Anime Fan Girl Process Case Study

October 30, 2012 0 Comments

Finally got this commission done for the folks over at Gobble-Con. I'm very honored and excited to be creating their convention program cover art and feel bad it took as long as it did to get it done. But I believe I slid it to them early enough to the deadline to send off to printer that if they need any final tweaks i can still do that. It'll be used with masthead up top and type set to either run down the left side or the right. Totally had a ball with this one, designed the girl/ pose and everything from scratch. There was even free reign on a turkey type character to throw in. Designed her look to be my style but very much pushed in the anime/ manga style...pulling references for her outfit and accessories from many anime i enjoy. Most notably the dragon ball, pokemon and sgt frog references. Naruto is a popular one i generally think is a cool idea but never really got into it. But i know its still like competing for #1 anime of all time just on fans alone. And whats that? A little miyazaki in there :) Love that guy for sure. Pending final approval with the client. I finished up all the inks and colors on Livestream. All be it two or three times i forgot i was recording and walked away to get the phone or grab a bite to eat and took a while getting back. Sorry bout that. But enjoy the process, see how it all came together and how much time really goes into something like this. I think anybody would be surprised. Really put everything I could into this one to make it as crisp and cute as possible! Had fun. Enjoy the livestream video for this art below! Thanks for checking it out.

If you press 'play' on the control bar and not the picture it'll keep from popping up a window and will play here. Either works though.

EWG Nov 2012 Pricelist

October 23, 2012 0 Comments

New release, the November 2012 EWG Pricelist. Simplified, easy to understand, and well designed :) See the original post on deviant art by clicking the above image. Effective till December.
What Can EWG Create For YOU?

Daily Sketch - 102312 - Spiderman


Yeah I'll admit this is pretty rough/loose. But then again thats kind of the point of a morning Warmup sketch... gettin that hand loosened up so that the daily work load comes out better.
Goal acheived perhaps!

Back In Action

October 19, 2012 0 Comments

 Alright, enough drama. EWG is back in action. Putting in at least a 30 hour work week and knocking out orders left and right. The future of EWG looks solid the rest of the year. Heres a break down of the setup as it will be for the next several months. Only offering Character Art, T-shirt Art, Mascot/ Character Design and Logo Design. Prices won't top 100 dollars per each order and any back log will be caught up as well. Come end of the month, November will see the addition of new slot openings for those who enjoy that kind of thing. And with my work space setup proper again and Internet humming along at top-notch speeds, look for the return of Livestream exhibitions. EWG ain't going anywhere. Stay tuned. Pricelist to come by end of next week and if you have an order that hasn't been refunded, its coming atcha no problem. First priority this week will be a couple that have specific deadlines, some album art by the 23rd and a convention cover art by the 29th. Will make it so numba one... engage!
Also enjoy the 'undead' themed artwork showing a zombie version of the EWG mascot for this Halloween season. November will see a Thanksgiving theme and a possible appearance by some ninja turkeys, and December a Christmas theme of course! Even if I can't get a new chapter rolling with Jumping Boy, there will be single-page interludes between chapters to look forward to. Look for one for various important holidays, and when a new idea strikes me. And hopefully in a month or two can get the ol' mythology rolling again. As for Bump On A Log, dunno what I was thinking with the redesign. But there will be a retooling of that as well, and a back to basics with that. Just bump, on his log, floating down the river of life and the crazy hijinx of the creatures and cretins he finds himself surrounded by. But this will be on hold for a while.
Stick around, always something brewin when I'm in the studio.

Retooling the toolshed

October 17, 2012 0 Comments

As EWG re-lights the fires and recovers from stubbed toes from kicking the tires... I want to announce a reinforced mission statement and after much researching and planning have found an going product structure that will mean better quality for customers private and commercial, and allow me to push the envelope and really try to make my work the best it can be with each new order. All prices are based on time to complete and time needed to make each order a quality work of its own. Heres an excerpt from the original post on Deviant Art which I believe spells it out the best.

"Welcome to EWG - The new EWG price list features a handful of services EWG excels at and his happy to knock out of the park for your creative needs. EWG's ongoing effort to take the quality and innovation of these products to new levels remains true as the business undergoes a few changes here and there. Most notably will be prices, no longer undercutting time and quality with quantity. These regular ongoing prices will guarantee everything from pose options, more proofs along the way and overall quality guarantee. Give it a chance and you'll see the difference in the end product. Now more than ever the ongoing mission of EWG is to blow away customers with my best quality, while still giving outstanding turnaround, and worrying less about quantity. All prices are based on times to complete and times required to achieve that premium level of quality, and to put the best I can into every order. Thank you in advance for your business! What Can EWG Create For You?"

New format, new direction. Same EWG goodness. Just hopefuly, as customers and fans will see, a whole nother level. Thanks for sticking with me and look forward to knockin em out of the park one by one.

This effects all orders as of 10/17, all pending orders will have their prices honored but the new quality goal will be reflected in these works as much as possible while staying within budget of each project. Ongoing clients will still have prices honored on some items but not all. Email me at with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

LMB at #5 on Amazon Graphic Novel Downloads


Pleased to announce that Lake Michigan Blues, though offered for free download, is now shown at No. 5 in Amazon Kindle top downloads for Graphic Novels. That's pretty exciting considering following its initial launch it didn't seem to get a whole lot of attention at all. Now at No.5, it should be good exposure for both the author, and myself (the artist) for future work or picked up by other publishers. Either way, even if nothing else happens, feels good to have a solid review on it from an Amazon customer who gave some really honest feedback and have it in the top five. How often does that happen? Not too often.

Happy Halloween from EWG

October 15, 2012 0 Comments

Proud to announce the launch of the EWG 2012 Halloween theme that will be in effect across all EWG websites for the rest of October. EWG's mascot "dEWd" gets the undead treatment and so does the logo hes based on. Hope comic art fans and design fans alike dig this new look. The biggest change is noticeable on this website as the overall color scheme has been tweaked along with the new banner graphic. Just a little something fun, will try to make more of an effort to do a different theme on certain months with big holidays/ themes to them, enjoy this Halloween theme for the second half of October, and Happy Halloween from EWG!

Steam Engines Firing Soon

October 9, 2012 0 Comments

Everything and every body's orders have been on hold because of my wife and i moving/ medical appointment crazyness but the ol' steam engines at EWG will fire again very soon! Very Very Sorry for the inconvenience and mega delays on orders but I'll be knocking them out very soon. Count on it!

Phasers to maximum, Maintaining same programming

October 3, 2012 0 Comments

The plan for the foreseeable operation of EWG is to phase out the slot commissions for a good while, at least until all work is caught up and on schedule. Too often all that gets done in a day is that day's slot orders, and that takes away from the premium clients that so graciously provide work for me and are willing to pay for the quality work offered on my pricelist. That being said, in general I'm behind on everything right now, and I believe a few solid weeks of cranking on existing orders will rectify this situation. So slots are being phased out, and the 4 types of commissions I enjoy working on the most are all that is being offered. I am happy to complete anything not on that list at the moment that is currently already ordered but will only be taking what is on that list for future orders.

This pricelist can be viewed at or on this website at EWG Pricelist page.

Thanks for everyones support as massive life transitions will be a constant delay on orders getting completed though I will make sure to complete them with quality and efficiency to the best of my ability. Thank you!

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