Na Na Na Na Na Na Bat Sketch

April 29, 2015

Evening batksetch on the samsung galaxy note 10.1 - setup some settings for a canvas template that acts at highest resolution possible on the tablet. and then change the pixels when i move it to the desktop and i've got hires art. good stuff. digging the new hires settings and enjoyed me some bat art. This to me is a mix of keaton batman and bruce timm batman animated series batman. yuz. l8rs

Troll Hopping - EWG Original Art - SOLD

Troll Hopping

First in a series of traditional artworks created and available for purchase by Eryck Webb, this was a practice piece originally created as a warmup. There for it is set at a much more economical price than future high-end pieces will be. The image is created on ridgid super smooth cardstock, using pencil, pigma ink pens and alcohol-based copic and spectrum noir markers. This one plays with a random troll-like character in Eryck's patented 'EWGibi' style. A anime/manga inspired chibi but in EWGs unique style. This is an original piece of which there is only one. No black and white version is available, the image is just to show the underlying inks before coloring.

Ink, Marker, Acid Free Cardstock 8.5x11

Shipped in stiff cardboard envelope. Cost of Shipping/Handling includes purchase of shipping materials, postage, gas to the post office and any paypal fees.

$25.00 USD + 10.00 Shipping/ Handling
International and Domestic

Your Cart looks a bit empty! Continue shopping!

Citizen Solenoid summons your support!

April 28, 2015

Citizen Solenoid from Century X! New artwork for the Ungrounded sequel, Ungrounded: The First Revolution - already in production! But the project gets bigger and better with your support!
This was penciled in sketchbook and inked in inkscape.

You support the Ungrounded sequel kickstarter yet? Every little bit makes it more diabolical.... hit it hard! We're in the home stretch, just another couple days!

Sword Girly - Finished Inks

Finished inks on this personal piece. Started as a warmup sketch yesterday morning and I dug the pose/ style/ character design so felt compalled to take it farther. Might ink eventualy but for now digging the finished inks by themselves. Inkscape brushes etc about an hour and a half start to finished inking.

Studio Update - A few new additions

April 27, 2015

So I worked on my studio a bit this weekend. Was very happy to get my comics, graphic novels, books out of their boxes in the basement, as well as most of my figures and place them on the shelves and around the room. Since the '2.0' post, theres been some definite additions, items hung on the walls etc. After having lived and worked in this new studio for the last couple weeks, I'm enjoying having all my stuff neatly in place and easily accessible. Enjoy these pictures, and keep in mind, its still a work in progress. Also keep in mind this room of the house is not 'perfect' as some dry wall is messed up and this and that, but I kinda like it that way. The room it self is a work in progress, just like my business, and just like my artistic processes! Take a peak into the center of my universe, and the various things I enjoy. Will point out a few things under each picture. Here we go!

Again, not perfect by any means righ tnow, but this is where I have got all my TMNT merch and for now the bottom shelf is all large art books and photo albums. Those comics may eventualy find home on my wire frame shelves but for now will stay there.

The supervisor is hard at work in his TMNT bed on the couch he has claimed by the window so he can keep an eye on the outside and sniff on warm days. I hung a chrished picture of Morgantown where I lived before i got married. The howard the duck used to hang in my dads home office all while growing up. Its a limited print and now it hangs in mind. Above it is a piece I did in college expressing me and my occupation/ interests. The computer and traditional art tools are merging as one. Sums me up pretty good I think. The 'From Oz and Back' artwork  is still one of my favorite pieces and was a print I ordered off the piece in my gallery on deviant art. We got a new couch for our living room so these two ol' couches of mine will serve perfect as 'thinking couches' and a place to sit and absorb the many comics and art books i now have in the room. My headphones also have a long cord so I can sit there stare out the windows, think, read art books. Always wanted that. Also when my wife and sister are hanging out for multiplayer gaming they can bring their laptops up, plug it into the odd sidewayz outlet and i can be at my desk computer and that'll be fun.

In line with my 'open book' policy, I'm not hiding anything from anybody. Here it is folks. For the last quarter and for the foreseeable future this is the EWG weekly production model. Keeping in mind that the UTMNT, TFSG, UNGROUNDED, TROUBLE SH and TNC are the only comic jobs i'm doing right now. After careful consideration and talking it over with the team, I am officialy stopping at 5 diff comic projects. Character Art Commissions and graphic design commissions will be handled in the 'commish' sections, and when wanting to get ahead or needing mroe room, the time set aside for biz/warmup and for evening biz can be used for character art. But yeah, if you want to know why its taking a while. Look at this schedule :) Allowing about 2 hours for each comic job, or commission and about an hour for each biz. I'm booked up man! Also the commission area is just a waiting list, in order of received. Best I can do for now. Cause sometimes the comic jobs take longer and i dont get to a commission order on any given day. But doing my best! On the left is different sides of two of my business cards, and then two postcards from my momma!

The captain's seat. Wacom tablet, headphones, ewg mousepad, and supernatural coaster (thanks cory!). Excited to be able to break out the supernatty coasters cory got me. Got one on the traditional table, one on this desk, and two over by the couches.

Now heres the real addition I put together last night. My wifey was sweet enough to acknowledge 'very clever idea using the dvd racks like that, i never would have considered doing that'. Hey, if Im good at anything, its being resourceful with what i have to work with. And frankly we werent going to use thse ol' wire dvd racks from my bachelor days anymore. I had the idea to take the feet off of them, mount them sideways and put my comics/ books on them! And honestly, I love it. So I had an absolute blast getting my comic boxes out of the basement lugging them up and then just blissfuly grouping my fav series together in diff areas. We got my graphic novels, some of my manga, groups of TMNT for the original mirage days, and i was collecting spiderman for a good while and fantastic four for a good while. My spawn comics, Gold Digger from antarctic press. Note the kriby/ lee silver surfer original, also the howard the duck #1 my dad gave me. I haven't even gotten out my giant-sized superman vs spiderman yet. Might have to frame that sucka. I dunno weill see. Gen 13 series (till the upper teens when it started to suck, but before that... was friggin brilliant fun) and the finaly the Ultimates 1 and 2 series by brian hitch and mark millar. THE BEST AVENGERS COMICS EVUR. Always delighted that they are pululing source material from them for the marvel cinematic universes

Hope you enjoyed this peak into the mill, gotta get back to crankin on orders, but enjoy these final 'detail' shots. Comments, questions and feedback in the comments below would be great!  

The sofas, my supervisor and his TMNT bed, and the supernatural coasters

Better look at the pictures

The traditional desk. Marv and my mom's pose reference figure. Hartigan must be in a diff box. He will join marv eventualy. All my ink pens and markers.

Bottom shelf. Howard the duck #1, TMNT with my fav AC Farley cover on the front and an epic John Romita Jr Spiderman cover i always loved. 

Middle shelf. My bone collection, sketchbooks way back there, spawn, work i did like ungrounded, possessed, tnc, and my turtles collection, behind bone is fantastic four

Top shelf, my joe maudriera collections, some misc gold digger/ skottie young, my Ultimates graphic novels, cyberfrog, gonzo, graphic novel biography of hunter s thompson, gen 13s, and spiderman

my tmnt collection, calender hangs on other wall. figures, coloring books (with really well done bw art), original 90s cartoon series leonardo and glasses my wife got me from steel city con when her and her sister went. and hey, how'd my EWG dewd figure get there? lol

Alright, thanks again for those who were interested in this, comments suggestions and questions can be left below! I will always do my best to reply!

Holli Would - Fan Art Sketch

April 25, 2015

#holliwould #holli #coolworld #fanart #sketchbookpro #sketch

So, just watched Cool World on Netflix, haven't seen it in decades. Very cool movie! But trippy as hell haha. The creators must have been on some heavy stuff creating that. But yeah, I felt compelled to do some fanart, aka Holli in my style while staying true to the character design. So heres a fun pencil sketch I did in Sketchbook Pro this afternoon. Will finish later on. But yea, interesting movie haha. Crazy ol' 80s/ 90s goodness. The animation and mix of liveaction/ animation was  a bit rough compared to Roger Rabbit and ultimately this was a much more 'adult' movie too. But fun stuff all around. Holli was one heck of a 'doodle'. Though I could point out a lot of models and actresses these days I think would be a more direct matchup to the animated Holli than Kim Besinger was. Ah well. Alrighty, fun stuff. Let me know what you think, or your experiences/ thoughts on the movie haha. Would be interested to hear them.

12 Reasons You're Better Off Self Employed

April 24, 2015

I enjoyed this fuel for self employed thought article from and thought I'd share. The original post can be seen here:

Photo from

1.  You’re your own boss.

You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? It’s the one we all dreamed about when we realized self-employment was a viable option: being our own boss. Escaping the rat race and living life as we pleased. Remember that?
When you’re self-employed, you no longer have a “higher-up” governing your every move. You control how your work is done. Your client has a say in the final product, but that’s it — their power ends there. How you get from point A to point B is completely up to you and that is awesome.

2. You earn more money.

On average, freelancers earn 45% more than those who are traditionally employed. They’re also allowed to deduct certain business expenses that employees are not, allowing to actually keep more of what they earn.
Feel like you’re not quite there yet? Check out my 7 Tips for Negotiating High End Rates. There’s no reason you can’t pull in just as much (or more!) money now than you did when you were traditionally employed.

3. You spend less.

When was the last time you were stuck in traffic on your way to work? If you perform your professional duties from a home office, it’s most likely been a very, very long time. (And, no, waiting in line for the bathroom for your morning shower doesn’t count).
Think of all the money on gas you’ve been saving.
Even if you work outside of your home, as someone who’s self-employed, you were able to choose the location. And I’d be willing to bet you chose somewhere that nixed the lengthy commute.
Child care expenses may also be a thing of the past for you. Along with expensive daily lunches “out” because of your distinct distrust of the office fridge.

4. You enjoy variety.

When you were an employee — whether you were crumbling away in a cubicle, restlessly working retail, or dying at the drive-thru — you were handed a manual or given some hasty instructions by your boss and then…that was it. You knew what you needed to know to perform your job, and there was never any reason to grow beyond that. Because your job never, ever changed.
As a freelancer, your job is changing constantly. You’re expected to continually adapt, learn, and update your skills. With every new client comes a new challenge.
When you’re self-employed, you’re forced to think — to be creative — and you love it, don’t you? (It’s okay to admit it. Go ahead. Take a second to say it out loud.). It’s a great feeling to know that your skills are being put to good use and that those skills are going to continue to grow as your business grows.

5. No co-worker drama.

Many of us work alone (or work remotely) and that isolation can be a bit daunting at times. But do you really, honestly, miss your co-workers? Even the one who listened to her music sans headphones? What about the guy who loved to talk (loudly) on his cell phone during his breaks…right next to you? Or how about the gem of a human being who shirked all of their cleaning duties on you?
Your favorite co-workers became your friends and are likely still a part of y
our life in that capacity. Everyone else? Good riddance!

6. Sick Day? A-OK!

Freelance writer Jennifer Lawler has been self-employed for so long that she was taken aback when, upon a recent visit to the hospital, she was asked if she needed a note excusing her absence:
“And then I realize[d] that the default method in the world of work and education is to treat people as if they are incompetent or lying or both. Because that’s the only explanation for what is clearly a routine question for an exam during business hours. I guess if I were employed in the traditional corporate world, I’d be forced to ask, ‘Please boss can I take my daughter to see the neurosurgeon? No? Okay.’ Seriously? Seriously?”
A day we don’t work is a day we go without pay, but at least we can take that day off without having to beg for our boss’ forgiveness. Or feel the demeaning sting of having to prove how ill we were by providing a doctor’s note. Or fill out a stack of meaningless forms.
Of course, we have to buy our own health insurance. But even that isn’t so bad; at least we get to choose which insurance we use. Our health coverage is no longer left up to a head honcho choosing the cheapest package.

7. Your work area is truly yours.

Want dual monitors instead of one? Go ahead. Prefer a standing desk? Knock yourself out. And framed photos of your friends and family? The more the merrier!
Decoration regulations (try saying that ten times fast!) are a thing of the past. You can Feng Shui your work space to your heart’s content. So put up that poster you found online, get in the habit of watering your indoor fern, and finally buy that ergonomically correct chair!
Need some inspiration? Check out these pics of 60 jaw-dropping home office setups. Even if you already have a killer home office, improvements can always be made.

8. New equipment when you want/need it.

If you’ve ever worked in an office building, you’re well aware of the frustrations that come along with the I-need-something hierarchy. Whether you need a new pack of pens, staples, or laptop repair, as an employee you would have to ask someone for the equipment you needed. And then they would ask someone else, who would ask someone else, who would ask someone else. It could take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to get the equipment or maintenance you needed in order to complete your project.
Need something now that you’re a freelancer? Go to the store and get it. Get back to work. The end.

9. No uniforms.

Being self-employed is a bit like being Phil Collins: No Jacket Required.
Also, no tie required. No neon polyester t-shirt. No two-toned logo-covered baseball cap.
Unless you’re meeting with a client in person — or via video chat — you can wear (or not wear) whatever you darn well please. It might be a cliche to freelance in the buff, but it’s definitely an option.

10. You set your own schedule.

Whether you crave the steady familiarity of a fixed schedule, or you long to mix it up with hours that are more flexible; as your own boss, you’re the one who creates your schedule.
If you’re not a morning person, you can rest easy knowing that you no longer have to set your alarms in triplicate in order to just barely make your morning meeting. Or, if early’s your style, you can set your hours for the dawn and have a full day’s work done before your kids get up for school.

11. You’re more valued.

As a freelancer, you’re no longer part of the hive; you’re a highly-valued individual. More importantly, you get to decide what that value is, through a well-devised proposal like this one.
You get credit for your own work. And, through your ongoing marketing efforts, you’ve even started to earn some name recognition, not just among your long-time clients, but from complete strangers as well.

12. You choose your own customers.

When you work as an employee, you’re more-or-less forced to serve whoever decides to show up at your employer’s place of business. Whether it’s a bedraggled couple with two crying children looking to buy school supplies or the old man who screams at you because he still hasn’t quite figured out how the combo menu works or the confused woman who’s called three times in the past hour with the exact same customer service question: you had to help them. Because that was your job.
If a client yells at you now, it’s because you chose the wrong client. You’re the one in control now, not them. You choose who you provide services to.

The Final Word on Self-Employment

When the stress of everyday life starts to wear thin on you, it can be hard to remember how amazing your life — your business — really is. You may even consider giving it all up from time to time.
Truth is: self-employment is a fantastic lifestyle choice. Be thankful.
If you ever forget why you chose to be your own boss, think back to what you were doing before you became a freelancer. Think about your worst customers, your most hideous dress code, your cramped work space, and your long commutes.
If that doesn’t work, just come back here. I’ll remind you.

About Tom Ewer
Tom Ewer is a blogger for hire and the founder of Leaving Work Behind.

Lady Demon - Character Art Commish

April 23, 2015

Finished single character art commission, a FanArt for the client if you will, of Lady Demon from the Lady Death/ Chaos Comics series by the same name. Don't know anything about her but shes kinda wicked to draw. I enjoyed mixing up the brushes for this one, my normal brush overall but for her tattered strands i used a splotchy brush.
100% drawn and inked in Inkscape and colored in photoshop. Will post a YouTube process video eventualy. Recorded the session beginning to end. So look for that. 

Mugshot Masthead Logo Variations

Something I worked on this week. The final version and what it was for will be released on Friday. Can speculate for now. Fans of the character/ series will probably get it :) The design of the face lent itself to a couple different variations so I picked my favorite out of these 4 after setting them up and comparing them side by side. I'm partial to the no eyes showing shadowing ones but I ended up doing one that shoes the face with the goatee and eyes. (bottom left). The CC circle logo did not make it to the final cut. 
Fun stuff. I like the abstract heavy graphic type stuff once and a while. Playing with style and dramatic portrayal. All in Inkscape.

EWG Dewd Bot - Warmup Sketch

This morning's warmup. Also sketched this up Live with some LazerHawk music in the bg. Thanks to the folks who came out to watch this 30min stream session. Ended up with a robot EWG dewd with wacom pen, 10 inch tablet and messenger bag o' tricks in tow. Fun and random.
100% om Sketchbook Pro

Onto work rest of the day!

Monkey In The Wires - OWN IT!

April 22, 2015

Available to own! - at the EWG DeviantArt print shop!

Technical difficulties with your computer, interwebs or software? Must be a monkey in the wires! Originaly produced for its now available as a print to own!

Space Girl Luna - OWN IT!

Purchase a print of this piece at the DeviantArt EWG Print Shop!

Many problems can be debugged via wireless software reprogramming from the lab onboard the station, but Luna always enjoys the opportunity to gear up and go work on the satellite and station hardware first hand. Many models have come and gone but few offer the agility and wireless connectivity of the Hare Gear XI. Just another day on the job for Space Technician Luna! Your interstellar IT guru.

Sat down to just have fun draw whatever I wanted this evening. Been in a bit of a creative funk lately in midst of getting adjusted to the new place and new work environment and trying to find a new work routine. This helped a lot and was a lot of fun. Just sitting down and whether or not it came out very good, just finishing a piece soley for me. Space girl goodness.

Drawn completely in Inkscape, coloring/ effects in photoshop. About 3 hours start to finish. Thanks to the folks who came out saw the work in progress on the stream. I also am fond of the black and whites before I did the colors. Check that out below. Goodnight and don't forget you can purchase a print of this piece at the DeviantArt EWG Print Shop! 2015 will see the release of at least one new original EWG piece as a purchasable print each quarter! So Stay tuned!

UTMNT's Ratpack Comics Tshirt Contest. GO VOTE!

April 21, 2015

Wow gang. 1 day left in voting for the Free Comic Book Day T-Shirt at Pack Rat comics... and our shirt has fell behind!! 55 to 79.  I think we can make it happen!!!

Please vote and share this! We need EVERYONE to help us push our design over the edge! and we only have ONE DAY LEFT!!!!!!


1) Go to the below link which will take you to the Packrat Comics facebook page and showcase the UTMNT image for free comic book day....

2) Hit the "LIKE" button!

3) Share! Get everyone you know to vote! Help us see our shirt be the official shirt of Pack Rat's Free Comic Book Day Celebration!!!

Tree Imp - Morning Warmup Sketch

April 20, 2015

#spring #arborday #tree #imp #warmupsketch #sketchbookpro #wacomintuos

Happy Monday folks. Had a wonderful weekend off from work, spent all day Saturday outside mowing, raking and brooming our yards driveways and sidewalks while the wife worked on cleaning up the flower beds and planting a couple new bulbs. I realized its not till you do this for the first time do you really feel like shepard of your domain, owner of your land, claimer of the pastures. Anywho. Inlight of the wonderful spring weather-filled weekend, felt like doing something springy, sprouting, tree-like and blue skied and happy. So, that resulted in this little guy popping into existence. Chipper fellow!

Sketchbook pro, wacom intuos 2 and about 30 min of fun random sketching. Also had fun with the splatter brush in sketchbook for the sky texture. Alright alright, enough playing onto actual work.  Enjoy this warmup sketch? You can find it and many like it in the 'sketchbook' section of the art gallery on this site. 

Enjoy, and always comments and feedback are welcome in the comments at the bottom of each page.

Prowl Pinup - Break Down Of A Transformers Commission

April 17, 2015

#transformers #tfcc #shatteredglass #autobot #print

As of this week, Transformers Collectors Club #62 for April/May 2015 is now out! So with that I thought it'd be fun (and safe) to feature a pinup piece I did for the magazine. I'm currently doing a continuing 6 page-per-issue story but this was the first opportunity to do a single illustration for them. In this case it was Prowl, an autobot I lent some design to. This involved borrowing Transformers animated prowl, and combining him with G1 prowl and making them work together. I'll admit my final design didn't come around till this pinup, so you'll see a few inconsistencies with this pinup design compared to the one in the comic. Any pages done AFTER this pinup feature this design though. I think it ended up being a happy marriage of the two different series, and blended well with the style I'm using in the current comic series. I had a lot of fun with this one, especially getting to do my own colors on it. I only do black and white inks on the comic pages rest of the time, though with all the details of the comic pages, I'm definitely happy I don't have to color those (sorry evan... your doing an awesome job on those!). This post features the release of the YouTube making-of-video for this piece, and a look at the process in steps. Enjoy, and feel free to leave comments/ feedback below! I will respond to all that I can :) 

The break down of steps:

Pencils as far as I finished them for this piece

The finished inks, where I finished a lot of the drawing that I left unfinished in the pencils. More fun that way sometimes. The autobot symbol I left there so I could grab it and use it in the coloring stage.

Finished colors, showing the art as it was sent off to use in print. It was on a transparent background to make life easier for the magazine layout designer.

And here is the video found on the EWG YouTube channel! If you enjoy this video be sure to check out the many others on our channel. Everything from demos of professionally getting work done on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet to recorded EWG events, and more start-to-finish art videos. Enjoy!

Gremlin - Inkscape doodle

April 16, 2015

Gettin the ol' art-mode goin - going to be inking it up in Inkscape most of the day. So turned on my splotchy brush and sketched out this guy. Fun stuff. Lots of potential uses for the splotchy brush. I like how raw and splattery it is. Must sketch with more! Alright so technicaly this is a second warmup. Moving a little slow this morning. Grabbing some coffee and getting inking on some Transformers pages! Go go go! 

Liz - IGPX - Warmup sketch

#liz #igpx #toonami #cartoonnetwork #productionig

Got reaquainted with an episode or two of season 1 of IGPX during breakfast this morning. Felt compelled to do a fanart. So I did up a little sketch of Liz - voiced by Michelle Rodriguez

Great show, I still want to find/ watch season 2, and wish there were many more seasons, or something on tv of equal quality/ interest these days, and I don't mean airing at like 2am on adult swim.

Samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014, sketchbook mobile, spen about 30 min to look up a decent reference and then sketch her up.

Poll! Prefered Night For Livestream Events

April 15, 2015

This is a call to action to Eryck Webb Graphics fans and clients. Which night of the week would be your prefered night for special discount sketch events and livestream demos? Click the link below and take the poll. The majority rule WILL definitely sway what night EWG sketch nights and other events are held on when they come back! (And they're coming back very soon!)

Darth Talon - Client Fan Art Commission

April 14, 2015

#starwars #commission #characterart #fanart #darth #talon

Finished character art fan art commission of Darth Talon - not previously familiar with her, seems like a wicked lady me thinks! Penciled in photoshop, inked in inkscape and colored in photoshop.
Below are some steps along the way of producing this piece.


Assembly of Heroes - Character Art

April 13, 2015

#groot #spiderman #optimusprime #wolverine #superman #judgedredd #batman #podcast

Finished artwork for the podcast HeroTalk - an assembly of various heroes and the podcast operator's favorite, Judge Dredd. Fun stuff. Attempted to work with a limited color palette but thought it popped more with the various colors in there so subdued it with some tipped color balancing. Fairly epic, what do you think? Tossing this in the 'client work' portion of the art gallery on this site. Comment with your thoughts/ impressions/ critiques below!

Interim Studio 2.0 - And TMNT figures

April 12, 2015

Hey, just a quick personal update from the new place. Changed up rooms. I'm in the 'blue room' which will eventualy be a masterbedroom and theres a small attached room which will become my wife's walk in closet. For now, this room in need of some finished drywall work and patchups here and there (not shown in pictures) will serve as a perfect office. Even might dig out my ol' area rug for the other side of the room, theres a window to the left off the picture below and room for me to stick a futton back there. So, this is where EWG is run out of. Where the magic happens. The mill, which I feel I am running myself, but remains to be seen if things are really run by me, or if my wife or dog (or both?) really have more say on how it runs :)

So heres the studio -  digital art area on right, traditional work table/ drawing board/ light board on left.  In this reworked studio I'm exchited to use an old door as a nice long work table (will remove hinges later... and the door is temporary) and I'm also excited to have the black shelf ontop of that area for my books and figures.I have a small and growing collection of TMNT memorabilia, mainly figures. But I enjoy all the TMNT type things I get. My mother in law got me the leo pez, leo tree ornament and leo personal fan as sort of a joke stocking gift. But jokes on her, I really like them. I also have a coloring book which has actualy really well drawn black and white drawings and an activity card set that I like too. Not sure where they are at this time. We're still sorting through our boxes in the garage. But heres a look at what I got so far:

The shelf allows me to keep close by some comics, reference books, my sample copies of work i've done and art paper/ cardstock/ materials.  Not all of my comics are there, but some essential reference material/ inspiration fuel. Some notables are How To Draw Comics the Marvel Way, a Howls Moving Castle art book from the making of the movie, and my copy in the brown cardboard covering, of Monster Volume by Creature Box. 
I've had my TMNT nickelodeon figures in store for almost two years and have had the epz, fan and plush leos put away for almost 6 months. I'm excited to have a place to put them. My TMNT/ Leonardo collection is not massive by any means, but now that I have a place to put them, this will inevitably change. Kristina went with her sister to Steel City Con this weekend, primarily to meet the dukes of hazzard brothers and get a pic infront of the general lee with them. while she was there, she snatched me some leonardo loot! original 90s leonardo (on the right) - those old figures never stood up very well (unlike the current ones that have the big feet and stand awesome) - so I temporarily mounted his feet to a piece of cardboard. Will probably order some action figure peg stands later on off amazon. I love the chibi Leo she got me as well to the left of the 90s leo. She also got me some 90s TMNT drinking glass. So depending on what mood I'm in I can drink from a different turtle theme haha. Thanks Kristina!

In that brown envelope and still very very overdue to get framed and hung up, is two original john buscema conan pencil page roughs that my dad gave to me that he got from a convention when he was around my age. They are frickin awesome and full of energy as per john buscema's usual awesomeness. I can't wait to have them hanging up. Been waiting a good 3 years at least to do so. 
I also have 4 really well done posters of the 4 turtles, (one each) that i want to get put in frame/ etc and hangup on the wall above this shelf. But that will be another time.

This, as we refer to as, 'blue room' will be more spacious and my dedicated studio for now till the attic gets finished up and i move up there. This has more light and room and generaly a bit more feng shui. The 'green room' or also known as the 'sponge bob room' can now just be a dedicated guest room. We're going to take down the sponge bob border and repating the whole room a nice green. We have a nice 5 canvas mural of a beautiful nature trail scene that will stretch across teh back. And my sister's nature photography is amazing we'll be hanging a couple up around the other walls to make a feng shui 'nature' guest room. 

Daaz it for now. Thought I'd share the 'interim take 2 studio'

I love I have a nice place to just rip off a page of news pring slap it on the drawing board and doodle all over it. This makes me very happy. 

Update 4/23 (previous was posted 4/12) - got my old sofas and area rug on the other side of my studio now. I can sit, the headphones reach there so I can sit there and read my reference/ inspirational books, like Drawing Comics the Marvel way and Creature Box's 'The Monster Volume' and my many other inspirational books. Or just chill out work on my white board, tablet or just plain rest/ think/ stare off into space.
Fun stuff


Ciara - Caption This

April 9, 2015

A preview clip from new future strips!

Whats Ciara doing? 
Caption this in the comments below! 
And be sure to read a new TnC comic strip at 
every Friday!

Bandana Banana - Warmup Sketch

#banana #bandana #western #cowboy #stayinschool #hnh336 #hnhshow #warmup #sketch

Inspired while listening to episode 336 - fun stuff! Made for a good warmup get back into penciling mode. Onto the work!

Blaster Gal - Warmup sketch

April 7, 2015

#blaster #girl #starwars #swordsandguns #gungirl #warmup #sketch

A quick sketch to keep the ol' hand loose whilst pencilng a bunch of stuff this afternoon.
Done on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition in sketchbook mobile with S pen stylus. Look at more professional production on the samsung tablet on the EWG YouTube Channel!

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