EW Twitch Stream Recap 52318

May 23, 2018

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Thank you for a humbling Wednesday stream. You guys are awesome. All art has been sent! Thanks to all for a fun day of inking, coloring and drawing those requests. There was a slew of gratitude wheels, a conquering of the stream boss ( at the time Hamiltoons ) position by an up and coming tyrant ( Codybedrock ) only to be swatted from his new throne almost immediately after by the original Stream Boss ( Hamiltoons ) who still sits upon his perch as I type this. Thanks to the new subs, followers and supporters.

After the amazing encouraging messages and responses during the stream today, and the train of support.... I want nothing but to hit the ground running tomorrow and keep the momentum going. However, the Webb HQ is getting some Air Conditioning work done in the morning and will most likely have power off/ and on at various times while they upgrade our system. However they are stopping super early so I anticipate them being done by 2pm for Drawing Request Show. So that will be what I focus on preparing for. All morning however I will be working on Upgrade Inks and Colors on my EWG mobile art station so its not subject to the house power and get those upgrades done for you folks.

See you all at 2pmET for Drawing Request Show on EW Twitch episode 578: Dude Wheres My Sauce?

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