Current Status

September 27, 2012

Since its impossible to update all customers one by one, or rather, a waste of my time... here's a quick overall update posted to deviant art journal, and this site and there by posting to twitter and Facebook. if customers don't see any of those, then they're just down creek without a paddle. Whether it be regular orders, $20 or $30 dollar commissions slots or what not, it doesn't matter. Fact of the matter is right now relocation and medical related ongoing appointments and care taking are in effect for the foreseeable future, and this will interfere with the turnaround of orders. Thank you to the patience of the customers and any who are in more of a hurry please feel free to take your business elsewhere. Those who stay, I am knocking out at least one or two a day if not way more, be patient, and I will get it done and will do a good job on them. Your support of my business and ultimately my bread and butter is of course absolutely appreciated. Doesn't help me any to lose business so I am definitely intent on getting all orders completed just might take an extra week. And please, keep that work coming! I'm churning that mill daily one way or another! Thank you!

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