Daily Discipline: Hat n Overalls Creature 53118

May 31, 2018

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Not streaming in the mornings has some benefits. Especially right now while I'm suffering from off and on allergy/ sinus headaches and such. Here is a few of the pros and cons:

On the pro side, I can have a quieter morning, ease into my work day. Start puttering on to dos and projects without worrying about talking to anybody or being entertaining. When I do upgrades off stream I don't have to worry about my planned 'to dos' being thwarted by folks wanting to put priority on theirs. I can work on a  little of everything not dictated by any order or preference or trying to appease the masses. There's also that ability to turn on whatever music i want and sit down and just start creating. I may not feel like doing it this morning, but i open up Inkscape or Sketchbook and just start creating and usually something fun or creatively engaging comes out. Then that usualy gets the ol creative mill motor cranking. This dude above is a good example of that. There's also business-related things I do like website maintenance, shop maintenance, making new items for the shop, new items for the stream, cleaning my work space or even working on a project I'm keeping the lid on that I can't do on stream. 

On the con side, I don't think I get as much done. Whether a priority token gets dropped or not I do think I get more done on stream. Something about having a live audience and folks to 'show up' for. Everything on stream is faster pace, and I know the more I crank out the more I'll get in. The ol' drawing mill has to keep inputting and outputting. I also know any time I'm not streaming is pretty much time I won't make a cent of bit cheers or a dollar. But often enough I know when I'm not streaming I'm working on things that will help this 'streaming and commission' business make money down the road. Not always. Sometimes I'm either not feeling good or just blowing off responsibilities. But mental sanity and health is good right? I'll leave getting work done and being productive and entertaining to when I'm on stream. Off stream I can do things that would clog up the drawing request queue like the current chibi backlog, larger multiple character pieces that would take an entire stream and other such things.

In the end though I think the time NOT streaming allows me to prepare better for the time when I do stream. And the stream and brand is better for it. For now at least, I'm taking an easy week here on this Memorial Day week. Maybe next week I'll go back to working on upgrades in the morning. I'm going to start doing evenings as well. I want so much, to get those upgrades all caught up as well as that backlog of special orders. But right now I just value my weekend off-time too much to use it to continue working and I'm usually pooped in the evenings after drawing my ass off and streaming all day. Not sure what the right answer is. Every-time I mention 'hiring help' folks are like 'nuuuu we want 100% EW from beginning to end'. Then its going to take long as it takes. But maybe I can find a way to hash it out myself. I WANT to find a way. When i go back to streaming mornings and evenings it'll probably be no cam/ no mic focus streams - just art and music. I do this because i don't have to put attention or energy into how I'm acting on stream, what I'm saying or if I'm being a good stream host or entertaining. I can just draw, and occasionally respond in the chat. Period. So when I go back to streaming mornings/ evenings I'll probably do it that way. For the most part this week I'm just enjoying some slow mornings as sort of a semi-time off. But always... rocking those Drawing Requests in the afternoons. See you at 2pm Eastern Time!

EW Twitch Stream Recap 53018

May 30, 2018

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As of this post, all art drawn above sent! Check your whispers! Thanks so much to the new subs, and the support today. Super fun stream! Spent a little extra time knocking out some Sub requests at the end and was surprised by an awesome big host quasi raid from StaceyKrugger and he stepped up with a drawing request where I got to draw him in fall out 3 mode. Some fun stuff and a wide range all around. Back tomorrow 2pmEasternTime for MORE Drawing Request action!

In the meantime I'll be churning on the ink and color upgrades and step by step finishing that next book!

See you same Drawing Request channel same Drawing Request time... 2pmEasternTime Thursday only on twitch.tv/eryckwebb

EW Stream Recap 52918

May 29, 2018

#stream #twitch #drawing #grumpybeard #request

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers. Masterlist updated as well. Thanks for a great stream back, got a lot done! Thank you to MightyMae and ConorHughes for the amazing hosts/ raids and to everyone who came out and grabbed a Drawing Request! 

I'm going to refrain from streaming in the mornings this week as I'll be working on the book, on the website and on upgrades without distraction. But I'll see everyone 2pm Eastern Timezone for Drawing Request Show each and every afternoon! 

Only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb ....tell a friend!

Happy Memorial Day from EW!

May 27, 2018

#drawing #memorialday #grill #girl #pinup #photoshop #sketchbookpro #barbecue #bbq #digitalart

Happy Memorial Day from Eryck Webb, Kiwi and Wally! Have a safe and fun one. Thank you to everyone who served and sacrificed so we can enjoy days like these!

EW Twitch Stream Recap 52518

May 25, 2018

#twitch #stream #drawing #request #grilling #memorialday #longweekend #hotdogs #hamburgers

As of this post, all art from Twitch Stream episode 579 has been sent! Check your whispers! We started out this Memorial Day weekend themed stream with upgrade inks and colors this morning. To keep things fresh I raffled to pick who I would do inks/ colors for this morning and it ended up the birthday boy Trayde11! We colored an epic angel mech inked request and it was super fun. I also spun the Gratitude Wheel for his birthday to pick a proper way to wish him a happy birthday and drew him a 1 minute birthday cake.  
After lunch I switched over to Drawing Request mode and did a fun 5 minute warmup for Trayde11 ( the birthday boy was lucky today with multiple wins ) of a sexy grrl grilling. A new fav drawing of mine. A perfect drawing to kickoff the memorial day weekend. Today was mostly non-drawing fun full of wheel spins and shenannigans. But we got a good bit of drawing done anyway! Thank you for everyone's support! From me, Kiwii and Wally ... thank you!!!

See you guys Tuesday when the stream returns and have a fantastic and safe weekend!!!!

EW Stream Recap 52418

May 24, 2018

#drawing #stream #creative #sketch #twitch #contactsheet #recap

As of this post, all art has been saved and sent! Check your whispers!!! Get the masterlist updated in the morning. I went over by about 2 hours today and am pooped! But i wanted to make up for not streaming this morning and the first half of the afternoon stream being total cringe. I had to deviate so much from my normal flow to listen for our heating/ cooling repair guys that were here working all day. But our AC is 110% again and we're good to go. As of 400 the real stream got back on track and i rocked most of these drawings socks for people in the next 2-3 hours. 

Be back, perhaps extra early tomorrow with upgrades in the A.M. Eastern Time... and Drawing Request Show at 2pmEastern Time!!! See you for all the Friday arts before Memorial Day weekend!!! 

EW Twitch Stream Recap 52318

May 23, 2018

#twitch #drawing #creative #stream #requests #recap 

Thank you for a humbling Wednesday stream. You guys are awesome. All art has been sent! Thanks to all for a fun day of inking, coloring and drawing those requests. There was a slew of gratitude wheels, a conquering of the stream boss ( at the time Hamiltoons ) position by an up and coming tyrant ( Codybedrock ) only to be swatted from his new throne almost immediately after by the original Stream Boss ( Hamiltoons ) who still sits upon his perch as I type this. Thanks to the new subs, followers and supporters.

After the amazing encouraging messages and responses during the stream today, and the train of support.... I want nothing but to hit the ground running tomorrow and keep the momentum going. However, the Webb HQ is getting some Air Conditioning work done in the morning and will most likely have power off/ and on at various times while they upgrade our system. However they are stopping super early so I anticipate them being done by 2pm for Drawing Request Show. So that will be what I focus on preparing for. All morning however I will be working on Upgrade Inks and Colors on my EWG mobile art station so its not subject to the house power and get those upgrades done for you folks.

See you all at 2pmET for Drawing Request Show on EW Twitch episode 578: Dude Wheres My Sauce?

EW Twitch Stream Recap 51818

May 18, 2018

#drawing #headlopper #requests

Thank you for a super fun end to the week! We started this Friday stream with some focus mode this morning to get more upgrade work done as much as possible. We got a fun raid from twitch.tv/RobinHolstein on twitch and his viewers and I drew him an epic Head Lopper for him as a thank you for stopping by. I wasn't aware of Head Lopper before but hes so fun to draw. I must do so again soon. Thanks to the top supporters, Request King Trayde, Request Champ Hairfoot and Request Boss CodyBedrock! Complimentary INSTA tokens are in your retainers to use any time!

During lunch I got a package in the mail... and was pleasantly surprised by a super cool gift from MightyMae and Hairfoot!! The creative couple gifted me a Mushroom that Hairfoot carved from wood and MightyMae painted it to look like my orange bucket hat with white stripes and accurate orange tone and everything. The base of the mushroom was black. I even got a sweet Hairfoot Token and business card ( which Im just hyped to have! ). It means so much, I already got a place for it on my shelves of collectibles and figures and will keep that in my work space forever! Love it.

There was a funny moment this afternoon during Drawing Request Show where two people got to pick / change what hat I wear via the Gratitude Wheel. One picked my Leonardo mask, and the other picked my Cthulu mask. So for about an hour ( till it was too hot and hindering my drawing lol ) I was ewTURTLECTHULU.

All art has been sent and Masterlist updated! Thanks for everything and see you next week to rock the draws once again! Make sure to practice drawing and fill those sketchbook pages over the weekend. And see you Monday! Only on twitch.tv/eryckwebb

By the way, my buddy FooRay made me and him in his WWE game! I knabbed a clip! So fun. Thanks Fooray for that!!!!

A big day, big week. But we'll crank the knob even higher next week. Have a fantastic weekend!

Eryck Webb Twitch Stream Recap 51718

May 17, 2018

#drawing #request #illustration #zombie #hat #morning #beforecoffee #nocoffee #walkingdead

Thanks to all for an amazing Thursday stream. I took the morning off to rest and worked on Best Of Request Volume Two. But Drawing Request Show was at 2pmEastern Time as always. I felt like I streamed all day. It was super hype, super fun, got lots of drawings done and spun a lot of gratitude wheels. Had a awesome surprise from Fooray at the end. He made a wrestler in his WWE game that looked like me as a wrestler, and it inspired me to draw a fanart of it right away. Which inspired him to do his own fanart based on my fanart right away. Super fun end to a fun day. Back tomorrow morning 10amET ( fate permitting ) with upgrade work and more drawing requests 2pmET to end the week! All art sent! Check your whispers and master list updated! 


Best of Request Vol 2. Production More than half done! - Coming Soon!

#book #production #layout #design

I wanted to officially announce that Best Of Request Volume Two is in production and slated for a late spring/ early summer release. The book is nearly 60% built. It will be packed with almost twice the drawings of volume one, and even more original stream content from the 2017 stream year. Including a full record book section pulled straight from the hall of fame as well as additional stream notables for the 2017 year. Thank you to everyone for their encouraging words and wanting to get volume 2. There will most likely be an option to order volume 1 and 2 as a bundle as well. Plus some extra goodies thrown in to folks who buy the preorder. This volume will also include a personalized sketch and signed by Eryck Webb. Major steps in the creation get completed every week. Will have it to the printers in no time. Thanks for everyone's support! This would not be possible without: 1. your awesome requests, and 2. your support of what I do.

Coming very soon.

In the meantime, copies of Volume 1 still available in print, and in digital download form in the EWG SHOP - go grab one now! 

And check out the 3rd volume's artwork being requested and drawn in real time daily over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb Monday - Friday! 

Thank you very much to everyone who makes this possible! 

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