Studio Update - A few new additions

April 27, 2015

So I worked on my studio a bit this weekend. Was very happy to get my comics, graphic novels, books out of their boxes in the basement, as well as most of my figures and place them on the shelves and around the room. Since the '2.0' post, theres been some definite additions, items hung on the walls etc. After having lived and worked in this new studio for the last couple weeks, I'm enjoying having all my stuff neatly in place and easily accessible. Enjoy these pictures, and keep in mind, its still a work in progress. Also keep in mind this room of the house is not 'perfect' as some dry wall is messed up and this and that, but I kinda like it that way. The room it self is a work in progress, just like my business, and just like my artistic processes! Take a peak into the center of my universe, and the various things I enjoy. Will point out a few things under each picture. Here we go!

Again, not perfect by any means righ tnow, but this is where I have got all my TMNT merch and for now the bottom shelf is all large art books and photo albums. Those comics may eventualy find home on my wire frame shelves but for now will stay there.

The supervisor is hard at work in his TMNT bed on the couch he has claimed by the window so he can keep an eye on the outside and sniff on warm days. I hung a chrished picture of Morgantown where I lived before i got married. The howard the duck used to hang in my dads home office all while growing up. Its a limited print and now it hangs in mind. Above it is a piece I did in college expressing me and my occupation/ interests. The computer and traditional art tools are merging as one. Sums me up pretty good I think. The 'From Oz and Back' artwork  is still one of my favorite pieces and was a print I ordered off the piece in my gallery on deviant art. We got a new couch for our living room so these two ol' couches of mine will serve perfect as 'thinking couches' and a place to sit and absorb the many comics and art books i now have in the room. My headphones also have a long cord so I can sit there stare out the windows, think, read art books. Always wanted that. Also when my wife and sister are hanging out for multiplayer gaming they can bring their laptops up, plug it into the odd sidewayz outlet and i can be at my desk computer and that'll be fun.

In line with my 'open book' policy, I'm not hiding anything from anybody. Here it is folks. For the last quarter and for the foreseeable future this is the EWG weekly production model. Keeping in mind that the UTMNT, TFSG, UNGROUNDED, TROUBLE SH and TNC are the only comic jobs i'm doing right now. After careful consideration and talking it over with the team, I am officialy stopping at 5 diff comic projects. Character Art Commissions and graphic design commissions will be handled in the 'commish' sections, and when wanting to get ahead or needing mroe room, the time set aside for biz/warmup and for evening biz can be used for character art. But yeah, if you want to know why its taking a while. Look at this schedule :) Allowing about 2 hours for each comic job, or commission and about an hour for each biz. I'm booked up man! Also the commission area is just a waiting list, in order of received. Best I can do for now. Cause sometimes the comic jobs take longer and i dont get to a commission order on any given day. But doing my best! On the left is different sides of two of my business cards, and then two postcards from my momma!

The captain's seat. Wacom tablet, headphones, ewg mousepad, and supernatural coaster (thanks cory!). Excited to be able to break out the supernatty coasters cory got me. Got one on the traditional table, one on this desk, and two over by the couches.

Now heres the real addition I put together last night. My wifey was sweet enough to acknowledge 'very clever idea using the dvd racks like that, i never would have considered doing that'. Hey, if Im good at anything, its being resourceful with what i have to work with. And frankly we werent going to use thse ol' wire dvd racks from my bachelor days anymore. I had the idea to take the feet off of them, mount them sideways and put my comics/ books on them! And honestly, I love it. So I had an absolute blast getting my comic boxes out of the basement lugging them up and then just blissfuly grouping my fav series together in diff areas. We got my graphic novels, some of my manga, groups of TMNT for the original mirage days, and i was collecting spiderman for a good while and fantastic four for a good while. My spawn comics, Gold Digger from antarctic press. Note the kriby/ lee silver surfer original, also the howard the duck #1 my dad gave me. I haven't even gotten out my giant-sized superman vs spiderman yet. Might have to frame that sucka. I dunno weill see. Gen 13 series (till the upper teens when it started to suck, but before that... was friggin brilliant fun) and the finaly the Ultimates 1 and 2 series by brian hitch and mark millar. THE BEST AVENGERS COMICS EVUR. Always delighted that they are pululing source material from them for the marvel cinematic universes

Hope you enjoyed this peak into the mill, gotta get back to crankin on orders, but enjoy these final 'detail' shots. Comments, questions and feedback in the comments below would be great!  

The sofas, my supervisor and his TMNT bed, and the supernatural coasters

Better look at the pictures

The traditional desk. Marv and my mom's pose reference figure. Hartigan must be in a diff box. He will join marv eventualy. All my ink pens and markers.

Bottom shelf. Howard the duck #1, TMNT with my fav AC Farley cover on the front and an epic John Romita Jr Spiderman cover i always loved. 

Middle shelf. My bone collection, sketchbooks way back there, spawn, work i did like ungrounded, possessed, tnc, and my turtles collection, behind bone is fantastic four

Top shelf, my joe maudriera collections, some misc gold digger/ skottie young, my Ultimates graphic novels, cyberfrog, gonzo, graphic novel biography of hunter s thompson, gen 13s, and spiderman

my tmnt collection, calender hangs on other wall. figures, coloring books (with really well done bw art), original 90s cartoon series leonardo and glasses my wife got me from steel city con when her and her sister went. and hey, how'd my EWG dewd figure get there? lol

Alright, thanks again for those who were interested in this, comments suggestions and questions can be left below! I will always do my best to reply!

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