Current Status

September 27, 2012

Since its impossible to update all customers one by one, or rather, a waste of my time... here's a quick overall update posted to deviant art journal, and this site and there by posting to twitter and Facebook. if customers don't see any of those, then they're just down creek without a paddle. Whether it be regular orders, $20 or $30 dollar commissions slots or what not, it doesn't matter. Fact of the matter is right now relocation and medical related ongoing appointments and care taking are in effect for the foreseeable future, and this will interfere with the turnaround of orders. Thank you to the patience of the customers and any who are in more of a hurry please feel free to take your business elsewhere. Those who stay, I am knocking out at least one or two a day if not way more, be patient, and I will get it done and will do a good job on them. Your support of my business and ultimately my bread and butter is of course absolutely appreciated. Doesn't help me any to lose business so I am definitely intent on getting all orders completed just might take an extra week. And please, keep that work coming! I'm churning that mill daily one way or another! Thank you!

Things a bit slow right now

September 25, 2012

Doing a massive transition from the wife and i's house to her family's house where shes at so i can be with her more and help take care of her. I am not great at taking care of her but am doing what I can. That being said, between appointments and driving her to and from places and helping her and moving from the house we were renting to where we'll be staying through to the holidays i don't think i'll be getting a ton done every day. As I'm sure customers are noticing. So for the foreseeable future, my slot commissions will be the main focus every day and getting about one main order done a day. Thank you for everyone's patience as I traverse this long hard road ahead and try also to keep this business rolling steady down the track. The train of consequences isn't without its set backs :) Sorry.

Massive Thanks!

September 23, 2012

Massive THANK YOU goes to the donation of a premium account by an anonymous user! I was very shocked to find the notice of receiving this very generous gift in my inbox this morning.
Thank you very much! I appreciate the support and will have to figure out a way to return the favor if  you ever decide to reveal yourself! Thank you thank you!

Guess that means somebody out there wants me to keep this thing rollin :)

Slots Commissions vs Regular Commissions

September 22, 2012

Its been brought to my intention that general fans and customers may not know the difference between the slot commissions i offer on occassion, and what i refer to as 'regular' jobs. So lets start with their similarities shall we?

First off both are equally important. No importance is placed on one type more than the other. All jobs, whether a sale offer, a regular priced illustration or high end graphic design job is more important than the other. There is no set means of specials being more important than regulars in any grand way you may look at it.

That being said, there are two ways I contradict my own previous statement and two major ways slot commissions differ from regular commissions, design or illustration or otherwise. 1., slot commissions completions are more emphasized because they must be (to the best of my ability) completed on the days they are scheduled for. So in that respect, if say... your wife ends up in the hospital, or a member of the family dies and you have to jet town for a few days and i only have a small amount of time each day or late night to get a couple done, it will be slots. As they have a set deadline, and regular jobs, unless otherwise requested by the client, have no hard deadlines. However, on a professional level i always try to get them done in timely manner and as soon as I can. 2. If a client with a hard deadline comes through, and needs a rush order on something that he needs same week, and pays for the rush order, i will make that priority, and bump everything forward a bit to make room for the rush. This is standard business, happens everywhere, and if a client is willing to pay for a rush, i'm willing to potentialy piss off another customer or two to make it happen. This however, dose not interfere with slot commissions in most cases, as a rush order, is still (unless its something that requires like 12-24 hours straight work with nothing else being touched to make the deadline) seperate from the daily slots i offer.

Confused yet? Hope not cause thats about as broken down as I can make it. So in summary, my basic intended work schedule each week is 30-40 hours. Often times, when theres not major life crisis going on, this works out great, 9-5, or 8-6... whatever, no problem. A normal day would include finishing two regular orders, doing one proof and finishing two slot commissions. Lately, I've been lucky to get 6 hours a day in (i.e 10-4pm or 9-2 or 3pm). The foreseeable future at least all the way till November will most likely be the completion of two slot commissions a day, and finish one regular order a day. With a quick proof for warmup in the beginning or in the middle. Occassional priorities like when a client specificaly requests a piece, and its not interupting the 3-4 week turnaround but it needs done by a certain date for a birthday or event what have you, i'll make sure those get done sooner than others who may not have a time-sensitive deadline, but they all get done. I dont leave any hanging. Stick with me and I'll do some awesome art for you. I always put the same technique and quality into every piece, and if it takes me longer than expected to get it done right I'll do that. I don't care if it pushes all orders back a day. If I'm having an off day and trouble drawing, I'll keep chiseling away till i get it right. Count on it.

Thanks for your patience, and hopefuly some point in the future I'll be back in 'machine mode' crankin them out even higher quality and faster turnarounds, but for now... wife and life come first. Or I'd like it to but balance is a bitch. Gotta keep working to fund the medical situations and gotta tend to the medical situations without neglecting my business too long.

Fun fun! But I hope somebody read this book of  a blog entry and learned something. Thats basicaly how EWG is operating right now. Thanks for your support!

The plan stan...

September 19, 2012

The plan for October on will be offering a very simple array of items, and focusing on doing those the best that I can. Dropping stuff that takes a lot more time for things that I can excel at and improve on big time. 
Will be going more the character artist/ designer route than offering a full range of services. This of course, as is the nature of owning/operating a business... is one giant experiment, destinted to change hands many times over. But I think for now, with looming challenges in personal life and other things, will work best. 
I will for the foreseeable future only be offering character art commissions, namely $20 commissions. As they are a great value for customers, and far less stressful to work on for me. I will however continue to consider other projects like CD cover art, logos, comic art, tshirts and other jobs. But my main focus will be single character art for the time being. The $30.00 base will replace the $20 commissions come early October and will feature some more features that customers will like. This will be a base that can be added onto with-in limits, like full background, character design and several characters in one commission. 
The $30.00 price will also fit better into my general $15 an hour pricing base.

Hope those who enjoy 20.00 commissions will see the added value and instead of trying to get each piece done in an hour and a half with no changes and no add ons available, it'll allow me a full 2 hours to do it and i'll also allow changes and other customizations. 


Star Trek

September 16, 2012

The original guys. I've never really done any Startrek fan art before, I mean some general sketches in sketchbooks or such in passing... but nothing fullblown like this. Was a lot of fun and will have to do it again. Kirk (shatner) Spock (Nimoy) and the original Enterprise (love the one from the movies) ... all based on photoreferences enough to pull out little character likenesses but basicaly drew everything trying to 'make it mine' and just do my style and do the characters, with cues that would point to the actors likenesses but was mostly meant to be mystyle. So theres little small differences in the real ones and my interpretations. Lots of fun. Spock was a little tricky, I feel like I nailed exactly what I wanted for kirk and the enterprise, I didn twant the warp drives hidden behind the saucer like a lot of reference, so I drew them in mroe perspective and sorta designed them as i was feeling it. The red bars look kinda cool no?
A little trick while working for an advertising agency that did lots of West Virginia University sports materials, was blending it all together with the floating figures and anchoring it to the background and just making everything go together not just have something randomly floating. So I thought a neat way to do that for this piece (and also make the black lineart pop from the space background) was to use some nebula stock photo and blend in the yellow/ blue of kirk and spocks shirts onto the nebula texture, and then i also overlaid lots more stars. Spiffy no? 
Had a lot of fun on this... just what i needed tonight. Totaly just zoned into this and had a blast. Great jumpstart on the ol' creativity for the BUSY BUSY week ahead!

Did the whole thing on livestream, but far as I know I hit a wrong button or something when saving and it didn't save to my Livestream channel. Booo... ah well. 

And this was done for the theme this past week of 'Star Trek'. I started out thinking I wanted to just kinda do my own starfleet ship concept, then i was like 'i wanna do a badass kirk' and it turned into this LOL.
Anywho, great fun this art jam group is, with weekly themes... check them out:

Fun stuff!

20 dollar discount slots available - DA subscription ends today lol

September 14, 2012

My premium membership on DA runs out today, ha... well we'll see what happens. If I can do what I do without the premium I'll probably not renew. We'll see - $20 Commission Slots - Available now! -

Back in the studio

September 12, 2012

Yeah so the major hurdle currently is over in my opinion and recovery is underway. My wife is an amazing woman and tough as nails. She will be dealing with a lot of pain and nausea for the rest of the week but she will be healing up as opposed to continuing to have the same problem with no resolution. Everyday after today, which as we're understanding it, is the hardest day as far as level of pain and all that, will get better and better. Any follow up therapy down the line is just part of the maintenance on this problem and a step in the life-long goal of keeping this from happening again and maintaining her overall quality of life :)

I can't believe I didn't work at all last week hardly, I think Tues and Wed nights I did but after that things got more critical and she got moved and i spent the whole week driving to and back and being at Pittsburgh. Then all day Monday was spent tense and hopeful as Kristina had her brain surgery. But she came out solid, the surgeon did great, and shes on the fast track to normalcy once again. I'll be able to get back to work each day at least half a day or so. Please keep the orders coming, can definitely use the business as things will get HELLA tight for us financially in coming months. Thanks in advance! Back in the studio again! Lets get this stuff out the door...

Many items which dont get a lot of requests on my commission pricelist are still available, but for the rest of September, I am concentrating on the #1 selling item I offer, which is the discounted Full Color Character Art - the $20 slots - I'm going to start by only offering 10 a week as I get other items out the door but it could be very well raised to 20 or 30 a week depending on demand. They're lots of fun and really come with a great value for customers wanting original artworks of their favorite and original characters.

Head over to - - and grab up available slots today!


September 6, 2012

Will be at hospital in pittsburgh all day as my wife is going to be transfered there for surgery so needless to say I will not be getting any orders done today nor in the studio to answer emails/ notes. I will try to finish $20 commissions later tonight if possible and its not clear if I will be able to work tomorrow as well.
Its safe to assume all work will be pushed to next week. Can't be helped.
Thank you

Green Lantern VS Sinestro Livestream Vid

September 5, 2012

Check out each piece individualy on Deviant Art [ GreenLantern ][ Sinestro ]

Was a blast having the client who ordered this hanging out and chatting while working on this. Two $20 commission orders that were meant to go together hanging on a wall, Green Lantern Hal Jordon and Sinestro facing off. Had some fun with the background and overall composition. Came out great me thinks! Check out the full 3 hour sketchy sketch to finished glory video of the livestream session below. Not bad at all concidering it takes about hour and a half to do one $20 dollar commission so the two of these came together pretty darn well considering I was chatting with people in the room all throughout haha.

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

Long Weekend Short Work Week

September 4, 2012

Hey good to be back hope everyone had a good long weekend. I tell you having Friday-Monday off to recharge the ol' batteries and reset the ol' brain was just what I needed. Going to hit the ground hard this week, with a new game-plan in mind after going over job orders and what not last-night/ this morning. Things that HAVE to be done this week will get done, like Delusions of Normalsy and $20 commissions and putting a wrap on a logo or two. But the main focus this week will be back log, and wiping that clean with some good ol' concentrated elbow grease. So many customers will find their orders pushed to next week, but in interest of getting contemporary with several orders that have inexcusably been sitting on back-burner for too long, I will be using this short week to play catch-up, and knock out all the rest starting Monday. Thanks for your patience and your understanding! And know your art is comin atcha soon!

Daily Sketch 932012 - Page Full O Faces

September 3, 2012

Daily Sketch - my attempt at continued growth and discipline in my art form through experimentation, and meditation on a daily basis

Tonight I gave myself the exercise of filling a page with heads. Popular characters that I fancied to draw, and a couple are my original characters. Theres four characters of my own in there, props for getting at least one of those right. The rest, I'd be impressed if somebody knew all of them. Especially that cheeta-monkey lookin guy :) Fun stuff, see the entire beginning to end livestream of this exercise recorded below. Goodnight!
Be sure to click the image above for the full resolution, or right click and open in a new tab/ window. Thanks for lookin!

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