Ninja Turkey Warmup

November 15, 2013

Its that time of year again! With Turkeys no the brain I did a lil' study o' my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles homage for warmup this morning. Still haven't named them, but thought about either naming them directly after the four Indians that helped the plymouth rock settlers cultivate their successful harvest that led to the first thanksgiving, OR to confuse people even more, replace those indian names with similar sounding thanksgiving food items, or some combination there of. Anywho, ideas for names of the four turkeys are welcome! Keeping in mind their weapons and personalities are the same of that of the turtles. 
Anywho, if you google 'ninja turkeys' theres some people out there have played with their own ideas of it, but I like to think nobodies doing it like I am and with the pure homage style to the original TMNT like I am. There for, being an original parody of the TMNT, I am proud to call the Thanksgiving Marauding Ninja Turkeys an EWG original and continuing love letter to Mirage Studios, Eastman and Laird and the continuing legacy of the Turtles franchise. 

Fun warmup... a hint at things to come - have a good Friday!

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