'Drawing Request Show' I've done. Previously was less 'official'. This was an absolute blast. The show launched at 7pmEST and went till 2am! Everyone got one free drawing request per stream, and then after that could request again $5 each. Also available to do on stream there and then was $15 finished 'commission' level pencil drawings. Got one of those.

During the first half of the stream, the 100 Follower threshold was crossed, and a giveaway was held for a digitally inked character art piece. Congratulations to Oboeshoes for winning! Will finish up the sketch of the nude girl on the surfboard for him for his request.

Midway, there was a hilarious battle for list priority by three folks in the chat. Every 5 dollars donated whether for an additional request or for cutting in line gets you moved up front. Cut off by somebody after you that donates. In that order. So if you want back in front, you have to donate another 5. Only fair. Whatever folks are willing to donate to stay up front is what it comes down to. Otherwise if you don't donate anything and are willing to wait you may absolutely do so! Any I do not get to I will move to the next stream (doing this Tuesdays and Thursdays each week).

At the end held a giveaway for a finished digital pencil drawing, congrats to MrHalfAwake for winning!

Enjoyed the drawings, lots of pokemon and personal characters. Had a lot of fun. Can't wait to do it again. See you after the weekend!

Also announced on the stream at the end the Easter Egg Hunt! Will be kicking off 1200am Sunday morning! Going till 1159pmEST sunday night!

If you missed the 6-7 hour stream, check it out here. I'll upload it to YouTube/ cut out some highlights at a later time! https://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb/v/56422959

Morning/Afternoon streams Monday through Friday are just to interact and observe my EWG work in progress. But come out Tuesday/ Thursday nights at 7pmEST for drawing request show! See you then!

Drawing Request Show! - Every T/Th 7pmEST

March 24, 2016

#commission #drawing #requests #digitalart #characterart #comics #twitch #stream #art

See folks out tonight! (Thursday 3/24/16) 7pmEST for Drawing Request Show, on the Eryck Webb Graphics Twitch Channel! And every Tuesday and Thursday where I'll be drawing up a storm, giving one free drawing for everybody and then additional requests per person for only $5. Plus, if your tired of waiting, a $5 donation gets you in front of the line! $15 donations get you infront of the $5 priority folks AND you get a hires emailed afterward, plus your piece will be fully digitaly penciled to the best of Erycks ability.

Will get to as many free requests as I can, any donated requests I dont get to will be moved to the next stream! (The next Tues or Thurs depending on which the request was received).

A chance for eryck to have fun, cut loose, give out some free art and make a few bucks in the process. Chance for followers to get some new art, see their requests drawn before their eyes and for everyone to have fun all the while.

Hope to see you there!

Happening only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb - every Tues and Thursday 7pmEST!

Ungrounded: The First Revolution - Is HERE!

#tpb #comic #comicbook #graphicnovel #trade #tradepaperback #art #ungrounded

After around a year of hard work, this baby is now fully out to the masses in physical and digital form! Individual chapters also released for download on Comixology!  Thanks to all who made this possible for writer/ creator Patrick Gerard! The fact that I was able to be a part of it has been a major highlight of my career. One of the best universes I could have had the privelege of playing in! Now its done and ready for consuming. Enjoy!

From the Amazon listing:

Ungrounded: The First Revolution Paperback 
Available March 21, 2016
by Patrick Gerard  (Author)
Brian Augustyn (Author)
Tom Peyer (Author)
Eryck Webb (Illustrator)

"UNGROUNDED is brimming with imagination, wit, and beautiful artwork! Patrick and Eryck's fantastical world features some of the most original characters I've seen in ages, all of them clashing in a fascinating (and seemingly limitless) new universe! You need this book, you just don't know it yet." - Sterling Gates (writer, SUPERGIRL, producer: THE POSTHUMAN PROJECT) "Ungrounded is a heck of a lot of fun! Gerard and Webb have put together a big crazy story, and I enjoyed reading it immensely. Here s hoping there s more to come!" - Chris Roberson (writer: EDISON REX, co-creator: iZOMBIE) "Patrick Gerard is a genius. And Eryck Webb's art will make you believe a polar bear can fly... UNGROUNDED is... an refreshing antidote to everything that's unsatisfying with super-heroes, and I love it." - Dr. Julian Darius (producer: GRANT MORRISON: TALKING WITH GODS)

Ankh & Rampart - Character Art Commissions

#ankh #rampart #characterart #september17 #s17 #commission #digitalart #photoshop

Finished character art designs for September 17 productions this morning whilst streaming live production on Twitch. Streaming most days during mornings/ afternoons while working on EWG orders. Come sit in on the art mayhem. 

Pets first meeting - practice sketch

March 23, 2016

#drawing #sketch #girl #robot #cat

Relaxing and drawing on the tablet this evening before bed and this is what came out. A girl whose robot pet and feline pet are meeting for the first time
Done in sketchbook on stream on twitch with Samsung galaxy note 10.1 and Wacom bamboo smart pen

Wednesday Stream Is A Wrap

#digitalart #digitalpencils #sketchbookpro #giveaway #raffle

Thats it for today! Check out this pencil drawing for this afternoon's giveaway raffle winner, Robaschi! Will hold another one at the end of the next afternoon stream (tomorrow). See ya then! Heres the replay video if you missed today's stream https://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb/v/56190969

Enjoy Robaschi! Thanks for your support of EWG and my streaming!

EWG Drawings For Donations Stream Recap - 3-22-16

March 22, 2016

#twitch #twitchcreative #sketchbookpro #digitalart #drawing #art #stream

Tonight's first installment of the new Drawings For Donations stream that I'll be doing every Tues/ Thursday at 9pmEST went well! 

Had a donation from Oboe (The current EWGroupie King) for his WoW OC with some Thor armor applied. He also donated at a high enough tier so that his request was added to my normal commission queue and will be finished in solid inks and colors within the next week or two. 

Then got a donation from TamTam for a digital pencil drawing head-to-toe tier of his new OC 'Invicibelle' which I really enjoyed as well.

Before getting these requests and after finishing them I worked on some a Daredevil netflix series homage/fanart. Its still in progress but I'm happy with how murdock has shaped up. While homaging the series character designs and actors I'm also staying loose with my own design tweaks and aesthetics. Will work on this more come Thursday and possibly during next week's Tues/Thurs Drawing For Donations streams as well. I held a 5 Minute Freebie sketch request session at the end as I usualy do but nobody bit. So I ended the stream there and filed it under a success. I think now with my more concrete schedule, I will be able to get more viewers/ participants to join in on the fun on the evening streams more in the future.

Any requests received during any other time of the week is added to a list and drawn in order of received during the Tuesday and Thursday shows. Inks and Colors tiers are treated as normal commissions and MAY (but not always) be done on stream during the afternoon/ mornings.

Also, once the follower count hits 100 I will be giving away either a finished digital pencils drawing like above for free. So be sure to help get me to 100 followers so one lucky winner can win that prize!
See you Thursday 7pmEST! And every Tues/Thurs at 7pmEST!
Also hope you'll stop by say hi and check out my regular creative work during weekdays!

Incase you missed it, heres the replay of the stream:https://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb/v/56038610

The Hunt Has Concluded... More To Come

March 18, 2016

Thanks so much for playing! Hope everyone had fun! 
#stpatricksday #eastersunday #easter #bunny #eggs

A big thank you goes out to all the people that participated in the annual St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold hunt. The turnout was great and lots of folks got  themselves a great character art discount. I hope that everyone had a lot of fun during this hunt but there is still more to come!

Easter Sunday is right around the bend and the annual EWG Easter Egg Hunt is returning! This year we're taking it up a notch!!!! There will still be a 5% discount for every egg you find, but this year there will be 20 eggs! Your math is right, if you can find all 20 you will get 100% off one invoiced character art order (up to 2 characters) that you may use anytime until the end of the year. But trust me, the Easter Bunny is not going to make it easy. Mark your calendars and tell your friends because it only lasts 24 hours!

We can't wait to see YOU at the hunt on Easter Sunday (March 27th 2016)!

Leprechaun Couldron Mech Activate

March 17, 2016

#stpatricksday #stpattys #leprechaun #potofgold #green #irish #mech #anime #digitalart #sketch #warmup

This morning's warmup drawing. Chillin on stream with a St Pattys theme and music all day. Come out hangout have a beer. Onto actual paying work rest of the day!

Don't miss out on the Pot Of Gold Hunt going on all day today! Ends when St Patricks Day ends! Full info here!

Happy St Patricks Day! Find The Pot Of Gold! Get 50% off!

This Event Has Ended
#stpatricksday #stpattys #potofgold #leprechaun #discount #sale #special #event 

Well bless my blarneys! It's St Patricks Day! 

Its time for the annual Eryck Webb Graphics St Patricks Day 'Pot of Gold Hunt' that begins NOW! A leprechaun has hidden a special EWG branded pot of gold somewhere deep on this website where no human will ever find it. If you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse, you get 50% off your next invoiced character art commission order. The 50% discount applies to the whole order, whether its for one character or multiple characters!!!!. So get hunting!!! 

How to get the discount

Take a screen shot or describe its location (title and label) and email it to eryck@eryckwebbgraphics.com by 11:59 pm EST on St Patricks Day                      (March 17th 2016)

Rules Of The Gold Hunt  

- You must find the Pot of Gold in the specified time to receive the discount.
- You must use the discount by the end of 2016. It does not carry into the new year. 
- The discount can only be used once per customer.
- You can apply it to a friend's order, but it will be considered used and you will NOT
   be able to use it again for yourself.
- It applies to one EWG invoiced paypal order. 
- No helping others find it. If there is any reason to believe there is an attempt at fraud, 
  Eryck Webb Graphics retains the right to deny the discount to that person
  without justification.
- You must email your screenshot/description by 11:59 pm EST on St Patricks Day
  (March 17th 2016) to qualify.
- The event posts/launches at 11:59 pm EST on March 16th and only lasts 24 hours!
- If you have any questions or concerns email eryck@eryckwebbgraphics.com

Happy Hunting!

The only clue was when the Leprechaun left saying:

"I reckon, twas two years ago today, a post was featured that paid homage to
my big day quite nicely. Ya really dropped the blarney stone this year me thinks... coulda done another nice St Patty's themed graphic to celebrate but nooo, just sending everyone after me pot o' gold it seems. A darn shame.... good luck finding it you buggers!"

House Former - Homemade Transformers Week

March 15, 2016

#transformer #houseformer #house #homemade #characterdesign #sketch #warmup

Drew this lastnight on the tablet, started falling asleep towards the end haha you can see the 'fell asleep' line at the staircase wing on the top right lol. How it veers up randomly. Other than that this was fun as hell to do. Based on my wife and I's house, bay window for the chest, garage for the pelvis, head comes out of the attic floor when the roof parts into shoulder pads. The gun is a combination of waterheater and furnace parts. The axe forms from the flagpole we have outfront. The deck forms rigging and such on the back and theres pipes and wiring laced throughout. The back room extension turns into the legs and the 'concrete' foundation becomes the feet. Stair cases form 'wings' which might have multiple usesor just be for show. the windows can open pop out extra guns or gadgets or such. His helmet is made up of washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher (which we dont have but needed a 4th) and so yeah. Fun stuff.

Come out to www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb each morning this week for an other 'homemade transformer' exercise. 9am-10amEST

Thursday I'll be streaming closer to 1pmEST with a st patricks day/ homemade transformer mashup and having lots of stpattys themed fun all day.

Also a little birdy told me the leprechaun is going to hide a pot of gold on this website somewhere and whomever finds it gets a half price fully inked/ colored one character no background art (11x17 300dpi)

Have a good one!

FridgeFormer - Homemade Transformers Week

#transformer #warmup #sketch #sketchbookpro #refridgerator #fridge #homeappliances

This week's theme is 'home made transformers'. This means I'm drawing things I'd find in my normal everyday life that may never really be used for transformers characters in the mainstream canon. Yesterday I did a transformer version of my house, and today I did one based loosely on our fridge (for design purposes I included different drawer setup and magnets/ pictures on the doors) twas a lot of fun. Respond below or on any of the social sites this posts to about ideas of normal everyday structures objects or what not (no cars or planes) that might make a fun transformer to design.

Will be doing this all week. Will also post the house former after this as I did not post it yesterday.

Join me between 9am and 10amEST each morning this week for another on EWG twitch www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Thursday is ST patties. I have a dentist checkup where a leprechaun is going to check my tooth extraction and take out stitches. After that, I am going to do a warmup (probably around noon/1pmEST) perhaps mixing st  patricks day and this homemade transformers theme and then work on commission orders all day, playing irish punk rock and using a fancy green interface and maybe even wearing some green. I feel like I should spend the whole stream talking in a horrible made up irish accent too. But that could get racist fast... and thats not cool lol...

See ya then

Off Till Monday

March 11, 2016

Taking some much needed time off starting today. Get rockin on orders come Monday. Have a great weekend. #ewgouttie

Snowbo - Warmup Sketch

March 4, 2016

+SketchBookPro @sketchbookpro #sketchbook #warmup #snowman #frosty #hobo

Warmup sketch from this morning... a character I have drawn a couple times before, some random snowman character. Often seen battling Yetis and traveling with his hobo stick and scarf.
Kinda character that kinda has a whole backstory built in ya know?

Fun stuff. Streamed this, plus a monologue about the EWG Twitch channel updates and other info about my Twitch stream. Plus working on Frankenfly and edits to a Starwars commisssion.

If you missed the stream, you can see a replay here: http://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb/v/52272918 for couple weeks before it comes down.

Draenei - World Of Warcraft - Stream Commission

March 3, 2016

#worldofwarcraft #sketchbook #inkscape #photoshop #fantasy #digitalart

Finished Stream Commission done tonight on EWG Twitch channel! This was for Oboe and while waiting for other sketch requests or full blown commission requests I worked on this and didn't get another one all night. So just kept adding to this one pulling out this and that from the ol' artistic bag o trix. Was a lot of fun. Come out when I stream in the evenings and commission me on the spot I'll do the whole thing there live. Alright have a good night!

Will be streaming warmup tomorrow 9amEST and streaming commission work while taking sketch requests 3pmEST and that'll be it till after the weekend!

If you missed the stream of this WOW character you can see it for a few weeks before it gets retired on the EWG Twitch video page - http://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb/v/52201688

Gamin Bubz - Warmup 3316

#gamergirl #gamer #gaming #pokemon #digdug #bubblebobble #headset #sketchbookpro #inkscape

This mornings 'Warmup Stream' on EWG Twitch channel! I prompt for suggestions on @eryckwebb twitter about what I should draw for my warmup the next morning. Well this time @ectomaster tweeted back about doing a gamin girly. So I did! Shes gamin on her bed with her headset and her plushies! Too much cuteness...
About 30-40 minutes. I initialy launched the stream and everything without checking if my wacom driver had initiated and it hadn't. So I quickly logged off and back on. And got to drawing! Sketched it out in Sketchbook Pro then did some spiffy inks in Inkscape (still my fav program for inking).
And did a one color treatment all around. I said awwwwwwwwwwww.

If you missed the stream you can find it here for a few weeks plus others that will be taken down in a couple of days from even farther back ago. Check it out let me know what you think, and also suggestions for the next warmup are welcome, just comment below!

Warmup: Superman Pencils - 3216

March 2, 2016

@supermanvsbatman @sketchbookpro #twitch #sketchbook #warmup #digitalpencils #digitalart #wacomintuos

Warmup done this morning on EWG Twitch channel before a day of lots of drawing. Never sat down and done a serious attempt at superman but a big fan of the superman/ batman/ justice league animated movies/ shows. Don't care for the new 52 designs and what i've heard of the stories. I dont know why the big 2 have to reinvent things. Just put out great stories, keep the characters brands intact and plow ahead. This will always be what superman should look like to me. I think I didn him justice. With superman to me, its important to get his face right. Hes not mean, hes not vengeful. Hes definitely confident (sometimes to his downfall) but takes pride in what he does. Here is a typical scenario, lex thought he had a door lined with led that would stop superman but nope, so hes kinda 'going to have to do better than that lex' attitude. Anywho, fun stuff. 
Did it as finished penciled as I could in Sketchbook pro 11x17 200dpi with pencil tool. Definitely got it finished up enough to do some finished inks. And maybe I will sometime. But for now, thanks for lookin!
Wacom Intuos 2
Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
Twitch Streamin' on OBS :)

Can watch the stream if you missed it on EWG Twitch channel here http://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb/v/51893730
Only available for a couple of weeks.

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