Holli Would - Fan Art Sketch

April 25, 2015

#holliwould #holli #coolworld #fanart #sketchbookpro #sketch

So, just watched Cool World on Netflix, haven't seen it in decades. Very cool movie! But trippy as hell haha. The creators must have been on some heavy stuff creating that. But yeah, I felt compelled to do some fanart, aka Holli in my style while staying true to the character design. So heres a fun pencil sketch I did in Sketchbook Pro this afternoon. Will finish later on. But yea, interesting movie haha. Crazy ol' 80s/ 90s goodness. The animation and mix of liveaction/ animation was  a bit rough compared to Roger Rabbit and ultimately this was a much more 'adult' movie too. But fun stuff all around. Holli was one heck of a 'doodle'. Though I could point out a lot of models and actresses these days I think would be a more direct matchup to the animated Holli than Kim Besinger was. Ah well. Alrighty, fun stuff. Let me know what you think, or your experiences/ thoughts on the movie haha. Would be interested to hear them.

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