Best of Request Volume 6 Build Finalized

July 29, 2022


My new drawing collection book, 'Best Of Request Volume 6' interior is now completely built and finished. Book totals 240 pages of content. Next is finalizing the copy and inserting into the book as the final step. Then creating the cover. Then off to the printer! #book   

Shark Cartoon

July 27, 2022

A fellow with a great smile and a hunger for fun!
#drawing #shark #characterdesign #cartoon #fish #ocean #summer #SharkWeek2022 

Punk Rock Capabara and Other Stream Drawings


Thanks for a fun drawing request stream today. I'm taking tomorrow off to take a mental break from streaming and just focus on my work. But see folks Friday for more request action 10amET! Goodnight! #drawing #gremlin #mogwai #dragon #capabara #crocodile #punkrock

Gun Head Snake

July 26, 2022

Thanks for hanging and enjoying some wurk n lurk commission streaming! We ended with a raffle which let me pick a random prompt. I got 'Gun' 'Head' 'Snake' -- this was the result! #drawing #gun #head #snake #inkscape #sketch See u 10amET tomorrow 3 more!

Drawing Request Show Recap 072222

July 22, 2022


Cute little fuzzy critter enjoying a lazy summer day

Nglswt rocking out with some inkscape coloring

A potato shark nado genteleman cause why not good man?
Watch a highlight of this drawing on my YouTube here

Last drawing of the stream, Megaman based off me .. stylus blaster and all!

Thanks for a fun week of drawing and streaming - click on any of the above highlights from the Drawing Request action today to view them larger! We had two draw ( hype ) trains, tons of gift subs and met a lot of new faces. I also drew the whole time without a timer and just zoned out, chilled with the chat and had fun! Thank you for the new follows!! Big shout outs to all the subgifters, hype trainers and sauce bosses for making what I do possible! See you Monday for more! 

Watch a highlight of the Shark Potato Tornado drawing on my YouTube here

#weekend #drawing #inkscape #requests 

Fantasy Fox Character Design Drawing

July 21, 2022


Thanks for a great day of drawing and streaming guys. Drew this hanging out listening to character design tips and knowledge with AnthonyWheeler -- I went with narrow triangle shape language but dunno if that fact got lost in the finished version. But was fun to do as a cool down for today. Always trying to get better at my character design originality and so forth. I really enjoyed this session. Thx for the inspiration Mr Wheeler! #drawing #fox #fantasy #archer

Dog Days Of Summer

July 20, 2022

#dog #summer #heat #sun #hot #pool #chihuahua #dogdaysofsummer #clipstudiopaint 

Stay cool and hydrated everyone


Charly - Philtomato's OC DIYS

Drawn in inkscape using the chibi-esque style I like to draw cartoon girls in currently

The original piece by Philtomato to riff off of for the Draw this In Your Style prompt
Something organic, cool about this prelim sketch before the final drawing, so heres that

Drew this for Philtomato's DIYS challenge featuring his OC 'Charly' for fun after lunch. I dig it!
Plus I wanted to show it next to the original and I also really like how the prelim sketch looked so posted that. Fun stuff, DIYS prompts are always a fun way to jam with another artist and their community! Maybe come August the crEW over on our Drawing Mill discord will have to do a DIYS jam for our draw jam prompt. Who knows? 

Thanks for looking, off to the work that pays!

#drawing #girl #buns #crocs #drawing #diys

Undead Gnome The Ring Style - DRS Highlight on YouTube

July 19, 2022


Drawing for iAmLarcyn, of  his friend 'Yecats' gnome character, slightly undead and emerging from a computer monitor like in the movie The Ring 
The stream became a bit possessed during this drawing request

See the Drawing Request Show highlight on the EWG YouTube channel here:

#drawing #thering #horror #macabre #creepy #inkscape #sketch

Crazy Bee - DRS Highlight On YouTube

Crazy Bee - DRS Highlight On YouTube

A request for CrazyDogGame featuring a crazy honey bee / bumblebee - I had a lot of fun pushing proportions and cartoony style with this one

Watch on the EWG YouTube channel here

 #drawing #bee #crazy #inkscape #request #prompt 

2022 Sketch Book 03 Flip Through Tour | Traditional Drawing

July 9, 2022


This is my third sketchbook of the year! This sketchbook is 8.5x5.5 inches in size and 96 pages! I bound and decorated this sketchbook myself with cardboard, paper and string and glue from scrap materials around my studio. 

I think its important to show aspiring artists how much practice, experimentation and mindless play goes behind every finished request and commission or other piece you see me do. It doesn't matter what software, or hardware you have. The muscle memory and drawing knowledge can utilize any tool given enough time to adapt to each tool.

I'm currently working on my 4th sketchbook of the year. Its the biggest I've ever made, at 8.5x7 and 212 pages! When I eventually get to the end of it I will do another flip through tour!

The idea behind these videos, is instead of yammering on about each page for 30 minutes, you can flip through as if holding it and looking at it yourself. Pause when you want, and speed up or slow down the video to your preference! If you have questions or comments about specific parts, let me know the timestamp and your comment/ question in the comments below! And I will tell you about it.

Like and subscribe for weekly drawing related content on this channel! This channel will always be about drawing digitally, traditionally, or the materials related to. On weeks I'm too busy to create original videos, you can still enjoy drawing highlights from my weekly drawing request stream on twitch! Right now, I'm calling every Saturday 'Sauced Saturday' and posting a new original videos every Saturday. I enjoy making these videos but the paid work comes first! So see you tentatively next Saturday for more!

Thank you for watching, and I hope this video makes you want to go and draw!

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Intro Song:
Text Me Records - Some Of You from the YouTube sound library
Main Music:
PretzelRocks ChillHop playlist

#sketchbooktour #flipthrough #drawing #sketchbook #graffiti #characterart #cartoon #sketch

Chico 782022

July 8, 2022

A caricature and chibi drawing of our chihuahua boy Chico! With definite nods to Thomas Fluharty's style. I have so many different studies and drawings of Chico. He is definitely a muse. Drawn in clip studio with spen on samsung galaxy pro 12'' tablet. 

#chihuahua #dog #caricature #chibi

Stream Recap: Wut Timer Wednesday 070622

July 6, 2022

Rabbit girl pilots mason jar mech
happy birthday yecats

brettski's awesome hair character 

witchy puppy reading spell books on a rainy night

chili pepper pirate

shark trucker


All art sent from this Wednesday edition of Drawing Request Show stream. I did a 'Wut Timer Wednesday' and just had fun fully getting into the flow with each request and not worrying about the timer. I tried to keep it around 10-15 max but some went longer. Ah well! Really fun vibing and getting elbows deep in the sauce with everyone. Will most likely stream some commission works and lurks and just be on mic tomorrow 12pmET working on a kithulupup logo and other commissions.

Click on any of todays highlight pieces above to view larger. And checkout the drawing process beginning to end of the Mason Jar Mech piece on my YouTube channel here!

 See folks friday for more requests. Most likely 12pmET too. Summer mornings be my fav time of day so its hard to get to work early this time of year.

#drawing #trucker #shark #magic #puppy #witch #hair #girl #masonjar #mech #rabbit #woman #birthday #suprirse #pirate #chilipepper #inkscape #wacom #intuospro 

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Elephant vs Mouse

July 5, 2022

Despite a headache, I got a two up commission order inked today! Checkout the process video of this end of stream request!. See you 10amET tomorrow for drawing requests! #drawing #elephant #mouse #inkscape 

Post Stream Recap - Monday July 4 2022

July 4, 2022

Patriotic eagle riding a unicycle - happy 4th of july all!

Covid infected demon bunny

Uncle Sam Maaz

Beachgoing lady

Patriotic pinup

Energized chibi

Aperaham Lincoln

#drawing #streaming #sketch #request #inkscape #wacom #stylus #digitalart

Thanks to all for a fun 4th of july Drawing Request Show special! We did basicaly a normal Drawing Request Show but with requests being 4 dollars or 400 bits ( twitch currency) instead of 5/ 500! A few took advantage of this special and got themselves a free request or two in the process. 

Bit shoutouts to Cajundragon, Dragonandthewolves, Transparentcloud, Skyclops and Tex_o7 for the support today! And big shoutouts as well to everyone else who hungout watched/ and enjoyed the stream. 

First drawing of the stream was won by Skyclops and the last drawing of the stream was won by Wyrdbard. The first drawing of the stream was a gorilla Abraham Lincoln and the last drawing of the stream was a bald eagle carrying a U.S. flag riding a unicycle. 

Seemed appropriate for independence day!

We also unveiled the final vote for the July 'Draw Jam' prompt over on the community discord. This months prompt, picked by the community out of 12 choices, will be 'Mason Jar'. So go join the discord, grab that mason jar template to start from and get jamming! Fill it with things, decorate it, use it to create something completely original. Whatever! We'll check them all out live at the end of the month!

Enjoy a few highlights above, and be sure to checkout the '4th of July Patriotic Eagle' drawing process video posted on youtube!  Thanks for a fun stream. Tomorrow we're working on commissions with drawing requests throughout! See you 10amET for the ink slinging in inkscape!

Happy 4th of July crew!

2022 Sketch Book 02 Flip Through Tour | Traditional Drawing

July 2, 2022

2022 Sketch Book 02 Flip Through Tour  - Watch the video on YouTube here!

This is my second sketchbook of the year. This sketchbook was 8.5x7 inches in size and 192 pages! I bound and decorated this sketchbook myself with cardboard, paper and string and glue from scrap materials around my studio. Pretty much every sketchbook youve seen me use in the last two or three years has been diy made from scratch.

Stay tuned for a flip through of my recently completed 96 pages 8.5x5.5 3rd sketchbook of the year in coming weeks! I have currently started practicing in my fourth sketchbook as this posts. It is the largest to date with 212 pages and 8.5x7 inches.

Thank you for watching, and I hope this video makes you want to go and draw!

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#sketchbooktour #flipthrough #drawing #sketchbook #graffiti #characterart #cartoon #sketch

Puggish Bullish Doggo In Sketchbook Pro

July 1, 2022

#dog #autodesksketchbook #pug #bulldog #chihuahua

Was excited to get pressure sensitivity responding in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro during stream today. I havent used it in months cause it wasnt working. Turns out all I had to do was add it as an app in the Wacom Intuos Pro driver utility directly. 

Sketchbook has always been a favorite, ESPECIALLY on mobile android tablets or my current Samsung Galaxy Book 12 Windows 10 tablet with Spen. Just turn it on, jump in and start creating and the interface stays out of the way.

I'm excited to have it for use again on my PC. I may jump into it as a general segment on my Drawing Request Show streams in the future. 

Post Stream Recap - July 1st 2022

Go checkout ImTacoCat at 

Thanks for a great start to July and a great end to the week! Lots of good moments hanging and drawing with the crEW today! We started off by checking out all the entries to the June Draw-Jam theme 'cooler'. A cooler template was provided and everyone was to use it as a jumping off point in their own drawings. Many awesome renditions were had! Then we all worked on coming up with a theme for July, currently being voted on over on the Drawing Mill discord! We'll pick the winning prompt on Monday, July 4th to start jamming on all month. Also, Mondays stream will start at 12pmET, with a special offer of a dollar off or 100 bits off requests! Making each request 4 dollars or 400 bits ( For the 4th of july ). I also have kept it pretty close to the chest but every request is getting 4 extra minutes on that stream only!

Some of the best entries in the June Draw-Jam ( but certainly not all ) 

CajunDragon ( my primary Moderator ) showed me how to use the prediction voting feature with channel points - really really cool. She also figured out how to add and edit commands on the channel, which will be very handy in the future. Thanks for showing me how to do that Cajun! You rock!

We completed 12 drawing requests today, not including one I did for myself in Autodesk Sketchbook after we figured out how to get pressure sensitivity working in the program live on stream! I also drew a 13th as a surprise gift/ to help get the word out about who we raided today!

At the end of stream, we raided @imTacoCat over at #drawing #art #streaming #streamer Go check them out! She makes me laugh with her reactions and commentary no matter if shes playing games or doing art or anything. 

4th of July celebrations here are going to be lowkey, we're grilling and having cookout food sunday with kiwis mom and uncle for sunday dinner. Then Monday Kiwi and I will be going to watch the parade in town before I stream that afternoon! Fireworks will be going off in the evening which we are always able to enjoy from our front yard!

Have a great weekend, stay hydrated, safe and cool, and see you Monday 12pmET for $4 requests and 4 extra minutes added to each one tipped on Monday!!

#drawing #streaming #streamer #drawer #community #artjam #recap 

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