Chibi Monday Supplemental Q&A

November 29, 2013

See the original announcement and information here:

The following is some supplementary information to help potential clients of the Chibi Monday sale better understand what will be going on!

Q: Can I order more than one chibi but request them in the same picture instead of separate pictures?
A: Yes. However keep in mind the price does not change. The price reflects time spent creating each chibi. Whether its on the same canvas interacting or on two different doesn't change the time spent articulating each one.

Q: Can I place an order for chibis and get back to you with the references
A: One, this special is only available Monday, and Chibis are not a regularly featured EWG item and only offered during special promotions. So you must order by the Chibi Monday cart I will be setting up like everyone else. I'd prefer include a link to your original or fan-art character in the notes to seller field of your paypal order, but if you email it that will work too. If you can do it as soon as you order that would be great and help expedite your order. Failure to do so may cause it to be pushed back a space or two in line till both payment/reference are received.

Q: Can I do anything to get ahead of the crowd and get mine faster than the guarantee of 'all finished before Christmas eve'?
A: Yes! Those who truly want that must wait for the launch of the Paypal shopping cart button Sunday, December 1st around 11pm-midnight Eastern time - I will announce the launch of the sale on Deviant Art Journal, EWG Twitter, EWG Facebook and EWG website - if you do not follow one of these there's no way to let you know when it goes live! First come first serve. I will complete each piece in order of received. If I get to one and have not received payment or reference by the time I go to do it, it will be pushed back and I will do the next. I will keep doing this each time I go back to do it until its at end of the line if I do not receive items by then. All orders not receiving materials by day before Christmas eve are forfeit with no refunds. And your donation will be appreciated!

Q: What exactly am I getting with this deal? How much control do I have over this order?
A: Plenty of control! You get an 8.5x13 canvas size, set to 300dpi resolution in RGB. It will be of my whimsical portrayal of your character of choice, and I will best portray the essence of the character and exaggerate its most notable features and create something fun for your character. You can request a certain type, i.e. - sexy, action, heroic, silly - and I will come up with what i believe best suits the character. There are no changes no proofs and little to no background. The character is standalone, and is allowed one prop outside its main body (i.e. a gun a ball of yarn an item in hand or its interacting with - please nothing too complicated - also PLEASE PLEASE make sure you have one accurate existing references. No changing costume designs after ordering and sending reference and me having to adapt a different design after the fact or anything like that. No pieces or 'except this is like this now and this should be more like this.' If your reference isn't accurate, please don't send it! If there's one or two color changes or such that'll make you more happy with your chibi that doesn't take more than 10-15 minutes to do I will do that upon its completion.

Q: When does it start and end?
A: Starts roughly between 10pm-12am EST on Sunday Night and the sale ends Tuesday Morning between 8amEST and 10amEST

Q: How can I tame my excitement and anxiety over my Chibi Monday order? How will I know when it'll be delivered to my inbox?
A: All orders will be put on order tracking on the EWG website and will be marked as finished as each one is finished. You will see how close you are to being done as they are completed.

Q: Why can't Chibi Monday get here faster!?
A: Sorry the time-stream accelerator hasn't been invented yet.


Good job!!! 

!Hunt is over for 2022 - good try everyone! Thanks for playing!!! Happy St Pattys! -EW

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

November 27, 2013

I am truly thankful to continue to be able to be successful at what i do and am double as thankful for the boys and girls out there who make this lil' adventure I call EWG a reality!
From me, my wife, our dog and our entire family - Thank you!

Thats it for EWG till Monday, but don't forget as of Sunday night the EWG 'Chibi Monday' will go live and only be available till early Tues Morning! One day to grab up as many chibi orders for you, your friends, your family your dog as you want/ can! All orders will be completed by Christmas Eve! Or my names not Bettie Boop!

Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!

Chibi Monday - Official Announcement

The Chibis have taken over and from this day forth the day shall be known as Chibi Monday! 

From 12amEST Monday Morning till Tuesday morning (all times Eastern) a Paypal Shopping Cart will be available at this site ( ) allowing purchase of $15 Full Color chibi art on 8.5x13 canvas at 300dpi resolution!

All orders WILL be done before christmas eve!Buy more than one as this is not a regularly featured item on the EWG Commission Pricelist of services! First come first serve so get your clickin finger ready and your paypals stocked!

Livestream Tonight - Non on Thanksgiving Night

November 25, 2013

Tonight at 800pmEST! Till at least 1200pmEST!
No Livestream Thursday, Thanksgiving Day - moved up to Monday to align with Livestream Commission orders still needing completed!

Will be rockin the socks with left over Livestream Commission special orders from last Thursday. 
Any I don't get done tonight will be completed Tues/Wed before Thanksgiving.
But going for ALL tonight!
See you then at the EWG livestream channel, stay tuned for twitter/ facebook and Deviant art journal for announce when going live!

Thursday Night Livestream: Open Commission Night - Recap

November 22, 2013

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at
Livestream failed to save part 1 of the Livestream session but part two is up 



Lastnight's Thursday Night Livestream, Open Commission Night was a big success! I did not get as many done live as I wanted but I'm sure people didn't want to stay up that late anyways. I tried for about six if I received that many orders but only finished 4. This mainly being because though I was keeping each piece about an hour each I noticed small breaks and generaly slowing down as the night got later and later kept that pace from going so smoothly. All in all my goal for how many orders I got was more than met and there was great support from clients all around. 

Thank you for your support if you paid and if you missed out, stay tuned! I don't know when but I will be sure to offer up a special next chance I get. 

The remiander of orders will be added to the order tracking at some point by Monday and will be completed as soon as possible. Also if theres any left to do next available time to Livestream I will flip the stream back on so those who didn't get to see theirs drawn live can come back out and do that. 

Have a great weekend!

EWG Livestream Commission Night! - Special Offer!

November 21, 2013

Tonight! - pay by paypal cart button that comes online when show starts, buy as many $22 full color one character commissions you want (normaly $30-45) - one done per customer live. 
Hang out, listen to music, watch your commission come to life. First come first serve.
See you tonight!

TMNT Turkeys Thanksgiving 2013 Tee and Print - OWN IT!

Click the image or [ here ] to own this art on your very own print or tshirt!

The annual plundering of the Thanksgiving Marauding Ninja Turkeys has arrived!

An annual tradition - and a loving homage to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- the Thanksgiving Marauding Ninja Turkeys fight each year to avenge and save the turkeys of the land from the pilgrims from afar. 

Each year reflects my growth in style and skill and technique and though centers around the same idea, often varies in execution and design. This year, the style reflected is my finishing colors and shading over tight pencil drawing that I utilize more and more, and the Turkeys are depicted taking the fight to the Mayflower!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving this year! And eat lots of turkey, if you can defeat one!

Perhaps if you own this art you will be spared!

Own it by checking out the prints, posters, stickers and clothing featuring this art on the EWG redbubble store below:

Takes A Village To Warmup - 45 min warmup

November 20, 2013

Doing some logo / spot graphic vector art sketching for warm-up this morning. About 45 minutes overall. I think one of my favorite things to do in my business is when a client comes to me and gives me a sketch of what they're looking for and say 'vector this/ finish this out'. I like taking something existing and embellishing/ finishing and taking it to that next finished level. 

Anyways! Tossed some pen-tool on the sucker and though meant to keep it around 30 min ended up spending closer to an hour. Ah well, that happens to me a lot. I stick to the 'get it done do it in a short time' and end up getting into it and getting ideas to make it extra cool and this is what happens. 

Hence numerous character art commissions that have no background which means i get into the piece and add a base for them to stand on and environmental elements and clouds and dynamic lighting and... lol, what can I say. Enjoy what I do. Onto lots of drawing today! Have a good one!

Turkey Wurkey 11.18.13 - 15 Min session

November 19, 2013

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

Lastnight I streamed some progress on a Turkey related drawing - was just a 15 min stream - sorry if anybody came out and missed it. Will maybe do again tonight for a half hour or so if anybody is interested in checkin out some turkey work heres the vid. Alright Tuesday is go for production, have a great one wall! Keep the gobbling to a minimum and should be able to get lots done.

Thursdays Livestream will be OPEN TABLE NIGHT

November 18, 2013

See you all over at Thursday Night for some live commission order taking and making!
Get your paypals and references ready!
Overly complicated characters will be simplified or what not. Please no text descriptions and pieces from around the web. This is not a character design offer this is a rendition of a currently established design of a character in EWG depiction goodness.

Warmup For Another Work Week

Back in the saddle again on this Monday morning! Its cold out again but sunny and inspiring! Have a great work week whatever you do.

This image is this mornings warmup of about 10 minutes. Can snatch the large version if you want its full size if you click it. Alright, get lots done see you Friday

They're coming....

November 17, 2013

EWG Order Tracking Updated!

November 15, 2013

Excited to say the Commission Order Tracking is back up and updated! Have found a simple/ quick means of keeping it up to date but will most likely only ever update it once a week. At most two. Feedback welcome to clients and fans who check it out. I believe its something useful and unique that not many commission artists (if any?) use. I know some due with star icons on Deviant Art or such. But I think this way is far more anonymous and far more clear and easy to understand. What do you think?

Refer to your invoice number and check your status. Updates weekly

New TnC #16 out today!

Brand new TNC out today!

Ninja Turkey Warmup

Its that time of year again! With Turkeys no the brain I did a lil' study o' my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles homage for warmup this morning. Still haven't named them, but thought about either naming them directly after the four Indians that helped the plymouth rock settlers cultivate their successful harvest that led to the first thanksgiving, OR to confuse people even more, replace those indian names with similar sounding thanksgiving food items, or some combination there of. Anywho, ideas for names of the four turkeys are welcome! Keeping in mind their weapons and personalities are the same of that of the turtles. 
Anywho, if you google 'ninja turkeys' theres some people out there have played with their own ideas of it, but I like to think nobodies doing it like I am and with the pure homage style to the original TMNT like I am. There for, being an original parody of the TMNT, I am proud to call the Thanksgiving Marauding Ninja Turkeys an EWG original and continuing love letter to Mirage Studios, Eastman and Laird and the continuing legacy of the Turtles franchise. 

Fun warmup... a hint at things to come - have a good Friday!

Thursdsay Night Livestream for 11-14-13 - Starts 830pmEST!

November 14, 2013

See everyone out for 
EWG Livestream Thursday tonight!
Two possibilities for tonight's featured work, will see which I end up doing when the stream starts.

Week Wrap 11/8 - No Daily Slots Next Week

November 8, 2013

Didn't get to today's daily slot commission, so will be doing it tomorrow morning most likely. Will be a nice art-discipline thingy for a relaxing Saturday morning. Slots will not be available next week as I have a large order for a client to take care of. But look for them to come back in coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who showed enthusiasm over the daily discounted commission offerings. They've been great practice and warm-ups! Will still be available for premium orders which can be ordered at any quantity and level you wish and unless you do a rush upgrade will be completed with proofs along the way in 3-4 weeks. These orders are scheduled ahead of time and are always available unless otherwise notified. 

Have a great weekend and see everybody next week!

Thursday Night Live 11/7/13 Recap

November 7, 2013

Above is the Second version fixed next day with a couple corrected areas, also gave me a chance to lighten it up a bit

Another daily commission done on Livestream tonight for Thursday Night Livestream
A lot of fun working on this one hope the client is very happy with it!
Thanks to the dozen folks who came out to hang for EWG Thursday Night Live! Was great having you.
Got one more Daily Slot to do tomorrow and will be done for this week. Still holding off on opening new ones for next week yet stay tuned for notice on EWG Twitter, DeviantArt Journal and Facebook when new slots are available. See you next Thursday!

Heres the Livestream:

Thursday Night Livestream 11/7/13 Release

This week's EWG Thursday Night Livestream is going to focus on today's Daily Slot Commish for Ksnellings and his character ordered. If energy and time allow afterward will work on something else.
See it happen here on the EWG Livestream channel by clicking the 'featured' button on the right menu of this website! See you there!
Stream starts approx 8pmEST and goes till at least 10pmEST!

80s Nostalgia Mouse Pad - from 80sTee and EWG! - OWN IT!

November 4, 2013

Exclusively from - the EWG designed/illustrated mousepad featuring corner to corner 80s nostalgia! Grab one and own some 80stees/ EWG goodness today! Only at

7 Social Media Ideas For Success

November 1, 2013

A helpful article I found and thought I'd share, pulled from this website:
1. Listen, Then Talk 
A couple of years ago, when Kerpen went to Vegas, the check-in line at the Aria hotel where he was staying "took forever," he said.
So Kerpen did what he does best--took to Twitter, and quickly posted: Waiting on line for 45 minutes at the Aria. Not worth it. #fail
Did he hear anything from the Aria? No. But he did hear from the Rio, a hotel down the street. Within two minutes, the Rio Tweeted back to Kerpen: Sorry you're having a bad experience, Dave. Hope the rest of your time in Vegas goes well.
Kerpen didn't switch hotels on that trip, but where do you think he stayed the next time he went to Vegas? The Rio. And he "liked" the Rio on Facebook. And sometime later, a friend going to Vegas saw that Kerpen had "liked" the Rio, so asked if Kerpen would recommend the hotel. His response? "I don't think it's the fanciest, but I know that they listen," Kerpen recalls telling that Facebook friend.
Kerpen pointed out that all the Rio did was pay attention to Twitter, and respond with empathy.
Kerpen recommends you do the same thing, regardless of the business you're in. "If you're an accountant, go to Twitter and search 'need an accountant'," he said. "Your customers are asking for you." 
2. Respond (to Everyone!)
Kerpen said 60 percent of brands--mostly big ones--currently do not answer customers or prospects on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. As a result "you have a huge competitive advantage if you respond to your customers--and theirs," he said. (Case in point: the Rio hotel in Vegas.) 
If a customer complains, don't delete. Instead, you have an opportunity to respond publicly that you're working to solve the problem, and will send a private message to the individual so it can be fixed.
"We all know that companies are going to make mistakes," said Kerpen. "The problem isn't when companies make mistakes, it's when companies don't say, 'I'm sorry.'"
Instead, if you delete a complaint, you're sending a message that the person who wrote it doesn't matter, and you're, in essence, "inviting him to go tell someone else, to start a petition," warned Kerpen.
The only types of posts you should consider deleting? Those that are obscene, or bigoted.
When you respond, do it in your brand voice, whatever that is: serious, funny, full of puns, scientific, whatever. As long as it's true to the brand.
3. Tell, Don't Sell
Social media is most powerful when you use it to tell personal stories, not to sell your products, Kerpen said. 
Kerpen likes to tell the story of how, when he and his then fiancé couldn't afford a lavish wedding, they raised $100,000 from sponsors and got married at Brooklyn Cyclones park. That personal story, he says, helped propel Likeable into a $7 million business.
Didn't get married at Shea? Consider your humble beginnings, your personal leadership characteristics, customers who have overcome obstacles, employee challenges, community or charity partnerships. Look at your employees, products, or customers, and identify a story people will want to talk about, and disseminate it across social media.
If yours is a business-to-business company, tell a story on social media using webinars, e-books, and white papers. 
"The only thing better than telling your story on social media is to inspire your customers to tell your story," said Kerpen.
4. Just Be You
On this, Kerpen quoted Oprah Winfrey, who said: "I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I've become. If I had I'd have done it a lot earlier."
As Kerpen puts it: "When I am authentic, when I am vulnerable, when I am me, customers want to do business with me." 
Who does a lot of this on Twitter, according to Kerpen? Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley, who has even posted about where he lives.
5. Advertise (Better)
Social media is not just touchy-feely, said Kerpen. It can drive leads, and sales
On Facebook, rather than just get your ad in front of huge a swath of people, you can target the right people--based on job title, interest, age, location. "Every single piece of data that Facebook's got on people you can target based on that," Kerpen said. "What's cooler than reaching a billion people on Facebook? Reaching the right 1,000, the right 100, the right 10, or the right one."
Another perk of advertising on Facebook? Word-of-mouth endorsements. You can target ads against just the friends of people who have "liked" your brand on Facebook, and when those people see your ad, they will see listed the names of their friends who like your brand, too. 
6. Give Stuff Away
If you take 10 percent off, you're marketing, 50 percent off, you're giving away value, 100 percent off, you have loyal customers for life, Kerpen quipped.
Give away good content, webinars, articles, and white papers. "I've had two people come up to me and say, 'Thank you for all that valuable information you gave away, I'm starting my own social media agency,' but I also got dozens and dozens of inbound leads because of all the value we put out there," said Kerpen.
Recently, a new client told Kerpen she had $250,000 to spend on social media marketingshe'd move to Likeable because of all the free, yet useful information the company has made available.
7. Be Grateful
In your social media posts, regularly thank your customers, and partners.
According to the non-profit organization, Kerpen said, of those people who received a thank you note, 38 percent were more likely to donate again.
He writes three thank you notes every day. 
"It puts me in a great mood every single time," he said.

Halloween Night Livestream Recap

Tonight was great. Following some Trick Or Treat handing-outting with my wife and watching the original Evil Dead, I was fueled on candy and coffee and churned out 3 pieces in one Livestream session. And they're all of signifcant awesome. As a thanks to the three individuals who bought the Halloween SPecial this past week, I upgraded their orders to full color no extra charge. Thats how EWG rolls!

A soundtrack with classic stereotypical halloween music and my own blend of edgy orignals including ramones, cranbarries sepultura, fall out boy and more were played. The full set can be read on the Release post for this stream.

Below is the 4 hour video of the session. Thanks to the dozen or so folks who came out and the 3 or 4 who signed in names so I could see who made it out. The other 4-8 we'll say are ghostly visitors :)

Hope everyone had a Happy and safe Halloween! Can't believe its over already. See everyone next stream!

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

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